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Randy was taken back by his words, feeling the guilt build up more and more inside of him as his eyes never left Codys.

"Please Randy… don't leave me… not now… nor ever."


It was more a gasp than what he had wanted, but his voice was giving up already.

"Don't… just stay…"

Cody leaned down to him, brushing his nose over his cheek and up to his ear, gently kissing it, whispering.

"You need me as much as I need you… we're perfect for each other…"

"Perfect… yes…"

Randy had a hard time to contain himself, but he knew that Cody was right. He needed him, needed him to be happy, needed him to love, to feel loved… he could not lose him… ever.

He let his fingers slowly travel over Cody's neck down to his throat, closing his eyes as the younger man winced.

"Tell me how I can make it up to you… tell me how to show you that I'm sorry…"

The words were whispered into Cody's ear, the heat between them rising as Cody's naked form shifted on Randy's waist to look him into his eyes, his warm smile filling Randy's heart as he shook his head.

"Just you… just you being there for me… that's all I want."

Randy swallowed down the lump in his throat, slowly nodding his head, fingers playing with Cody's hairline, studying his gorgeous face.

"I won't leave you… ever… no matter what."

A sigh of relief escaped Cody's lips before he rested his head on Randy's chest, listening to his steady heartbeat while his hands played with the legend-killers shirt for a while. They stayed silent, just enjoying each other's warmth for minutes, before Cody found his voice again.

"You know… you should punish me for what I did tonight… tomorrow… at Raw… on-screen."

Randy groaned, shaking his head, about to protest, but was cut of by Cody's hand on his lips.

"You should… me and Ted… we both deserve it… you can make it up to me after the show…"

A slight smirk underlined his intentions with those last words and Randy licked his lips as he looked down at him, arching a brow.

"You want to top, huh?"

Cody grinned, raising his head up a little while he shrugged his shoulders.

"Would you let me?"

Randy chuckled, his hands traveling down to Cody's cheeks, carefully pulling him up for a soft kiss, lips brushing over his skin up to his forehead.

"Anything to make you happy…"

Cody moaned softly as Randys lips found his again. He would never get tired of their kisses… never get tired of his lover touching him, marking him, loving him. Randy always found a way to make him feel loved, make him feel important, make him feel wanted… not only physically, but most important also emotionally.

"Now… let's get some sleep and forget about this whole evening."

"The whole one… everything… the show… the locker-room… just everything…?"

Randy nodded, his forehead resting against Cody's, smiling up at him as he stared into those emerald blue eyes.

"Tomorrow's going to be a new day… a new chance…"

Cody yawned, slowly rolling off of Randy and onto his side, letting his arm rest on the older ones chest, putting his head onto his shoulder as Randy securely wrapped his strong biceps around him, kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Cody… forever…"

A slight snore escaping Cody's already sleeping form made him chuckle softly and he pulled his boy closer, slowly closing his own eyes, the listening of Cody's steady breathing soothing him into a fitful slumber.

"I'll always forgive you… as long as you just stay…"

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