Ashley was not pleased. Her outfit was itching, the scoutmaster was droning, and she was soooo bored. Surrounded by goody-goody-two-shoes who looked eager, constantly straightening and smoothing their outfit and saying the GS's pledge with vigor. She was to lazy to say Girl Scouts, so she shortened it to GS. Privately, because abbreviating Boy Scouts would turn up a very naughty word. She hated Girl Scouts. Her mom had signed her up, in an effort to make her more social.

* flash back *

" I have a social life! I have lots of friends!"

" Human friends Ashley!"

* end flash back*

Oh joy, craft time. Fuuuuun. She looked at the yarn. And so we meet again.

* flashback *


" Oh. My. God. Were you attacked by a giant spider or something?"

" Umm..... no. It's yarn. I was trying to knit."

".......... Hey Doc!"

* end flash back *

" Ummmm, Ashley right? Why are you looking at the yarn like that?"

She looked up from her maniacal staring. There was a girl who was giving her a funny look ( That's normal for her, but she was actually talking to Ashley! And not yelling for a SWAT team! )

" Oh... I just hate , with a vigorous, burning passion."

" Ah. What did yarn ever do to you?"

* flashback *

" Ow, that HURTS!"

" Ashley, how could you get stuck to the fan while trying to knit?"

"I'm not quite sure."

* end flash back *

" More then you hopefully know."

" Ah. So... I'm Alena. You're Ashley, right?"

" Yep."

" And you don't want to be here."


" And you have violent tendencies."

" Yep...... What?"

" There's a gun in your bag."

".......... You are either brilliant or evil. Or both. But please don't rat me out, I promise I'm not going to kill anyone and I just-"

" S' Okay, I'm carrying a slingshot. My theology is rocks are more annoying then bullets. Or chunks of concrete, if people annoy me too much."

" You're cool."

" Same."

And they shook hands and Girl Scouts just got a bit more bearable.

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