Fool For Love

A fic by Jenna

Rating: M

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Chappie 15

Salvatore Boarding House:

Elena took a step forward, pushing Katherine aside and claiming her place next to Damon. "No, actually, I'm thinking you're what drew him here…not me."

Katherine's face showed her surprise that Elena had come to that conclusion so quickly. "Really?" she laughed. "And why do you say that?"

Damon recognized that look. He growled softly. It was the same careless disregard she'd shown when he asked her about Emily. Yep. She'd drawn the fucxker here to offer up Elena instead of herself. "Typical," he snapped, "I'm not even surprised anymore. He was getting close, so you brought him here to save your own neck," he said with a glare, "just like you turned Emily in after the tomb fire…right?"

Katherine seemed to debate telling the truth, but finally she shrugged. "What can I say…I told you, I like my loose ends tied up."

"Like leaving me in the tomb," Pearl snapped. "Was I a…loose end that needed tying up?"

"No," Kat replied. "Honestly, Pearl, I'd planned for all of us—you, me and Anna to get out of Mystic Falls the night I was captured." She glanced to Stefan and Damon. "These two screwed that up, not me."

"How dare you!" Elena growled. Damon grabbed her by the shoulders, holding her back when it looked like she might actually attack Katherine. "You strung them along," she snarled, "telling them you loved them and yet you blame them for trying to help you when you got captured?" She stopped, chest heaving and rolled her eyes dramatically. "Wow, you really are a piece of work."

Stefan was deathly quiet. Damon glanced at his brother for a brief moment. They both knew why Katherine was really found out; Stefan had 'screwed the pooch' on that one, but Kat didn't know and since Damon didn't really care what she believed anymore, he remained silent about the circumstances, biting the bullet of blame—like he'd always done for Stefan. "I screwed that up, Kat, deal with it," he said with his infamous smirk. He ignored Stefan's surprised expression, but Elena took note of it as Damon went on. "What we need now is to get a game plan together on how we're supposed to take down a Vampire as old as time it-self!" His eyes landed on Stefan for a heartbeat, before flickering from Pearl to Katherine as he said, "I think that's a little more important than this Dr. Phil conversation of how I fucked up your life a hundred years ago, right?"

"Damon…" Stefan started, but Damon rolled his eyes and waved him off. He was in no mood to turn this into a Jerry Springer episode by Stefan admitting what he'd done all those years ago.

"Let's not have a chick flick moment here, baby-bro. We have bigger fish to fry…namely Klaus." He turned to Katherine. "Now spill…how do you plan to lure him in? And take note, any mention of using Elena as bait is going to get you a stake in your chest."

Katherine smirked. "Well…that was Plan A."

"Tell us Plan B," Damon demanded.

"Elena luring Klaus is part of both plans, Damon," Katherine explained. "She's the doppelganger. He'll come for her. Originally, I planned to come here and lure Stefan away from her, because I heard Stefan was dating her…" She drilled Elena with dark eyes that mirrored Elena's own. "Funny, now that it's you, I guess it's not so hard to understand how I fell in love with both of them…is it?"

Stefan, Elena and Damon all shared a glance, before turning back to a smirking Katherine.

Elena looked decidedly uncomfortable.

"Enough," Stefan said. "We all get it, Katherine. Quit beating us over the head. History has repeated itself and all that. We know. Just get on with how you planned on killing Klaus."

Damon shot Stefan a surprised and impressed glance. Way to go, baby bro, he thought.

"Well, according to Damon, that option isn't an option at all," Katherine griped. She crossed her arms. "I'm telling you, the only way to lure Klaus in is offering him Elena…the newest Petrova doppelganger."

"Not an option," Damon snarled.

The doorbell rang and they all froze. Stefan and Damon shared a look before speeding across the room to answer the door.

On the other side was a shorter, but well tailored man. "And you must be the Salvatore brothers…" His speech was clipped, but eerily polite. He inclined his head and smiled in a affable manner. "I believe you're looking for me."

Not frigging likely. Damon was instantly hostile. "And you are…?" he asked, rudely blocking the entrance to his home.

"Elijah," the man said, and in a flash he was around Damon and stepping over the threshold of the boarding house. He spotted Katherine and his smile widened. "Ah, Katarina…Pearl…how nice to see you both again."

