Challenge WOW: Soft

Summary: Castiel has a wild night. Too bad he can't remember what happened.

Word Count: 480

Author's Note: never talked to ya, KKBelvis, but happy birthday! : D

The Hangover

Castiel wretched once again into the toilet, unsure as to why he felt so awful. He remembered waking up on the rundown couch in Sam and Dean's Motel room, feeling groggy, his mouth feeling like there was moss in it and smelling of stale alcohol. There wasn't much more before that.

"How ya feelin', Cas?" A voice said behind him. The angel swung his head around, cringing when he did. Dean's face slowly came into focus, smirk deep and in place. "Good?" He said, suppressing laughter. Castiel scowled at him.

"I hate you, Dean Winchester, I really do," he growled before having to throw up again. He rested his head against the cool porcelain, trying to decipher the strange images flashing in his mind from the previous evening.

"One helluva night, eh, Cas?" Dean chuckled.

"What happened?" Castiel gulped. Dean barked a laugh.

"You don't remember?"

"That would be why I asked," Castiel spat impatiently.

"You got drunk, really friggin' drunk. It was hilarious," Dean smirked. Castiel frowned, thinking.

He remembered being in a bar, drinking more and more as Dean and Sam both egged him on and laughed.

"You dared me to get drunk," Castiel said, his voice even more gravelly than it usually was. He looked down at the floor. There was a small piece of paper that had fallen from his pocket. On it was a number: 775-555-6120 and above it the name Emily was scrawled. "Dean," Castiel slurred, loosening his tie from his neck. "Who's Emily?"

Dean burst into laughter, doubling over. "I figured that would be the last thing you would've forgot, dude!"

"Who is she?!" Castiel barked, annoyed and confused

"Think, dude, think really hard." Castiel did, furrowing his brows.

5'8, light skinned, dark, short hair, red lipstick, smirking. Back alley, soft lips, hands on a small waist, foreign hands holding onto his tie. Kissing, wanting more and more, intensity levels growing. Dean yanking his collar and pulling him back, laughing lightly.

"Sorry, Sweetheart," he said, looking over Castiel's shoulder. "He's a virgin, and unless he's sober he's gonna stay that way, alright?" He winked. She smiled.

"Well, then you call me, sugar lips," she said, sliding a piece of paper into his pocket. Castiel grinned.

"Okay." Dean laughed and took him back toward the Impala, where Sam was laughing so hard his face was red.

Castiel shook his head, more bile rising to his throat. He coughed once his stomach was through. "I am never drinking with the two of you around ever again," he swore.

Dean was leaning back in a chair across the room, grinning.

"C'mon, it was funny and you know it."

Castiel returned Dean's smirk and snapped his fingers. The chair disappeared out from under him, making him fall flat on his butt. Castiel laughed.

"Now that's humorous," he chortled, right before puking again. "I am never drinking again."


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