These are a series of poems, one-shots, and other things that I randomly think of in the middle of a moment and HAVE to put somewhere, so I put them here, for you to read.


Finnik O.

I have riches.



And every woman in the Capitol wants to be mine.

What more could you ask for…


How about my sanity back?

My innocence back?

My memories taken away?

The pain taken away?

Is there any machine,

In your glorious Capitol,

That can wipe away memories?

Because what's that point in living,

When you've taken another's chance of doing so?

When you've killed innocent children?

Innocent, naïve children,

That have been forced to turn on you?

Some say it was self defense.

I say it was massacre.

Did they have to see the fear in their eyes,

As I raised my trident to strike?

Did they see that sadness in David,





All who were killed by my hand?


They were too busy dying their skin,

And cheering me on.

And now,

I mentor.

Twelve year olds,

Who are panicked by the thought of dying.

Eighteen year olds,

Who thought they were finally safe.

They were wrong.

No one is safe.

Not from the Capitol.

And now,

After I have watched these two tributes,

From District Twelve,

Katniss Everdeen,

And Peeta Mellmark,

Raise the berries

That will surely mean death,

And watch,


As they raise them to their mouths,

I realize what must happen:

There must be a rebellion.

It was an act,

An act of defiance.

People will talk,

Things will be said,

And Katniss Everdeen,

Will be the coal

That will fuel the fire.

And I must join her lead.

Because she is the Mockingjay,

And I am to be her protector.

I pick up my phone,

After the Quarter Quell is announced,

And call

Haymitch Abernathy.

I TOTALLY realize I spelt Haymitch's last name wrong, I just know it…. So if you could just realize that I know I made that mistake, and not totally kill me for it, I'd appreciate it! :D

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