Katherine and Pearl both flashed across the room to attack him in force, but Elijah knocked Katherine aside as if she was nothing more than a fly and sent his fist deep into Pearl's chest. It exited out her back, holding her heart in his bloodied hand. He ripped it out. "I didn't come here to fight,' he said, tossing Pearl's heart aside.

Pearl's face stayed frozen in shock as she fell to the ground, turning grey and withering like a flower dying on the vine.

Anna screamed and rushed Elijah. He turned his head and prepared to kill her, but Jeremy tackled Anna to the ground. She knocked him off her and got back to her feet, but Damon stopped her, grabbing her by the nape of her neck before she reached the vampire that had just killed her mother.

"Stop!" he growled, holding her struggling body.

Jeremy scrambled to his feet and rushed over to where Damon was holding Anna. He took her shoulders in his hands and made her face him. "Anna, please, listen to me. Don't," he whispered, "he'll kill you."

"I don't care!" she screamed, glaring at Elijah with red eyes and fangs flashing. "He just killed my mother!"

Elijah glanced down at Pearl. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt her." He took a few steps towards them, but Damon and Stefan stepped in front of him. he smirked as if they were amusing-and maybe to him-they were. He glanced to Anna. "You must be Annabelle?" He shook his head. "I've already said I didn't come here to fight…" He glanced to Katherine. "You should have told them, Katarina." He made a *tsking* sound. "As always, you think of yourself and not of others…"

Every eye in the place turned to Katherine. She got to her feet. "What? He's an Original. He can't be trusted."

Elijah scoffed. "I have helped you in the past, yet now I cannot be trusted. You knew my only goal here is to see Klaus dead…why didn't you inform them of that?"

Damon, Elena and Stefan all gaped at her, stunned at how heartless she really was. Anna screamed, but Jeremy whispered something to her that calmed her down. She turned in his arms and to everyone's surprise, she collapsed into his embrace before she let Jeremy lead her away.

Elijah took note of the interaction. "Do all of you have the tendency to fall for humans?"

Katherine snorted and laughed. "Really Elijah? Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black?"

Damon glanced from the two of them and the way Elijah looked at her was so clear—it was pitifully as if he was looking into a mirror. He recognized the look the Original was sporting. "You loved her too." He rolled his eyes and glanced to Kat. "Was there anyone you didn't bring to his knees, Katherine?"

"Klaus," she answered. "He had no feelings for me at all…" She glanced to Elijah. "Did he? Isn't that why you conspired to save me?"

For the first time, Elijah looked uncomfortable. "I…" he paused, "conspired to defeat my brother, Katarina," he explained, but there was more to it than that and everyone knew it.

Kat laughed, a low husky sound, but Elena wanted to hear more.

"You didn't just help her for your clan," Elena asked.

"No," Elijah said softly. "I wanted her to live."

"Why?" she asked.

Elijah glanced to Katherine and for a moment he looed sad, but her eyes, so cold and deadly, they dared him to tell the truth. He glanced away. "I simply didn't want her to die so I had an elixir created that would save her, but she decided to run instead," he said, preferring to meet Elena's eyes rather than Katherine's.

The elder vampiress snorted, getting his attention again. "Yeah, and I was supposed to believe you because you and your family were so trustworthy!" Katherine crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at Elijah. "You're lying, Eli. Why not tell the truth, lover?"

"My honor has never been questioned," the Original replied. "Unlike my brothers' I have always upheld my word." His eyes were intense as he stared at Katherine. "I would have protected you, Katarina."

She wavered and for a heartbeat and Damon stared, facinated because Katherine's eyes held something; regret, or maybe even some kind of—god—dare he say Damon almost glanced outside to see if the Armageddon had come about because he never thought he'd see anything like that in Kat's eyes. It was scary, but as quick as it came, like the Iron Curtain coming down, the empty coldness he was used to entered her eyes again. Her chin raised and Damon knew something vile was about to come out of her mouth.

Katherine sauntered closer to Elijah. Her eyes were cold as granite now. "I didn't believe you had the willpower to refuse your brother," she told him. "So, I chose my own salvation." She gave him a smirk. "I never loved you. I used you to get away from Klaus."

Damon rolled his eyes as Katherine ripped into the elder vampire with brutal efficiency and yep, it was vile with a capital 'v'. But it was also cathartic. Elijah was old. Sophisticated in the ways of the world that Damon wasn't and yet he fallen for Kat and her bullshit lines.

