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Finding a Place to Belong

Curiosity Overworked the Cat

Chapter 9

Ronon was looking down from the window as the intruder started to laugh. Weir hadn't called him in for this 'conversation', but he'd managed to watch the end of it from the observation booth. Apparently the Ancestors weren't as gone as everyone had thought. Ronon wasn't sure how he should feel about it, especially since the Doctor's tests showed that Potter had come from Earth. What if there were more of them out there? Would they make any difference in the war with the Wraith?

Ronon continued to watch the man after the others had left wondering what he might do now that no one was watching. He had started to laugh.

Ronon wasn't sure what to think of Harry's outburst. He'd seen soldiers fall into hysteria due to the shock of battle but this didn't seem to be the same. It wasn't the keening, desperate laugh that he'd heard from soldiers that had seen too much and been pushed too far. This laugh sounded happy, as if he were laughing because… because the world was funny and he could laugh. Ronon wished that he could see the world that way too.

He stayed a moment longer watching Harry below before turning. Making his way out in the hallway, he nearly knocked Sheppard over as he turned the corner.

"Ronon!" John said enthusiastically, "Just the man I was looking for."

"Sheppard," Ronon said it in his normal gruff tone his head tilted slightly as the Colonel grinned.

"Come on big guy, you and me are going golfing," Sheppard said clapping a hand on Ronon's shoulder.

"The intruder-" Ronon began only to be cut off.

"Is being guarded. There's nothing we can do about it now. Weir's contacting Earth. Rodney's figuring out how he got here. Beckett's seeing what he can do with the guy's Ancient DNA."

Ronon gave a grunt in response

"What, no surprise over the fact the guy's an Ancient?" Sheppard asked with a smile , "I was hoping to see how shock looked on your face."

"I was watching from above, in the observation booth," Ronon said shrugging

"Yeah, I figured," Sheppard said as the grin slid off of his face, "Sorry for not calling you in buddy, but Carson had just come back with the test results and we wanted to talk to him quickly."

"No problem."

"It's good that you were watching though, maybe you saw something we didn't catch. Come on," he said throwing an arm over Ronon's shoulders and grinning once more, "We can talk about it while I teach you the great game of golf"

Ronon had no choice but to follow as Sheppard lead him down the hall, even if he wasn't sure he wanted to learn whatever the 'great' game of golf was.

Elizabeth turned towards the labs after she left to find Rodney and hope that there was a possibility that he had found out how an Ancient from Earth had gotten onto Atlantis.

Rodney was reading something on his tablet when she entered.

"Rodney," Elizabeth said getting the man's attention, "Any luck with the Ancient database?"

"Yes, actually," Rodney said, looking pleased with himself.

"Really?" Elizabeth asked genuinely surprised. Finding what you were looking for in the Ancient database was incredibly time consuming. She hadn't actually been expecting any progress for a couple of days, at least. If Rodney had found something already maybe they were going to get lucky.

"The project was mentioned by its record code, I haven't found a project name. The reason the project, whatever it was, was abandoned was because they weren't able to find a sustainable power source for it."

"They weren't using a ZPM?" Weir asked. Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion the ancients used ZPMs for virtually everything and for a good reason. Zero Point Modules had huge reserves of power; it had only taken three to power the force field that had protected Atlantis from destruction for 10,000 years.

"From what little is mentioned it seems the ZedPM's didn't have enough power for repeated use. There are mentions of an experimental power source, but it lead to some sort of 'malfunctions'," Rodney huffed a displeased laugh at that, "Which could mean anything from leaking radiation to massive explosions."

"That's it?" Weir asked just a little bit frustrated by the lack of information, "You didn't find anything that mentions what purpose the project had?"

"Hey, after two hours your lucky I've found anything and that's just because I-"

"Thank you for all your hard work Rodney," Weir said cutting Rodney off with a small smile before he could start ranting about how unappreciated he was, "Keep working on it. We need as much information as we can get."

"Of course, It's not as if I have anything better to do," Rodney said sarcastically as he turned back to his computer. Elizabeth smiled as she left. And then she remembered that she still had paperwork to do. Her smile drooped a little.

Carson when straight back to his office in medical after he left Sheppard and Weir, He was eager to do some more sequencing on Mr. Potter's DNA. There was some other small examples of Ancient DNA that they had managed to find on the database but they were far from being complete and usable for any genetic research that he was conducting. He wasn't sure how long he'd been working and only looked up from his work when Dr. Keller came into his office.

"Oh," she said looking surprised to see him in his office, "I thought you left already. You know, to go on that fishing trip you've been looking forward to."

Carson took a moment to remember what she was talking about, "Ah, tha's right, the mandatory day off."

Jennifer raised an eyebrow at that, "Don't tell me you forgot. You've been looking forward to this ever since Dr. Heightmeyer announced it," There was a fair amount of concern in her voice, "Are you all right?"

"Aye, 'm fine. Jus' been working on the ATA gene therapies," Carson said distractedly looking at his computer screen.

"I thought that you'd found everything that you could about the gene already," Jennifer said a slightly confused look on her face

"We just came upon some new data that may affect how we view how the gene was passed down through the bloodline and how ancient DNA may had combined with that of humans," Carson said in excited tone.

"Did you finally manage to find more information in the database?" Jennifer asked

"… Aye, something like that," Carson said hesitantly unsure whether or not Dr. Weir wanted other personnel of Atlantis to be aware of the 'intruder' that had appeared from nowhere so he decided to remain silent for now, just until he knew what was going on.

"Well, it's my shift now if you want to go get some rest. You look pretty worn-out; must have been a long night," Keller said subtly prodding for some more information.

"Fairly calm… comparatively," Carson said a evasively

"Carson, compared to most days on Atlantis fairly calm could mean an outbreak of the plague," Jennifer said with a small huffed laugh, gesturing wildly with her hands to emphasize the point.

"Oh, nothing that dramatic. Just a couple o' lab techs that turned on something they shouldn't have. I gave 'em an examination. Everything was fine. Though Rodney did put a scare into them, but then that's fairly normal as well," Carson said he didn't feel all that great about not telling the other Doctor what else had happened, but then by now she should know that some things that happened on Atlantis couldn't be shared with the entire expedition right away.

"Oh, well that's fine then. Are you going to get some sleep now? Maybe go fishing like you were planning to, because no one's supposed to be working today. Well, except for me," she said. Carson heaved a sigh and looked at his compute screen longingly for a moment before rising from his seat, he really could use some rest and then maybe there was still time to salvage his fishing trip.

Elizabeth made up to her office, closing the shades and sitting down at her desk she put her head in her hands and gave a deep sigh. She had really been looking for a day off. She stayed like that, head in her hands for a while longer collecting herself for what she knew was going to be a busy day. She took one more deep breath and then started filling out reports for the next scheduled check in with Stargate Command. She wasn't sure exactly what to tell the SGC and she definitely wasn't looking forward to explaining to the on site psychiatrist, Heightmeyer, exactly why the people for who the day off had been targeted were most likely going to be working through said day. Elizabeth knew that everyone really did need a day off, but the security of Atlantis came first. Heightmeyer knew that, but that didn't mean that Elizabeth was looking forward to the exchange with the Doctor.

When Harry finally calmed down from his laughing he gave a happy sigh and laid back onto the examination table, closing his eyes. He didn't know what it was about this place. Something about it put him at ease, despite the fact the he was currently in an examination room guarded by armed soldiers. It was just something in the back of his mind. It felt as if he were home. He cleared his mind once more and this time he actually fell asleep.

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