Ok so I was scared to death. Bella had me in a death grip and is numbing my arm. I want her to stop it. Not that I don't love my sister, I do with all of me she's my sister, but it's times like these when I need to let go.

So turns our Mrs. Dodds wasn't real. Or people were just denying it. Bella believed that she and I had the same dream, but that's because she doesn't have a good imagination. I felt Mrs. Dodd's hands on my shoulders, her wings slap my back. Her shriek when I vaporized her. the students at Yancywere convinced that Mrs. Kerr was our pre-algebra teacher not Mrs. Dodds. They thought I was psycho even Bella was worried! She almost had me believe that I dreamt it up too. Almost.

I know something happenedin the museum! I just know it! Even my own sister won't listen to me! She agrees with Mr. Brunner, we were noth hallucinating. Whatever, I'll prove it to her! I told her I saw the images of her in my mind, Bella just ignored it. So much for sibling love.

Well because of this my grades went to D's to F's. Bella had her perfect grades of a few B's and an A. I also called my teacher an old sot. I got written up and Bella and I got expelled. Again. I yelled at the principal that Bella deserves this great education I should go. But they never break up siblings. I yelled more and they definitely decided to kick us out. Bella was mad. We would never see Mr. Brunner again. we would miss Latin.

Exams came quickly. I probably failed. I know it. Bella aced her's, since she studied. The only one I studied for was Latin. Mr. Brunner only expected the best from me. I tried to, but I suck.

Dyslexia was getting to me again. so I decided to ask Bella for help between the exact same words but a few letters change. I walked across the quad to the girls' dorm and knocked on her door. Her roommate, Emily, opened it and glared.

"Oh. It's you" she said and opened it more.

"Bella the freakshows here" she said.

"Shut up Emily" Bella said and came to me. her hair was in a half pony to keep it out of her face, and she had her reading glasses on. She had on green and white pajama shorts, and a tight great spaghetti strap which was too low cut. I got the nerve to pull it up and she glared.

"Don't" she said and leaned against the frame.

"What's up?" she asked.

"I need help for Latin" I confessed. She smied.

"C'mon, let's go to Mr. Brunner" she said and put on her purple slippers, and grabbed her blue Abercrombie jacket.

"Nice outfit I said.

"I can say the same the thing" she teased. I was wearing, blue, green, red, and white plaid pajama pants and a white wife beater. I wasn't built but I had some muscle. I had some muscle showing through and on my biceps, and back. The school had a gym I went to often. (A/N Made up)

"Lay let's go" she smiled and we walked to Mr. Brunner's office. I heard shuffling footsteps. Two people inside.

"I'm worried about the Jacksons'" I herd Grover's voice say. Grover?

Bella leaned her back against the wall and listened closely. I copied and she put a finger to her closed lips, telling me to be quiet in a way.

"The kindly one was in the school, sir! They know!" Grover said scared. I heard Mr. Brunner sigh.

"Grover" he said. I heard Grover stomp his foot lightly. Wow, who knew he could be a toddler.

"The boy needs to mature. He'll find out in time. Bella I think it's her time to know. She's a smart girl" Mr. Brunner said.

"Yes! I know that! But the solstice deadline!" Grover said. Bella and I exchanged a look.

"I can't fail again! I won't you know what that means!" Grover said boldly. Bella raised her eyebrows, clearly impressed.

"Let's just worry about keeping them alive until the fall" Mr. Brunner replied. I felt a cold sweat on the back at my neck as Bella's face grew terrified. She dropped the book scared and it made a loud thud. I put my hands over her mouth making the noise that was going to come out of her mouth stop. My body was hovering over hers as I stared into her eyes. They were scared and weak. Like mine.

"That was nothing. My nerves haven't been right since the winter solstice" he said. what about the freaking solstice?! Bella held on to me, scared like she always does and we stayed the way we were for a moment, not moving.

"Me either. I swear…." Grover started but stopped. Come on! Speak Grover! I need to know!

"Go to your dorm Grover, you have exams" he said.

"Don't remind me. I don't get why half the school took theirs, and I have to take mine tomorrow" he grumbled and left. There were sounds that sounded like hooves walking away. No, is my mind acting up again?

Bella and I stayed in the darkness, for what seemed like forever, but then the lights went out all over and I took my hand off Bella's mouth. She was breathing heard and crushed me in a hug. Her arms went around my neck and mine went around her shoulders holding her to me. She was the only thing I ever really loved. Her and mom. I couldn't lose them both.

