F/A: Hello, guys, here i bring my new fic about cloverfield, i had another fic in progress but school and all that stuff made me abandon my proyect, but i will continue it when i'm full of ideas, for now, i bring you this, cloverfield: operation apolo, i hope you enjoy the little prologue for now, leave Reviwes so i can "upgrade" my fic, and by the way if you have any question about the fic leave a review or pm me, ok, see ya on chapter 1 fellas.



In a destroyed city, a monster lurks seeking for food and staisfying his natural instincts of destruction and chaos, suddenly in a park a radio that was lying in the ground near a tree begun to send a transmission that said

-This is Command center to all Retreating units on Manhattan, operation Hammerdown will start in 15 minutes, we will sound the sirens 2 minutes before impact, if you still can hear the sirens you are on the impact zone, got that Retreating units?.-

-This is retreating unit 1, Roger.-

-This is retreating unit 2, Roger that.-

-This is retreating unit 3, Copy that command.-

-This is command, comunications will be cut off now, Good luck everyone.- said the voice

then, sirens begun to sound, alerting the retreating Soldiers, the devastated city of Manhattan presenced the terrifying screams of the monster, then, a sepulcral silence came, and from nowhere, serveral missiles where falling from the sky, like a gift from the heavens, then, a red light swarmed the skies that morning, followerd by a wall of fire, the monster yelled of pain while he was being cooked literaly by the radioactive explosion of the several missiles launched by the goverment in a desesperate way to stop the monster's advance, after a few minutes, the bombardment stoped, another blood freezing silence came, the radio that was still working near the destroyed tree begun to transmit again

-This is command, all Retreating units, report.-

-This is retreating unit 1, we're out of the danger zone, no casualties.-

-This is retreating unit 2, we're out of the danger zone too, no casualties.-

-This is retreating unit 3, out of the danger zone, no casualties here.-

-This is command roger that, Field command unit, report status.-

-This is field command unit, looks like the attack worked perfectly, we dont have any signal from that monster.-

-This is command, roger that, mission acomplished, we're sending some troops to the area in a recon mission, operation "Hammerdown" succesful, bradcasting out.-

It was finnaly over, the monster attack was over, the pain of the destruction left by him can be left behind, if in that devasted city were any survivors, they will never forget that night...

Then, from nowhere the radio begun to transmit another radio that said:

-This....command....nit.....Opera....n......h....down....failed......Monster....still.....alive....repeat....Mons....ter.....sti....ive....Oh my God....get out of.....the..... aaaaaaah..........-