[PROTOTYPE: Sanctum]

Part I, Chapter I

Push me away, make me fall, just to see another side of me. Push me away, you can't see, what I see. The other side of me--Trust Company (Downfall)


Toby shoved the dead Blackwatch sentry off his chest and rolled over just in time to dodge a Hunter's gnashing incisors. Behind his helmet, Toby's violently green eyes widened in fear. The large beast rose on its hind legs and let forth a bone chilling roar that had the marine scuttling backward on his hands, frantically searching for any type of weapon.

Blood curdling screams echoed down the street as the infected attacked again and again, feeding and spreading faster than the Marines could control. Faster than the Blackwatch could shoot them down from the roof tops. Gunshots, explosions, and military orders mixed with the snarling and carnage from the Hunters, instilling a unfathomable terror into the souls of the remaining humans fleeing the streets.

An M4A1 lay abandoned a short distance away and Toby dove for it, yelping in horror when the Hunter launched itself after him with an explosive howl.

He knew even before he grabbed the weapon that the monster would rip him to shreds before he had the chance to touch the trigger. He could already imagine the feel of its teeth sinking into his shoulder, tearing muscle and bone.

Its hot, foul breath washed over his neck, the stench of death and blood making Toby's insides roll, and he suddenly wished he was back home with his younger brother and their dog.

He wished he could stand in the farmhouse's backyard and play Frisbee with their hyperactive black lab while Mark tried in vain to repair their father's old Harley. He wished he could smell the crisp mountain air again, feel the wind blow through his T-shirt instead of through his bulky uniform.

He wished the color red was obliterated from the earth.

Toby snatched up the gun and whirled, snapping his finger back on the trigger as the Hunter's massive head lunged for his throat. To his amazement, the bullet shot home, through the roof of the beast's mouth and out of its skull.

But it wasn't enough to kill it, and the gun was out of ammo. In the back of his head, Toby felt himself lose hope and go numb. He grudgingly accepted his fate; become the meal of a massive creature with a black heart and row upon row of jagged fangs.

Toby clenched his eyes shut as his fingers tightened on the useless gun, only to snap them open seconds later when the beast gave an uncharacteristic noise of...pain?

"Holy fuck..." Toby said breathlessly as the Hunter's body split in half down the middle and collapsed on either side of him. Blood splattered across his visor and uniform in harsh, vibrant strokes.

Toby blinked in surprise before shaking himself and scrambling back to his feet, clutching the gun now more for stability than anything else. His dark eyes snapped to a figure sprinting down the street, his arm disfigured into a giant, ruthless looking blade as he leaped into the air and sliced through another roaring Hunter.

"Target identified! Go, go, go!"

His commander shouted in Toby's earpiece and the young marine winced. He had almost died just then. He should have died. But ZEUS had stopped it? Looking down at the blood covered asphalt, Toby swallowed at the bulk of sliced Hunter to his right. The only logical conclusion he could come to was that Alex Mercer wasn't able to see him from underneath the large body of the monster.

He was positive that if Mercer knew Toby were under it, he would have kept right on going and let the Hunter shred him apart.

"Knight! Get your ass over here NOW!" Commander's voice shouted once more and Toby took a step back ,away from the dead beast. With a final glance at the retreating form of Mercer, Toby turned on his heel and sprinted his way back to base, dropping the useless gun in favor of another, more capable weapon.

Less than thirty yards away from where Toby last stood, Alex Mercer glanced away from the stunned Hunter and narrowed his eyes on the young marine's back.

A/N: To be honest, I really thought that the first multi-fic I did would be for Assassin's Creed and that it wouldn't be (possible) slash, but what can you do? Anyway, just so the few readers who do view this know, it will be a slow slash fic, if slash at all. (which it probably will be) I'm sorry this was so short, the next chapters will be a lot longer. This was kind of like a prologue/introductory chapter. Please give me feedback, I want to know how this is coming along. Eventually I will even be drawing Toby and Alex. When I do, I'll put the link in my profile for you guys to see :) Thank you! (please review?)