Damon felt liberated. He was free. Yes, he'd made a choice to love her, but she was conniving and manipulative. He wasn't alone in her victims.

She patted Elijah's cheek. "If you're here because you think that's going to change…think again. It was never you. I never wanted you…" Katherine turned her gaze to Damon and practically petted him, much to his and Elena's displeasure. "I want him more than I want you now."

"Touch him again and—" Elena started, but Katherine cut her off.

"Elena…" she scoffed, "seriously, if I wanted him under me right now, you couldn't stop me. I want to kill Klaus," Kat said, glancing at Elijah. "I just want to make sure Elijah knows that his family is ALL he will get when this is over. Are we clear?"

His smile was almost as cruel as hers. "Crystal." His eyes were dark and turbulent as he said, "And for the record Katarina…the only thing I wanted from you was to help you. You were lost. I never expected anything from you, but I would have saved you."

Katherine stared and he smirked. "Does that surprise you?"

"I—" she started, but he chuckled softly, cutting her off.

"I suppose the term you're looking for now is O-M-G," he said and turned his back on her. "Get used to it…you might be saying it again if we save Elena, but leave you for Klaus," he taunted.

Katherine started to say something, but something on Elijah's face shut her up. He bowed to them. "I look forward to working with you. The full moon of July 13th is in two weeks time that is when my brother will be at his most vulnerable. It is the third day of the moon cycle and he will be in transition from werewolf to vampire…" He paused and his eyes were deadly cold as he said, "We can kill him then."

"Why would you kill your brother?" Damon couldn't help but ask. It didn't sound Kosher because no matter how pissed he was at Stefan…he didn't think he could ever stake him!

Elijah sighed and seemed to weigh the question as if to tell the truth or not, finally he said, "my brother killed my entire family…buried their bodies in the sea somewhere…I don't even know what he did with most of them.' There was true hate on Elijah's face as he said, "Trust me…my brother is a liar. He is evil and he has to die. I don't ever want a child from him running around." He gave Katherine a smirk. "And that my dear is why I am helping you…" he sighed. "Get over yourself, Kat, maybe then you might be happy."

"I'll be in touch," and with that he left the house without a backwards glance.

Damon laughed, glancing from Katherine's pinched and angry face to Stefan's puzzled one. "You know…I want to hate him, but I kind-a like him," he said, leaning down to stage-whisper his comment to Elena.

She grinned up at him, "Me too," she replied in the same low voice. "Anyone who shuts Katherine up like that is a friend in my book."

Damon rolled his eyes, but didn't respond. What was the use? She was right. Instead he gave instructions to remove Pearl's body, help Anna with dealing and find Bonnie.

"What do we need Bonnie for?" Elena asked. "She didn't really want to help earlier."

Damon glanced down at Elena. "Then we need to convince her because if we're dealing with Originals'—we're going to need a witch!" he told her.

Elena swallowed and only hoped her friend was in a generous mood…


A week had gone by since the visit from Elijah and Katherine. Pearl's death had affected Anna hard and Jeremy was practically glued to her side. Elena was worried.

"She wants revenge, Damon…"

He glanced at Anna. "I know."

"Well, I don't want Jeremy getting caught up in that," Elena replied tightly.

He heaved a sigh. "What do you want me to do, 'Lena? Go over there and pry him off her with a crow-bar?"

She frowned at her lover. "No. I…" She floundered. "I want you to protect him."

"And I will. Did you really doubt that I wouldn't?"

Elena's face crumbled, hr brave front going south for a moment as she started to cry. "No. I kn-know y-you w-would…"

Damon felt like all kinds of a jack-ass—not too mention he felt like he'd been kicked by one when she started to cry. He grabbed her up in his arms. "Ssshh…" he purred, clutching her close. "No one—and I mean no one is going to hurt anyone that you love." He tipped her head back. "We already had Ric take Jenna out of town and Jeremy knows what's up." He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. "I would die before letting even a drop of your family's blood spill, Elena. You know that."

