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Sailor Epyon's Note: Can't think of anything...just my love for Lemo-chan and Lovey-face, haha xD
Lady Lemonade's Note: xD Hope this is as much fun to read as it was to write! Just as much love back to Epyon-chan and Lovey-face. xD

It all began because Kouichi wanted a pet. If Kouichi had a dog, why couldn't he have a zombie? It was not uncommon to hear, "Come here, Lovey-face. That's a good boy," while it just moaned and Kouji would still be bored

Until Takuya goes to take a bath (after joining Kouichi and his zombie-pet in a game of fetch, of course. Nothing like washing off dirt and dried blood 8D; ). Then Kouji is not bored. Meanwhile, Lovey-face is being cooed and coddled after by Owner Kouichi who is feeding him Brain-Grain - part of your healthy, undead breakfast!

Meanwhile, Kouji is peaking through the keyhole at Takuya's bath...like a good voyeur. And Izumi's hotwired the entire house with cameras because she plans to sale this as an internet series.

She intends on making enough money to jumpstart her own business. Meanwhile, Tomoki is helping Kouichi by reading a book on zombie-care and Junpei is trying to not have a nervous breakdown because OMFLL THERE IS A ZOMBIE WHY IS NO ONE PANICKING SOMEONE NEEDS TO PANIC ISN'T HE GOING TO BITE SOMEONE?!

Junpei is always the voice of reason. Or anxiety. Meanwhile, Kouji collapsed from a nosebleed after seeing Takuya towel himself off.

Though, to be fair he has a fairly sound reason this round. Zombies due tend to eat people. Although, at the same time Junpei is stereotyping zombies. Poor zombies. So judged... And Izumi cuts off, leaving her viewers to wonder, "What'll happen next?!"

But alas! Instead of leaving some meaningful comment on her webseries, some bastard named "Lucem0n#1" keeps commenting "First". Izumi decides Kouichi's pet might prove useful...

But first, persuading Kouichi to let her "borrow" Lovey-face may prove difficult. After all, it IS his first pet. Thus, to persuade him she employs Tactic 10.1. And that is by offering to babysit Lovey-face while Kouichi is at school... then they'll see who "comments first, bitches."

Izumi uses the Myspace search function to find Lucem0n#1, but he is private. She notices her friend Ophani, who's friends with Seraphi, who's friends with Cherubi is friends with Lucem0n#1. After sending an invite under a false username "LuverOfTyrrany", Lucem0n#1 adds her and she gains access to his address and habits. Bingo, she says in an evil voice.

After waving Kouichi off to school, Izumi puts a leash on the pet-zombie and drives them both over the listed address of this Lucem0n#1 bastard. She walks herself and Lovey-face to the door, rings the bell, and then dashes into the bushes while awaiting for the spammer to open the door. Seconds pass - soon, screaming is heard and a small bell sounds from her cell phone as her cameras start recording again in an entirely different household where screaming is also being heard though for very different and far kinkier reasons.

"Apparently, Kouji's being too rough again," Tomoki mumbled as he continued reading. Junpei faile to understand why none of this seemed disturbing to his friends at all as he rocked back in forth in a fetal position. And why did the classmates at his school suddenly know all about his panic attacks, his friends' sex lives, and his other friend's zombie pet. Wtf was going on here? He began to rock faster. "Perhaps it's paranoid schitzophrenia," Tomoki mumbled as he continued reading. Zombie education was informative.