To my readers,

I thank you for sticking by me and reading Harmony faithfully. I have immensely enjoyed the journey this collection took me on, and now I'm afraid it's time to bid it farewell.

I started this project as a means of a very intimate character study, and as all things do, especially over time, my concept of Maria and Georg has evolved, changed, and most definitely strengthened. I hope the last two chapters in particular demonstrate that.

Perhaps a series of sexual situations is a strange way to go about discovering more of the characters, but between these two, who are so full of passion and love, I believe it to be among the more potent ways of unwinding such a complex attraction and relationship. It was not an easy thing for me to do by posting this series, and I'm sure you all can imagine why; any piece of writing is incredibly personal to a writer—to come to this level, you may as well strip everything I value and hold dear bare. So thank you all to those who maintained respect and enthusiasm, and to those who behaved otherwise… I haven't forgotten it.

I will be honest in saying that I became bored with the series; there is no reason for me to continue it now, even though it remains my highest grosser of traffic of any story I've posted here. For that, I am pleased and proud, and I truly hope I've done these beautiful characters justice. I'm in a place of understanding these characters where I'm confident that I could portray them in any number of situations; the rest of the obstacles in future writings remain mine and mine alone.

My many, many thanks to the incredible Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Ernest Lehman, and Robert Wise for giving me so much to work with, love, and enjoy. And of course, to my readers. Though I write for myself, you all are the ones who encourage me to keep going and become better.

As a side note, I am aware that I messed up my German royally in the final lines of the previous chapter, as I approached it with the mindset of an English speaker, instead of as a German speaker. There is no excuse for my sloppiness, but I beg leniency for German not being my native tongue, and I was extremely tired when I wrote it. It has been amended, and should now be reflected in Reminiscent. If it is still unsatisfactory, well… that's an argument for another time.

All my best—