She gripped his shirt and glared up at him like a fierce little tiger. "Don't say that," she hissed. "I'd die if something happened to you, Damon. I would literally…" She shook him, "waste away and…" she paused, "die," she said, still spitting like a tigress, "so don't ever say that to me again…okay? Or I swear…"

"I know—I don't wanna know what you'd do," he supplied, his wit on automatic pilot as it finally sunk in that Elena Gilbert was 'In-Love' with him. Like-"IN-LOVE-IN LOVE" Sure, they'd been together for months, but…it hadn't registered that she really loved him. He'd always been kind of waiting for the Stefan shoe to drop, but now... Fuck! She was really his and for the first time ever, Damon was damned scared of what he was going to do with her now that he had her.

He pulled her into his arms, cradling her to his chest. "I'm sorry, 'Lena. I love you. I'd never leave you," he told her gently, stroking the back of her head. That seemed good and solid. Create a level of comfort and safety.

What the fuck! Where was he getting this shit? The girl he'd dreamed about was seriously-finally-no questions-asked-his and…he was fucking scared shitless! Was he insane?

She buried her face in his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Don't. Don't ever leave me. Just stay with me and if Klaus gets me…just be there for my family," she said, whimpering softly and holding onto him like he was one of the last life jackets on the 'Titanic' and the ship was going down.

Damon patted her back, blinking back ridiculous tears. This girl had done to him what Katherine had tried and failed—she'd whipped him. He loved her so deeply; he'd do anything to make her happy. Anything that is, except let her sacrifice herself to save everyone else. No. That he would never let happen.

"I will. I'll take care of everyone…" he told her, swallowing hard because he knew he was lying. If it came down to a choice of her life or his own-or even her brothers'? He'd choose her. He'd always choose her. He didn't care. He wouldn't even hesitate. Whether it was Blondie or the witch or even Stefan…he'd choose Elena. It wasn't something he even thought about. It simply was. She was worthy. He'd definitely lived past his expiration date. But instead of telling her that, he held her and told her he'd never leave her and he didn't feel guilty as he lied to her because for once in his long life this was a lie he was willing to live—or die with.

"I love you, Elena…" he whispered against her hair. And he did, that wasn't a lie. He could no more lie about that than he could about being a vampire. "I always will…" he added softly, as she curled into him and fell into a soft, yet troubled sleep against his chest.


Two days later:

Katherine came to the house and Damon came downstairs to find her and Stefan in the parlor with an extremely youthful looking elderly man. The guy looked fifty, yet his skin seemed to glow and shimmer with a healthy shade of olive and he looked—Damon almost chuckled. The dude looked like George Hamilton in that damned vampire movie.

"Am I interrupting something?" he said as he entered the room.

Kat glanced up and smiled. "Not at all, lover," she said as she slithered over to him. "I've been waiting for you."

He almost tripped over his own feet as he backed away. He swatted her hands off him as she tried to grope him. Really, why had he been upset when he thought she wanted Stefan again? He couldn't seem to remember now.

He went to the bar, but she was there, hovering, right up in his space. "Katherine!" he snapped. "Back off! Really, I can pour a fucking drink without you holding my hand!"

She grabbed his glass and took a sip. "I don't think so. Anything you do concerns me, Damon." She sidled up closer to him, tiptoeing her fingers across his chest. "Haven't you figured that out yet?"

He batted her hands away and raised a brow as he grabbed his glass back. "Really—how?"

"Because if you even think for one second I'll let you kill yourself to save her—you're mistaken lover. I'll save you even if I have to hand her heart over to Klaus myself."

He bared his teeth at her. "I'll kill you…"

She giggled. "No, you won't. Because the truth is, without your precious, Elena…you'll come running right back to me and you know it," she said confidently.

Damon gaped at her for a second before he got pissed. "Fuck you!" he snarled and left her standing there glaring after him.

He went over to Stefan. He motioned to the very tanned guy. "Care to share who that is?"

Stefan smirked. "Oh, it walks like George Hamilton, talks like him too, but it's not. He's a Mystical priest apparently and he has new info on Klaus. Apparently he's blessed also the dagger that can kill the fucker."

Damon's eyes widened at all that. "Impressive bro." His eyes dragged over to Katherine and he sneered."So why is she here?"

Stefan flashed a huge smirk at Damon, "Who-Katherine?" Damon simply raised a brow as if saying 'really?' Stefan couldn't help it-Damon had teased him so often, it was rare to get a chance to clown him back. "Oh, well she's here to stake her claim on you again. You know, make sure you know who you belong to and all that kind of good stuff."

