Snape stood in his foyer. He unzipped his pants and let his long penis fall to the floor with a thud. "They don't call me a Slytherian for nothing", he boasted to himself. To say Snape's penis was large was an understatement. To say he was a sex god, equally so. His appetite was veracious, untamable, his member was as large and thick as a small tree branch. He left his consorts wide eyed and drooling like they had seen into a magical world Merlin could only dream of. He also had his eye on Hermione Granger.


Hermione arrived early to Snape's classroom, carrying a handful of parchments. Snape rose from his chair and half waddled over to Hermione. "Why does Snape always walk so weird?" Hermione mused quietly. Suddenly his hot breath was inches from hers. He smelled of sandalwood, roses, fresh baked bread, pumpkin juice, and breast milk.

He wordlessly took Hermione's parchments and looked them over. "There will be no working ahead in this class." He sneered angrily. "Twenty points from Gryffindor."

"That's not fair!" Hermione huffed.

"Talking back to your teacher has just earned you a detention, Ms. Granger and another ten points." Severes shuffled back to his desk and sat down, returning to his work.

"Snape is such a jackass." Hermione thought to herself. She could barely concentrate on the lesson. She seethed with anger. "He's always picking on me."

After class Hermione stayed in her seats. When the students cleared out Snape once again hobbled over. "Hermione, I want you to clean my Exodoneous potion bottles that were just delivered from France, for your detention." Snape gestured to a box in the corner of the room Hermione hadn't noticed before. It contained many long neck bottles. "You're not to use any magic," Snape hissed. "Only this." He threw a pale colored hand towel towards her.

Hermione silently went to work pulling out the first of many bottles.

"I want to see what you're doing. Make sure the technique is right." Snape purred.

Hermione's eyes flashed in anger. "Why does Snape get on my nerves so much? Ugh."

Hermione started rubbing the long neck bottle glass up and down. Snape sat behind his desk giving Hermione specific instructions on how to hold it and how fast to rub.

He felt himself growing hard. Hermione couldn't see anything from this angle, why not? Severes Snape deftly pulled up his robe with one hand and undid the pants holding his penis. It could easily be used as a jump rope.

Soon he realized his mistake. His penis was so long it had slid under the small space underneath the desk and was now peaking out the other side.

"Professor?" Hermione chose that exact moment to speak up. "This cloth is dirty and since I'm not supposed to use magic, what do I clean it up with?" She walked near the desk and Snape watched horrified as her sharp black shoes clicked closer to the end of his penis.

Snape's breath caught as her shoes pressed down hard on his soft member.

"Professor Snape?" Hermione asked barely concealing her annoyance.

"Are you ok professor?" Hermione's voice suddenly became concerned. Her professor's normally pale face was turning bright red.

Snape picked up his wand from the desk. "Sccoo-rrggg-iifyyy" He blurted out cleaning the cloth in Hermione's hand.

Hermione finally moved away and Snape let out a big exhale of breath. Hermione, confused, turned away for a moment and he rolled his penis back into his pants like a muggle retracting a garden hose.

"I'm fine! Stop making excuses to dally in your work! "Snape snapped.

Hermione's eyes flashed. She continued to rub the bottles while subtly glancing at Snape from time to time. She noticed him staring at her intently but now silently. "Is he that worried I can't even clean a bottle right?" Her blood felt hot. "Why is he staring at me like that? It's making me uncomfortable"

Finally Hermione finished her work. "I'm done professor." Her voice sounded oddly strangled.

"You may go." Snape waved his hand dismissively.

Hermione's shoes snapped in fury as she stormed off making Snape cringe.