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Hermione discovered over time that Severes, as she now referred to him, had to roll up his penis and stick it inside a pair of over-large underwear to keep it from getting in the way. Sometimes however it slipped out as the day progressed and made him walk funny. Hermione worked tirelessly and created a small device he wore on the side of his pants that when pressed would magically retract his penis back inside his underwear.

Hermione knew he was sensitive about his large penis but tried to bring the subject up anyway after he'd had a few fire whiskeys. "Severes, have you ever thought of-of getting your penis reduced? I mean, wouldn't it make life easier for you?"

Severes glared at her darkly. He rose and dramatically threw his whiskey glass into their fireplace, shattering it. He turned his back on her and raked a hand through his hair in frustration. "Hermione, I thought you accepted me for what I am… I guess I was wrong." He snapped, turning and walking from the room.

Hermione didn't bring up his penis again for many weeks. They still made love. Hermione closed her eyes each time since it was to weird seeing Snape across the room from her, moving his body back and forth on his heels while his penis rode her.

"Look at me Hermione." Snape demanded one time while they made love.

"What?" Hermione asked, her eyes still closed.

"Look at me!" He yelled. He was across the room so Hermione didn't get the full impact of his voice, but could tell by the echo he meant to yell in frustration.

Hermione opened her eyes. Snape was covered in sweat. His penis reminded her of when her mum used to hang a long clothing line across the back yard, except Snape was much thicker. His member stretched across the length of the room and across several feet of the bed where the view of it finally ended inside Hermione's lips. His body rocked back and forth.

"I want to try something new." Severes gasped between breaths. He looked exhausted from having to use his whole body to move his penis. Hermione looked at him curiously, then with something akin to horror. Severes began jumping up and down. His penis reverberating inside Hermione. The sensation wasn't unpleasant but she couldn't take watching him do it.

"Severes, stop please!" Hermione screamed so that Snape would hear her.

"Don't you like it Hermione?" Snape yelled back.

Hermione scooted out of Snape's penis and rolled to her side. She felt the bed move as Snape's penis slid away. In a few minutes Severes joined her. "What's wrong Hermione?" He asked with concern.

"Nothing." She mumbled.

Snape sat silently for a few moments. "It's my penis isn't it? You can't stand to look at it." His voice rising.

"I can't even talk about this with you, you're so sensitive about it!" She snapped.

"You told me you could accept me how I am." He said coldly.

"I have accepted you! But it doesn't have to be like this! You could get a penis reduction!"

"You want me to change how I am?" He sneered.

"How do you think I feel Severes?" Tears glistened in her eyes. "I can't even feel you close to me. You're on the other side of the room! We can't even do other positions. I'm trying Severes, I'm really trying but you can't see that."

Severes clenched his fists, "Those surgeries are dangerous Hermione... I-I'm afraid."

Hermione knew it was hard for the potion master to admit he was afraid of anything. She moved to embrace him but slipped on his penis that was still dangling around the bed. He hoisted her up. "I-m sorry Severes. Look, we'll work it out somehow."

Their night together was no longer mentioned. Hermione spent nights in the library exhausted, pouring over books about transfiguring items into a smaller size. She knew it could be done with other objects, but the effects weren't permanent. She mail ordered a special book from the Wizard's Sex Cove and found a potion that might work. She kept her studies a secret from Severes.

The brewing took several days and finally Hermione finished. She stopped the top of the green fluid which floated inside a tiny vial. She knew Severes would never agree to take it. She hoped that when he saw the results she would be forgiven.

"What's all this?" Snape asked as he settled into a small chair. Hermione had made a nice dinner with some wine.

"I just wanted to surprise you." She said trying to cover her guilt.

Snape dug into the food and she watched as he drank down his wine. After a few moments he closed his eyes. "What's happening?" He gasped. He rose from his chair, knocking it over. "What did you do to me?" He hissed darkly.

Snape fell to his knees and covered his ears. "Severes!" Hermione knelt by him and shook him with concern.

"My penis, my penis! What did you do to my penis?" He raged.

"Severes, it was for your own good."

Snape quickly unbuttoned his robe and pants. His underwear hung on him loosely. There was no trouser snake within it. He panicked and dropped them to the floor. Blood filled his ears as he looked down to see a small barely inch long penis, its width the size of a small button.

"The potion worked Severes!" Hermione said optimistically. "You may have had too much of it but it works! There's no side effects."

"No side effects!" He could barely bluster out his words. He was enraged. "Look at what you did to my penis!! I've seen broken quills bigger than this!"