"I'm scared" she whispered and I felt the hot tears on neck as she cried for her life, that we weren't sure would last until the fall

*Percy and Bella Jackson*

It's for the best" was what Grover and Mr. Brunner told us about leaving Yancy. What the hell?! Bella was shocked they would say that to her, but kept quiet. I couldn't riks anything else to I stayed quiet too.

"This isn't right for you" Mr. Brunner said.

"You aren't normal, Bella, Percy" he said.

"Right" Bella laughed humorlessly.

"Thanks" I said sarcastically and ran off.

"Percy!" the three of them yelled at me, but I was already gone.

We were going back to the city for the summer. Since we weren't coming back or going to summer camp, we were worrying about which school we should go to next.

I was dreading saying good-bye to Grover. How could you not? With the bullies, who would protect him? Bella and I were going to a different school! He was figety thought, and that worried me. Bella kept asking what was wrong but he just shook it off.

"Looking for The Kindly Ones?" Bella asked. He looked at her stunned and nervous.

"What..what do you mean?" he asked. Gah! Liar!

She told him everything! She wasn't supposed to tell him!

"How much did you hear?" he asked.

"Not much. When's the deadline for the summer solstice?" she smirked. Yes! Way to go Bella! She cornered him.

"Look I was worried for you about the demon math teachers. I was only telling Mr. Brunner you were stressed and there was no Mrs. Dodds" he said. Bella raised a brow. Clearly not convinced and looking bored.

"Here, take this" he said and took something from his pocket and handed it to Bella. She squinted and made it out looking confused.

"Grover Underwood, Keeper?" she asked and handed it to me.

"Half-Blood Hill, Long Island NewYork, and your number" I said.

"What's Half-" Bella said and Grover covered her mouth.

"Shh! Don't say it out loud" he yelped and stared at her. Bella was stunned.

"Ok I kinda have to protect you" he admitted and uncovered her mouth.

"What's so dangerous that we might get killed by fall?" Bella asked angered and hurt.

"You heard that?" he asked and she nodded. A grinding noise came and black smoke came from under the dashboard. The bus smelled like rotten food and the driver cursed. We got evacuated off and Bella and I stayed close to Grover who just rolled his eyes at us.

There were three old ladies under a few maple trees with stuff on sale. Food that smelled really good, and no customers to buy it. I would spend big bucks for that stuff. The old ladies were knitting socks as big as Grover's head.

The ladies on the outside knitted while the lady in the middle held the yarn. It was electric blue and was enormous in a basket.

They looked ancient. Pale skin that looked leather like, grey heair piled into pony tails with white bandanas, and bony skinny arms in bleached cotton dresses. They were staring at me, Bella, and Grover.

"Grover?" Bella asked softly. He was pale and had no expression.

"Tell me they're not looking, please they're not looking" Grover chanted and his eyes closesd.

"Hey man, you ok?" I asked.

The lady in the middle took out a huge pair of scissors, gold and silver, long-bladed, like shears. Grover's breath got caught as he stared.

"Let's get on the bus. Now" he said in a commanding voice and nodded over to the bus.

"Why?" Bella asked. "It's too hot" she whined.

"Come on!" he said and opened the door. More black smoke came out and it felt like a thousand degrees.

Across the road the old ladies were still staring at my sister and I. They grinned and snipped the yarn. I could hear it from where I was standing.

The bus got to life and I jumped at the sound. "Damn right! Back on board" the bus driver called and everyone cheered.

"Grover?" Bella asked again.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"What aren't you telling us?" she asked.

"What did you guys see?" he asked and his face got worried.

"Are they like Mrs. Dodds?" Bella squeaked. My eyes grew wide. She did believe?!

"What did you see?" he asked again.

"I saw the ladies knitting and then they stopped to grin. They cut the yarn too." Bella said.

"I saw that too" I said.

"This is not good. Not good at all!" Grover said his hands making crossing motions. It something older.

"She snipped the cord?" he asked desperately. What is going on?!

"Yes, tell us what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"Sixth. They never get past sixth grade" Grover muttered to himself.

"Grover you're scaring me" Bella said scared.

"Let me walk you home, promise me?" he begged. Why should we?! You kept this from us!

"I promise" Bella said.

"Grover, what does snipping the yarn mean? Does that mean someone is going ot get killed?" I asked terrified for my life. Grover simply looked to Bella with a sad and painful look in his eyes.

"What?" she asked. I looked at her too, but with confusion then looked to Grover. He looked mournfully at her like he was already picking the kind of flowers she would want on her coffin.

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