prompt: out cold
word count: 560

Slight Difference of Opinion

"Doctor! Doctor, wake up!" Donna hissed, panic beginning to rise in her chest as she glanced about the unfamiliar surroundings. Strange beings of every shape and colour were lumbering by, paying them not the slightest bit of attention, which Donna was glad of. They'd already attracted all the alien attention she could deal with for one day.

"Doctor!" She shook him insistently.

His eyes fluttered open. "Ow, ow!" He touched the side of his head gingerly.

"Thank God, Doctor," Donna sighed in relief. "I didn't know what I was gonna do, tell you the truth. I mean, you may be skinnier than a toothpick, but I couldn't very well drag you back to the TARDIS on my own, could I?"

The Doctor blinked up at her. "Who're you?" he asked in confusion.

She looked back at him, stunned. "It's Donna... Doctor, are you..."

"Oh, good." He looked around expectantly. "I could use a doctor, I think I've done something to my head."

Donna's mouth fell open in horror. "Doctor... No, you're the Doctor." The panic began to spread through her chest again. "Doctor..."

He looked up at her complacently and it made her want to hit something.

She pressed her fingertips to her temples. "All right, look... You are the Doctor. We are here... on whatever planet this is... God, now I wish I'd been listening when you told me the name of it... And we were havin' a great time until you got into an argument with... some... big... blue thing, I can't remember what you said it was called... But anyway, you got him angry, even though I told you to quit being such a smart arse... God, you always do that!" She hit him in the arm. "For once can't you just keep it to yourself! That bloody great mouth of yours, always gets us into trouble!" She looked up at the reddish sky in frustration. "Now look where we are! Some bloody... planet with a red sky and big blue aliens, God knows how many miles from Earth, and you don't know who you are, and I haven't got a bloody clue how to fly the TARDIS, and God, even if I did—" The pitch of her voice was rising dangerously close to hysteria by this point.

"Donna, Donna," he said, putting a placating hand on her arm. "I was only kidding. Kidding!" He grinned widely.

She paused in her tirade and looked down at him. "Kidding."

"Yeah," he said brightly, huge grin still fixed in place. She was going to laugh any second now.

Donna narrowed her eyes. "Kidding."

He was starting to think maybe this hadn't been such a good idea after all. "Yeah... uh..." He sat up and rubbed a hand through the back of his hair sheepishly. "I thought it was pretty..."

"KIDDING? KIDDING?" Donna exploded. "You let me sit here and think— You thought it would be funny—" She was so angry she could hardly form a coherent sentence. She hit him in the shoulder. Hard.

"OW!" he yelped in surprise, grabbing his arm. "Watch it, that really—"

"I'll show you kidding, Mister!" she roared, eyes livid. "You nearly scared me to death! I'll hit you hard enough to—"

He didn't stick around to find out exactly how hard she planned to hit him. The Doctor ran.