"Look, let me brew another potion and we'll get it right." Hermione flustered.

"No! I'll never forgive you for this. You did this without my knowledge or consent. You should have been housed in Slytherin you witch!" Snape's hands were shaking, he wanted to strangle the witch.

"Severes! I did it for your own good. Now you'll be able to walk right again, we can have a normal life!"

"Normal? I couldn't fuck a bird with this penis."

"This is a step Severes, a step. I promise I'll get it right next time. I know what I did was wrong but you never would have agreed to it. Now you don't have to be afraid anymore." Hermione pleaded.

"Get out." Severes spoke calmly. It was almost worse to Hermione than his rage.

"Please, think about this Severes. We can fix this."

Snape eyes were empty. "You never accepted me for who I was Hermione. I never want to see you again."

"Would you be reasonable! How can you expect anyone to accept getting fucked across the room by a 140 inch penis?" Hermione covered her mouth. She hadn't meant her outburst.

"You finally tell the truth Hermione. I tried my best, but it wasn't enough."

"I-I didn't mean..."

"Get out." He said blackly.

Hermione decided it was best to leave. She tearfully left the room and shut the door.

Hermione rarely saw Severes over the next two weeks. He wouldn't even glance in her direction when they passed in the hall and had been taking meals in his room. Hermione missed him terribly. She tried studying her mail order book again and realized the potion she used was permanent. There were penis enlargement potions but they were unstable at best. The outcome could be a couple inches or even twenty. Only temporary enlargers had any kind of accuracy, and Severes would hate her for having to take potions every time he made love. At least the permanent enlarging potion might find him a happy middle ground, but she knew she could never give it to Severes. She decided to leave the book in front of his door and hope he took matters into his own hands.

Was Severes right? Maybe she had never accepted him fully, but he was also being unreasonable about how difficult it was to have sex with a freakishly gigantic penis. Now that he was gone she realized she would accept him totally, gargantuan penis and all, if only he'd come back. He would never trust her again.

Severes walked to his door and saw the book Hermione no doubt left him on penis enlargement. He threw it in the nearest bin. The first few days all he could think of was Hermione's betrayal. He noticed after a time however that he could walk better, he felt lighter. He purchased a small pair of boxers for the first time. He wondered what it would be like to make love with someone and feel their body close to his. He wasn't sure, but he felt more commanding and respected in his classroom, he no longer walked with a gait, constantly re-rolling his penis up whenever he had a moment to himself. As much as he hated to admit it Hermione had improved his life. He would have never drank the potion if she had asked. What she did was still unforgivable. However much he missed the witch.

He returned to his rooms one day to find Hermione sitting inside. She was dressed provocatively in white and green lingerie. "What are you doing here?" He tried to steady his voice.

"I've made a terrible mistake Severes. You were right, I didn't accept your penis, as much as I tried. I want to show you that I realized I love you, no matter what your penis size is." She moved towards him.

"You need to leave Hermione."

Hermione pressed her body against Severes's. "Please Severes, let me show you."

"Look my penis is still as small as a house elf's. Even if I wanted to I couldn't."

"That's the point Severes, I want you to take me with what you have. Love knows no... err... penis boundaries."

Severes eyed her speculatively. Well if that's what the witch wanted. She would get it. Snape removed his clothing. His little nub stood at attention. Hermione knelt down and put it into her mouth. Her mouth devoured it in its entirety. She had to purse her lips to get some friction on it.

"Gods Hermione yeses." Snape moaned as she bobbed her mouth in and out. It fell out a few times but she quickly recovered.

"I want you Severes." She crooned.

Severes leaned her back on the bed. He tried to direct his penis inside her but it wasn't working. Hermione, sensing disaster, told him to lie on his back. She grasped the small member and with precision got it just inside her lips. She moved very slowly and minutely so it wouldn't fall out.

"It's so good to feel you like this Hermione." Severes's hands wandered all over her body. Snape felt himself getting ready to gush. He spilled his seed inside of her. Hermione still rocked back and forth. "It's so good Severes."

Snape frowned. "Hermione, I came ten minutes ago." Hermione blushed. She couldn't tell that it had fallen out. "Oh, I know Severes." She smiled brightly to hide her lying. "I just like rubbing up against you and feeling your body." Snape eyed her suspiciously but the witch had proven her point, she was ready to accept him, whatever penis size he had.

"Hermione, about that penis enlargement book..."

Hermione snuggled up to Snape and sighed happily. She knew through their trials and tribulations, large and small, even if she underhandedly slipped potions in his drinks like a nutter, they'd always be together.