Damon scowled, but Stefan simply grinned and the elder Salvatore finally rolled his eyes.

"You're fucking kidding me," Damon muttered, not at all amused at how their roles had been reversed.

Stefan grabbed Damon's glass, took a sip and smirked. "She's made her choice." Stefan shrugged and downed the glass. "Only took her a hundred and fifty years, but it looks like it's you, brother."

"Shut up," Damon snarled and snatched his glass back. He refilled it and shot the drink down, not at all pleased with this turn of events.

It made no sense. When Katherine had first showed up—they'd all assumed she was here for Stefan because she'd shown such a preference for him in 1864. But seemed he was the flavor of the decade and Damon wanted to gnash his teeth at the whole fricking ordeal. How had this happened? He must be the most un-luckiest bastard ever. When he wanted the bitch—she wasn't there. When he didn't—he couldn't get rid of her! Seriously, what the fuck!

He sighed. "Is he here?"

Stefan played dumb. He was enjoying Damon's discomfort far too much. "Who?"

Damon gave him a look. "Don't be a dick. This is Elena we're talking about…is he-you know who here?"

Stefan relented. The 'E' word never failed to bring him to heel. "Yes. Kat says she'll show me tonight."

Damon's brow shot up to his hairline at the easy-breezy way Stefan had said that. "Oh…so it's 'Kat says' now…?" He studied Stefan and a slow scowl made his heavy brows draw down. "Oh shit..." Damon snapped, "Tell me you didn't…" Stefan's smirk disappeared and he put his head down. Damon cursed under his breath. "God dammit, Stefan, " he hissed, "I can't believe you're fucking her again! What the hell are you thinking?"

"It's not like that so keep it down!" Stefan replied in an angry whisper.

"Really? So you're not doing her?" Stefan wouldn't meet his eyes. "You dumb ass!" Damon said. "It's exactly like that and soon you and everyone will see it when she publically humiliates you—what part of that shit with Elijah didn't you get, Stefan?" He rolled his eyes. "Jesus fucking Christ, you're a naive son-of-a-bitch! She's a viper. Her only agenda is to save her own ass and maybe humiliate as many men as possible in the meantime!" He glared at his brother. "I thought you got that?"

Stefan shrugged. "It doesn't seem so hard now that I don't love her. I just want to fuck her. She says she loves you…"

Damon's lip curled. "And you actually believe that?" he shook his head. "Kat doesn't love me or you for that matter. The only person Katherine loves is herself," he explained, as if talking to a kindergartner. "She's here to give Elena to Klaus you asshole. That way she can be free!"

"But she said…"

Damon cut him off with a sharp wave of his hand. "She's says a lot of shit. It's all lies. She does nothing but lie!" he snarled. He grabbed Stefan by the shoulders and turned him towards Katherine. The seductive vampire was flirting with one Tyler Lockwood at the moment. "Look at her," Damon growled. "She's playing him for info on werewolves. Don't you see it?"

Stefan watched, nodding. Tyler was practically pissing himself to be in her good graces. "Yeah, but she's so…"

"I know. Beautiful." He sighed. "But look at her, Stefan," Damon insisted. "Really look. She's trying to be Elena, but she just can't help what she is. She's a fucking vampire and by that, I mean the kind that will suck you dry, baby bro…" He clapped Stefan on the shoulder, squeezing him with one hand in the most brotherly form of a hug he could give. "I'm over it and her. I suggest you get a clue and let the bitch go…" he said softly, before moving away to go upstairs in search of the 'real' Elena.


Damon opened the door to his bedroom and the first thing he noticed was the lights were all off, but dozens upon dozens of candles lit the room and perfumed the air with the scent of vanilla.

He shut the door and stepped further into the room. "Elena?"

No answer, but he heard a soft giggle coming from his bathroom. He turned to his right and stopped, frozen in place. There, in his huge tub, was his girlfriend and goddess of all his fantasies.

Elena was taking a bath. Her hair was in a haphazard knot on top her head and she was buried up to her shoulders in bubbles. The candlelight gave her an ethereal glow and next to her on a table was a bucket with a champagne bottle and a small silver dish of strawberries. She was gorgeous.

