Diary Misshapes

- Bianca Ros

The bell rings, signaling that yet another day of school is finally over. Sawada Tsunayoshi jolts up from her sleep sending various inanimate objects clattering to the ground, the noise reverberating around the classroom's four walls. The teacher glares at her for sleeping in class again and for causing such a ruckus unbefitting for a young lady. Tsuna offers an apologetic grin and hurriedly picks her belongings up.

From across the room, a pair of emerald green eyes are not watching the scene unfold. They are not studying the brown haired girl the teacher is emitting a dark aura of pure hatred at. He, Gokudera Hayato, owner of those emerald green eyes, is not currently staring at the Vongola X, heiress to the biggest mafia family in Italy a.k.a. his boss. He, Gokudera Hayato, resident genius and self-proclaimed right-hand man of said heiress to the biggest mafia family in Italy, is not currently blushing at the sight of the (soon-to-be) Vongola X a.k.a. his boss. He, Gokudera Hayato, the silver haired delinquent from Italy is most definitely not crushing on Sawada Tsunayoshi, the one person he has sworn absolute loyalty to due to some fluke of a battle that happened a while back, a.k.a. his boss.

No, he does not. At least, that's what he wants you to think.

Tsuna stretches her body like a cat, remembering that Reborn, her home-tutor, will most likely do something cruel and inhuman if she doesn't come home on time, like set her desk on fire then toast marshmallows over the fiery inferno that was once her bedroom after the flames consume the entire expanse of her private sanctuary until everything she ever owned turns into nothing but a pile of ash if she is late and she can't be late because then where will she sleep? That aside, it is amazing how much of Reborn's twisted mind has rubbed of on her.

So she grabs her bag and starts stuffing everything in, hoping that the little demon midget will show some mercy today. Haha, demon midget. She slings her bag over her shoulder and makes a mad dash for the door, and in her rush, not noticing the tiny pink notebook that fell from her bag.

Gokudera catches a glimpse of her as she passes him on her way out. Moving at the speed of light, she doesn't even notice him near the door. "Boss?" But she was no where in sight. The girls in his class giggles at the "nickname", thinking it is cute, while the boys just snort, thinking otherwise. He just glared at them, shutting them up.

'They don't understand the boss at all!' Feeling the urge to smoke, he takes out his cigarettes (good girls and boys should not follow his example) and lights one up. He sticks it in his mouth and takes a long drag, releasing the puff of smoke and receiving a few disgusted looks from his peers. He is about to turn on his heel and leave until he notices a pink notebook lying near his boss' desk.

'The Boss' notebook?' He looked around to make sure no one is looking for anything they might have lost, he deduces that it must be Tsuna's and that he is a truly wonderful right-hand man for retrieving his boss' precious personal belonging – even if it is just a notebook. He picks it up and opens it. The name 'Sawada Tsunayoshi' is written on the first page, causing his eyes to burn with determination.

"I will return the Boss' notebook!" Everyone stops and stares at him, dismissing it as typical Gokudera behavior. He puts the notebook in his bag and rushes out of the room in search for his beloved boss.

At the Sawada's residence, a tiny suit-clad figure stares at his watch, smirking.

'3:29. She's going to be late.' His smirk grew, thinking of all the cruel and inhuman things he could do to his student as punishment. 'Perhaps I can set her desk on fire. Toast marshmallows with if before it consumes her entire bedroom.'

After a while, the watch reads 3:31, and Tsuna isn't home yet. 'Tsk, tsk. I knew it.' His smirk grows, and the lime green chameleon perched on top of his black fedora purrs. "She's late Leon." And it purrs again. At 3:34, the door slams open, revealing a panting Tsuna, wheezing and inhaling as much as her oxygen-deprived lung will let her.

"You're late, Tsuna."

"Reborn, I'm sorry! Please don't punish mee~." She collapses on the floor, tired and out of breath. Her hair sticks to her face, the sweat gluing the two together.

"Hmp. I won't go easy on you; of course you'll have your punishment!" Glee is evident in his voice and all over his features as he finalizes his plans. Yes, perhaps he'll go with the burning desk.


In an instant, Leon turns into a two-and-a-half-inch dictionary which Reborn uses to whack Tsuna square on the head.

