"'Crawl into my web,' crooned the spider to the fly, 'Its nice and safe. From here you can see the starry sky.'"

Toris shivered as Ivan ran a hand across his bare chest. His touch was as chilling as the song, and the scarf around his neck offered no more warmth then an icebox.

"So the fly came in, for he could not resist the spider's charm, and sat on the sticky thread, 'I'll stay if you want,' he said, 'If you bring to me no harm.'"

His breath caught in his throat as Ivan pulled him closer, and breathed mist into his ear.

"Are you cold, Toris?"


"As a reply the spider wrapped him up, and began to drink his blood, 'I will never kill you, fly. For the fly is whom I love.'"



Feliks grinned manically as his fly swatter made contact with a particularly large spider. The thing had managed to avoid him for over an hour but no more! If there was any one creature that was totally not cool it was spiders. After all they had, like what, ten billion eyes? Talk about creepy.

Whistling an old children's song to himself he tossed the swatter to the floor and checked his watch, sinking into an incredibly plush couch. He looked up and sighed. It wasn't like Toris to be this late. And they totally had dinner plans! He'd even washed his hair with three different shampoos to get it to smell right.

"What the…?"

Somehow, another spider had managed to make it onto his wall. Feliks shrugged and grabbed the fly swatter again, ready to begin the hunt. At least he wouldn't be bored.

"'Crawl into my web,' crooned the spider to the fly…"