Her smile was flirtatious as she picked up her champagne flute and a strawberry. She dropped the fruit in her glass and sipped it down. "Mmmmm," she purred, leaning her head back on the rim of the tub and closed her eyes. "You know, I heard champagne was amazing with strawberries, but I never tried it…until now."

She opened her eyes and gave him a hungry look that made his dick stand up and say 'dude-get the hell in there!' Her dark eyes collided with his as she nibbled on the fruit as if she didn't know she was driving him half crazy!

Damon's answering growl was low and deep. He didn't even bother to unbutton his shirt as he headed for the bathroom. He simply ripped it off his body. He could buy another. The jeans were torn off and kicked aside with equal carelessness. By the time he got to her side he was in nothing more than a pair of navy blue Calvin-Klein boxer/briefs.

"You better lose those too," Elena murmured, drinking in the gorgeous sight of his mostly naked body as she downed the rest of her champagne and set her glass aside. "They might get in the way,' she teased as she twisted in the water so that she was floating on her belly. Bubbles attached themselves to her chin and lips and she giggled as she blew them off.

Damon dropped his shorts and Elena's eyes snapped to his impressive body. "God, you are beautiful," she murmured, licking her lips. She floated over to the edge and leane dup for a kiss. "I want you…I always want you."

He gave a small smirk. She looked adorable with the cutest little bubble goatee dripping down her chin as she said waited for a kiss. He couldn't deny her, but he had to bite back his laughter. Surprisingly, in over a hundred and forty years Damon had never had anyone sporting a foamy goatee tell him he they wanted to do him…

He leaned down and kissed her, easily avoiding wearing a part of her 'new-foamy-do' as he stepped into the tub. "Mmmm," he purred as he settled himself against the edge. He relaxed, setting his arms out wide as he waited, letting her float herself over to him. He took his finger and wiped off her 'foamy-beard'. His smile was contagious as he teased, "As hot as you are…I prefer you without whiskers-even if they're bubbles."

Elena laughed out loud. "Did I…?" She blushed. "Oh God…why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you looked so cute," he told her, resting his hands on her stomach as she reclined against him.

"Yeah, cute—with a beard?" she queried, twisting around to see his face and raising a brow.

He curled his arms around her waist and pulled her back against his chest more firmly. He lowered his head and nibbled along the flesh of her neck. "Baby, you'd have to be sprouting real live whiskers…and out your nose," he added, "in order for me to not find you sexy and adorable."

Elena laughed at that. "Okay, you're officially weird!"

But as much as she rolled her eyes at the things he said, Elena loved the way he made her feel. He was amazing, so she relaxed into his embrace, letting her lift her and guide her until she was hovering above his hips, floating in the water just above his erection.

"Damon…please…I need you," she moaned, reaching behind her and wrapping her arms around his neck. Her fingers dug themselves into the soft hair at the nape of his neck and she moaned softly as the tip of his penis brushed against her slit.

Damon used his experience to place her in just the right position. He gripped himself with one hand and placed his other hand flat on her belly, maneuvering her into position. Once she was there and the blunt tip of his cock was nudging her entrance, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on him as he thrust upwards, impaling her with one sure stroke of his hips.

They both cried out when he filled her.

"Oh God-Oh God!" Elena panted as he started pumping into her hard and fast. She gripped the edges of the tub as the water sloshed and swished around her at his momentum, erupting over the side and spilling onto Damon's floor.

She pointed it out breathlessly, but he didn't seem to care as he pushed her forward and drove himself even deeper. He fondled her clit as he fucked her against the tub as if his life depended on making her climax. Elena screamed his name as she came hard.

Damon followed quickly with a shout of her name as he spilled his cum inside her. he collapsed on top her back, panting for breath he didn't need.

"Get off…" Elena whined.

He chuckled. "I just did…" He was still inside her and he gave a little thrust of his hips.

Elena gasped. "Oh!" She lifted her hips, but Damon just lay on her, grinning because he knew she wanted a round two right away. He decided to tease her like she teased him constantly.

Elena shifted under him, moaning softly as she felt his length getting hard inside her again. "Damon…" she sighed, pressing back into him, urging him to fuck her again.

"Mmm-hmm?" he sighed, pressing her down like dead weight on her back. He knew his cock was hard again—he couldn't control that. His dick was firmly pussy whipped by Elena, but he still had a little fight left in him.

