My twin brother and I just got kicked out of boarding school…again! All Percy's fault of course! And I had to get dragged into this! Of course Grover too! Cuz it's him that got picked on by those stupid bullies, that pick on him and of course Percy just has to stick for him! I mean he has to, they're best friends. He's my best friend too, so I stuck for him too….with the encouragement from Percy!

Percy is trouble! I mean he gets in trouble in school all the time! I'm saying that because every single field trip we go on he gets in trouble! And since I'm there with him, I get in trouble! Ugh, that boy! Don't get me wrong, I love my brother as much as I love life! He's my other half! My twin! But sometimes, like all sisters do, I want to strangle him!

Let me explain, the 5th grade school we went to had a Saratoga battlefield. He had this accident with the war cannon, and it hit the school bus! He said he didn't mean to aim for it, but dude! Of course, since I was a witness and his sister, we both got expelled. And the 4th grade school we took a behind the scenes tour of the Marine World shark pool, and he hit the wrong lever on the catwalk that resulted in the whole class taking a swim! Fun! And many times before that but I think you get the point.

Now we were going to the Metropolitan Museum of art to look at Roman and Greek stuff with the best teacher Mr. Brunner.

Mr. Brunner was this middle-aged man, who was the coolest! He let us pal games in class, told stories, jokes, and had this awesome Roman armor stuff. Percy loved it, but I always told him to stop touching it he could dent it or something!

We never met out father, for some reason. We just found out he was Poseidon! How could we know that his brother was Zeus! And how could we of stolen the lightening bolt! I'll get to that in a minute.

Oh by the way my names Bella Jackson. My twin brother Percy and I are the children of the ancient god Poseidon. That makes us demi-gods, or half-bloods. Which ever you want to call us. Anyway you see there's a problem. Our father's brother, Zeus, his lightening bolt the most powerful ones has gotten stolen. And for some reason the gods believe Percy and I stole it. We didn't!

Now we are at Camp Half-Blood, with Grover, our protector, and other kids who's parents are Greek Gods too. Now we have to get our mother from Hades, find 3 pearls in order to get back from Hades to Mt. Olympus, and prove our innocence.

Oh! And since we're dyslexic and have ADHD we know how why we have them. ADHD for out battle skills, and dyslexic so we can read Greek. Comes in handy I tell you!

Well, we're just getting started…

Just saw Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. LUVED IT!! I also read the book and I love it!!