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Chapter Three

Two figures stood alone in the small room. They were both the same and different than the pair who had leapt off a tall building not an hour before. For one, Kid's white tuxedo had been exchanged for more street friendly clothes. For another, neither of the Kuroba bothered to conceal any of their more inhuman features. There was no need to hide here, not from each other.

Kaito shifted uncertainly. He still wasn't quite sure what to say. The bald truth of the matter was that he had lied to the other. If he went back and did it all over, the hybrid wouldn't change that. But, that didn't mean he didn't owe his grandfather an explanation. Hesitantly, the magician opened his mouth to speak.

"Don't," Aakesh told him placing one clawed finger over the younger man's lips. "I know why you did it, and I know why you didn't tell me." He would have stopped Kaito, that was why. The youkai was forced to admit to himself, that if their situations had been reversed, he would have done the same thing.

"That doesn't change the fact what I did was wrong," Kaito muttered, indigo eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Aakesh sighed. "No, it doesn't. But it is too late to change things now." As much as he hated to admit it, Kaito was no longer a child. Not by human standards anyway, and the other was human, partly. He had been raised in a human society at the very least. That counted for something.

Oh, his grandson would always be his fledgling. But, the younger man had the right to make his own decisions. However, the youkai reached out, tilting Kaito's chin up and fixing the other with a severe look. "That doesn't mean I am happy about it though."

The slender brunette nodded in understanding. "I wasn't in as much danger as they think," he offered digging into a nearby box. "Your spell protects me at home, and well," Kaito shrugged, pulling out his spare undershirt and giving it a shake.

Aakesh inhaled sharply, reaching out to run his fingers over the delicately woven metal threads. "Mithril," he breathed in surprise. It was high quality work too, wards woven into the lining, anchoring the enchantments. The youkai looked back to his grandson. "This is dwarven work I take it?"

"Uh huh," the young man made an affirmative sound in response to the rhetorical question. He had followed through on his plans to contact the clan. Having Shinrin-sensei dig one bullet out of him had been more than enough. "It's lighter than Kevlar," Kaito pointed out. "Stronger too."

The armor didn't protect everything true, but it did greatly increase his chances of surviving a chest shot. He had a couple of flattened bullets to vouch for its effectiveness. To be honest, Snake was becoming quite frustrated. Not that the hybrid gave a damn about how the assassin felt.

This time it was the youkai's turn to nod, looking thoughtful. "And your investigation into the Black Organization?" he asked. "How is that going?" Finding the Pandora Gem was all well and good, but it was only a part of the whole picture.

Kaito raised one hand, tilting it back and forth. "So so," he admitted. He had gleaned a bit of information through eavesdropping and other nocturnal pursuits. The main problem being the difficulty in locating the various high-ranking members. They moved around a lot. "However, I have located several other groups dedicated to similar goals as ourselves."

Tantei-kun for one. Not to mention the groups from the CIA and FBI. Kaito also supposed he should count Akai Shuichi as a group of his own, considering the majority of the world still believed the man dead. They would all be useful once the time came.

"Interesting," Aakesh drawled, considering the new information. He would have to have Kaito tell him all about these groups later. It wasn't surprising he had missed them all things considered. His focus had been on the BO itself.

Kaito spun a chair in front of himself, sitting down to rest his chin on his arms. Indigo eyes regarding his grandfather coyly through thick lashes. "I don't suppose you have done better?" he inquired. Kaito knew he had. For one, the youkai had had a lot longer too look.

A slow, familiar smirk spread over Aakesh's features. "Of course." Soon enough, the information had been spread out on every available surface. There was also an electronic copy, but this was more convenient for the time being. Needless to say, there was a great deal more of it than his grandson was expecting.

Slowly Kaito looked over the large stacks of paper, a wide grin spreading over his face. "How did you get all this?" he asked in a tone of awe.

The raven merely shrugged. "The wee folk can get into anything," he answered. "You just have to know how to approach them." Not to mention, no one human looked for a stalker that was only six inches tall. He didn't feel guilty about it. For all that they were tiny, fairies packed a punch. They had been in no real danger.

His grandson just giggled. "You bribed them with pizza," he said knowingly. "Didn't you?"


Aoko rolled her eyes at her best friend's antics as they walked down the halls of the university. However, not even Kaito's tricks could dispel the lingering sadness in her eyes. Unconsciously she sniffed.

Indigo eyes darkened at that, and the young hybrid once again resisted the urge to feed the son of a bitch that had broken Aoko's heart to a kraken. He didn't kill. No one gets hurt. That was one of Kaito's cardinal rules. But oh, it was so tempting.

The man, whose-name-will-never-be-spoken, hadn't even had the decency to break up with her. Instead his friend had caught the guy with his pants down. He had even had the gall to blame Aoko. Saying that if she had been more willing to put out, he wouldn't have gone elsewhere. Like holding to your principles was a bad thing. She had been a bit down ever since.

Kaito mentally crossed his finger's as Aoko opened her locker. He really hoped this worked. Inside, there was a small package.

The police detective's daughter regarded it suspiciously for a moment. Maybe she should tell one of the professors. So did Hakuba, at least until he put the pieces together. The detective groaned. "Go ahead and open it Aoko-chan," he told her.

Sure enough, it was a large pink diamond. For a moment, the young woman stared. Then she began to fume. "Why that stupid thief!!!" she shouted, turning to storm back down the hall. This needed to be returned.

Still, Kaito couldn't help but be glad. Because his plan had worked perfectly. The only thing that shown in his friend's blue eyes was fury.


Stole the mithril shirt from LotR and the pizza obsessed fairies from the Dresden Files

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On another note. Muses have insisted Akako cursed Aoko's ex-boyfriend

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