"Stop laying on me and move," she muttered and elbowed him.

He laughed. Now that she was feisty, he wanted her to beg. "Ask me nicely," he whispered, pulling almost all the way out.

Elena glanced at him over her shoulder. "Ass!" she growled, but gave him a sweet smile none the less and asked, "Damon, love of my life, sexiest man ever, will you please fuck me good and proper?"

The shit eating grin that spread across his face was classic Damon. "Say please…" he said.

Elena almost took it back—almost, but she didn't. He saw her bite her lip, knew she wanted to tell him where to go, but she wanted to get fucked more. "Please," she said, her voice was sensuous, but her eyes were blazing and Damon knew he was in for retribution sometime later.

He laughed huskily. Bring it on. "How can I deny a request like that?" he murmured, oozing sex as he thrust into her hard and fast again, gripping the back of her hair in one hand and yanking her head back. He pounded into her, tilting her head to the side. "God, I fucking love you!" he groaned and buried his teeth in her neck.

Elena's body erupted. With his fangs and his cock buried in her—it was too much. She bucked her hips and yelled his name as she went over the edge and into the stratosphere of euphoric bliss.

Damon was quick to follow.

This time they tumbled off each other. Damon collapsed against the back edge of the porcelain Jacuzzi tub. Elena fell against him, panting for breath. His skin prickled with cold and he suddenly noticed there was barely half of water left in the big tub. He'd literally fucked it all out. He groaned when he realized the rest was floating around the floor of his bathroom.

"Oh shit…" he muttered tiredly. He was irritated, but truthfully, he was too worn out to really give it a serious thought. Tomorrow he could take care of that crap.

He glanced at Elena. "Ready to get out, baby?"

"Not yet." She handed him the bucket of champagne and the strawberries. "Unless you're worried we're gonna turn your bathroom into a swimming pool."

His smile was decadent as he poured them each a fresh glass of champagne. "Whatever. It's totally worth it," he told her, handing her the slim flute filled with the bubbly liquid.

She accepted the glass with an effevescent grin. "You know, you always say that," she said, taking a sip and murmuring her appreciation.

Damon shrugged. "Because it's the truth."

Elena grinned at him and leaned up to plant a kiss on his lips. "Damon, not everything is worth getting naked with me," she said giggling.

He set his glass down and all at once his face became intense—almost too serious. "It is to me," he told her. "I love you, Elena. I never thought you would love me back, but you do." He picked up her hand and brought it to his lips, "and now that you do…anything is worth making you smile," he said, giving her a sweet smile of his own.

Elena melted. She'd always known he was capable of this emotion. Her glass dropped into the water as she reached for him. "Damon," she whispered, cupping his jaw. "I'll never stop loving you…no matter what you do."

His grin got a little lewd and she rolled her eyes. "I mean within reason here," she sputtered.

He chuckled. "Elena, if I ever did anything to make you stop loving me—just drive a stake in me because I wouldn't want to live without you."

She smiled. "That's sweet and I love you for that, but you would go on because you promised."

His eyes gave him away when he looked away. She sat up. "Wait a minute." She grabbed him by the jaw now and forced his eyes back to hers. "You did promise, Damon."

He shook his head. "No, I told you I'd take care of your family and I would…before I greeted the sun, Elena."

Tears filled her eyes. "You can't say—do that!"

He raised his chin. Yeah, he was probably 'King of the 'I'm so pussy-whipped committee' when it came to her, but there were times—if it was her life and she was in danger…well, he could be just as stubborn as she was.

"I will and I can if you decide you're going to sacrifice yourself to save us." His eyes were so dark a blue they were almost black and Elena choked back a sob as Damon promised, "If you die—so will I," His hands were on her face and he pressed urgent kisses against her lips. "I swear it…the very next day; I'll leave my ring on my dresser and go out to meet the sun, Elena. So help me fucking God, I will!"

She threw her arms around him. "No-no-no…please…no. I can't…I can't imagine you doing that. I won't let you."

He tipped her chin up and brushed a kiss across her lips. "Then don't die, love, all you have to do to keep me here by your side is don't-fucking-die on me, Elena."

Her smile was wobbly and tearful, but she replied in the same spirit as he did. "Okay, Damon. I won't fucking die on you. Happy?" she asked with a smile.

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. "More than you'll ever know…"


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