"Reborn!" she whines.

"Don't sound so pathetic. Such is not the quality of a Vongola heir."


"Now go do your homework, or no dinner for you." With that, the baby hit man walks away.

He doesn't know why he did it. He doesn't know why he didn't do it. All Gokudera knows is that he's in his apartment, cross-legged on top of his bed with the notebook opposite of him, instead of returning it to the Boss like in his original plan. But he can't, because his obsession with the caramel haired female compelled him to make a detour to his home, notebook still in tow and engaging in an inner war whether or not to take just a peek at the mysteries the little pink thing in front of him must hold. Pink dusts his cheeks as images of Tsuna fill his mind and his brain seems to have wandered off of planet earth.

He snaps out of his trance and he decides that just one peek won't hurt anyone. I mean, surely there aren't any secrets the Boss can't share with her right-hand man, right? It's not like he'll tell anyone. No, Gokudera Hayato will take these secrets to his grave! Filled with the resolve that he won't speak a word of the Boss' secrets to a single soul, he pick the notebook up and opens it.

The first page is as he first saw it: with the words 'Sawada Tsunayoshi' written in black ink. He flipped the page.

'Dear Diary,'

He hastily shuts the book, turning eight shades of red. The Boss' diary? He found the Boss' diary? Surely he can't read it now! But, what could possibly be in the Boss' diary? Curiosity took over him as he reminded himself that he wouldn't tell a soul.

He opens it again and begins to read.

'Dear Diary,'

'No!' Turning her room upside down, Tsuna runs around the place in official panic mode. "I can not believe this! How could I have lost my diary?" Her head starts to spin at the thought of all her precious secrets revealed to the worst people imaginable.


"Stupid Tsuna, be quiet!" A Leon-turned-hammer meets the back of her head, bringing her back to reality.

"Reborn, what am I going to do? I lost my diary!"



"So forget it. It's your fault in the first place."

"Reborn! All my secrets and daydreams and doodles are in there. Everything I feel everyday is recorded in that pink journal and now it's lost and I don't know what to do. Reborn!"

A big snot bubble erupts out of his nose, signaling that the infant is asleep.

"Great. Just great." And with that, she flops down on the bed with every sense of hopelessness she could muster.

The next morning, a very guilty-looking Gokudera is headed to his crush – BOSS' home with the diary held closely to his chest. Looking very paranoid, the blush that still tainted his cheeks remains visible to anyone who cares to take a glance at the scowling boy.

Reaching the Sawada's residence at last, he carefully opens the gate – well, he can't just go around abusing the Boss' property – and walks up the front steps. Guilt-ridden about invading the Boss' privacy the other night, he vows to return the journal to her right now, intent on apologizing for his shameful behavior.

Just as he is about to knock, the door swings open and Tsuna emerges with a worry-stricken face and a piece of toast hanging off her mouth.

"Ah, Hayato, I'm so sorry!" she says when she realizes that the knob hit his lower stomach at full force.

"No, it's okay Boss."

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."


"Yeah. Um, Boss?"


Gokudera picks up the notebook that fell on the floor and hand it over to Tsun, with one arm still clutching his stomach.

"My diary!" Relief washes over her as she takes it from him and clutches it to her chest.

"Thank you, Hayato. I'm so glad you found it, especially since I know you would never read someone else's diary."

Gokudera looks sheepish, and the blush on his face darkens. He scratches the back of his head and averts his gaze from hers.

"You did?" Shock soon takes over and her peach-colored face turns red, embarrassed at what Gokudera might have read.

"Boss!" he pipes up. "I'm very sorry for invading your privacy, but I just wanted you to know: I feel the same way!" Tsuna's face turns as red as a tomato, and she can't believe what Gokudera just said. He feels the same way? Does he likes her back? HE FEELS THE SAME WAY?

Waiting for her answer, Gokudera starts to fidget with his fingers, twirling them around and around.


"Well, this is awkward." The two teens stand on the front porch, faces red and looking very uncomfortable. Mortification runs through their vein as both of them are stuck in a state of utter speechlessness.

Reborn, who hides behind a bush listening to the exchange taking place, shakes his head solemnly at the sheer stupidity of them both.