They were on the bus to the camping site when Ashley Magnus got a novel idea. A sing along!
* ten minutes later! *
" THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE AND A HALF BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL! A WHOLE LOTTA BOTTLES OF BEER! YOU TAKE ONE DOWN, PASS IT ROUND, I FORGOT HOW MANY BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL!" Ashley and Alena felt very drunk as they bellowed the song around with a few other girl scouts. It very much annoyed Petunia Smith, which made them quite pleased.
Petunia Smith was the model Girl Scout. She had a badge in everything, had been a girl Scout ever since she was old enough for Daisy Scouts, and she had been on every Camping trip, Hiking trip, Swimming trip, and Bathroom trip. But, she was very persnickety and felt everything had to be done by the book, which badly annoyed Alena and Ashley who loved to improvise. She sat very primly at the front of the bus, and with a sniff turned around and said sarcastically,
" Continue like that and we won't have to worry about bears! They'll all high-tail it to the next state to get away from the wretched singing! "
" Wretched singing? Does that mean you're going to join in Tuney?"
" It's PETUNIA Ashley! And no, I'm going to be busy chopped firewood and setting up my tent, while you all are bumbling around and hopefully getting eaten by bears!"
" How about you say that when a counselor is on board?" ( Said counselor had gotten of at rest stop to help clean off a kid who had puled all over themselves. It had been quite an event.)
Petunia opened and closed her mouth a few times, before huffing and turning back to her book. Alena and Ashley quietly high fived triumphantly.

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