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By: Hiki-chan


The first thing Tsuna would love to make clear was this. He was nowhere as stupid or blind as people suspected he was. Sure he was clumsy, kind of airheaded at times, maybe a little naïve but he was definitely not oblivious to things around him. Especially with his hyper intuition, how could he miss anything?

Though sometimes, Tsuna wished he could miss it.

He had suspected his guardians were in a more… uh, tangled relationship with each other. Ahem, let him explain. To put it bluntly, Tsuna suspected that his guardians were in a… sexual relationship with each other. Meaning, Gokudera was probably with Yamamoto and sometimes with Hibari, Mukuro and even Dino and vice versa for everyone. Tsuna could not exactly confirm it but he was pretty certain himself.

And there was no way in hell Tsuna was going to bring this up to them for fear of his sanity and virginity (or what was left of it anyway). Why his virginity? Well, Tsuna could almost imagine what would happen if he asked someone like Mukuro. Knowing Mukuro he would probably trap Tsuna inside one of his illusions and rape him after saying something like, "Oya, oya Tsunayoshi, do you want to know? Don't worry, I can teach you all you want to know. Kufufufu."

Insert whimper.

Moving on, Tsuna couldn't help but feel a little unhappy. Why didn't his guardians inform him of their… relationship? Wasn't he their Juudaime (not that Tsuna would ever call himself that. He didn't want to be in the mafia!)? Wasn't he their friend? Though, Tsuna quickly amended, he wasn't sure whether he could call Mukuro or Hibari his friend.

What about his other guardians? Lambo… well, Lambo was too young to even be thinking about relationships. His thunder guardian would probably rather be picking his nose or pulling out candy from his hair. Ryohei was surprisingly with Hana and Tsuna never thought to question it.

Well back to his point, Tsuna was just a little jealous. Why did all of them have each other while he had no one? Not that Tsuna would think about tangling himself in the sheets with any of his guardians. That was just… weird. Disgusting! Ugh! Just no!


Shaking his head vigorously, Tsuna quickly shoved that thought away.

Well, there was the 'love' of his life Kyoko. But that was quite a long time ago, Tsuna got over her, he moved on. Though sometimes he wondered if he really liked her in the first place. After all, she was the prettiest girl in school and she was sweet, polite and smart. Who wouldn't like her?

How Tsuna got over her? Tsuna suspected it had something to do with the way the voice in his head told him that by being with her it would put her in danger and he should be with someone who could protect him instead of some girl who would consistently need protecting and would be aimed by kidnappers. Come to think of it, the voice in his head constantly said something about her not being good enough for him…

Tsuna was highly suspicious that it was probably his hyper dying will self that spoke in his head.

He blushed at the thought of his other self.

Tsuna flashbacked to when his hyper dying will mode self came onto him yesterday and flushed deeply. That was the first time he was intimate with someone and from the way his other self talked, it was far from being the last time.

He could almost feel his other self's hot breath trailing along his neck. Tsuna shuddered.

But does this mean that he has someone? Like he said before, Tsuna wasn't oblivious. He understood sexual innuendo when he heard one, he just pretended not to.

The young teen sighed deeply and ran a hand through his spiky untamable brown hair. Grabbing his school bag, he shouted a 'goodbye' before he realized that his mother took Lambo and Ipin for a vacation and wouldn't be back until a week or so.

"Reborn," Tsuna muttered shutting the door to his house. He remembered just two days ago Reborn had given her mother three tickets for a cruise. It was just as well because it was only yesterday that he had to deal with his hyper dying will self.

Tsuna blushed all the way to the top of his ears at the thought of his mother, Ipin or Lambo hearing the noises from his room. Inside his heart, he thanked Reborn.


"Juudaime!" A voice called out. Tsuna didn't even need to think who it was.

Tsuna turned and saw Gokudera and Yamamoto running up to him. Their appearance flushed. He did not want to think about what they did before they saw him. A small bubble of unhappiness settled at the pit of his stomach. But before his displeasure could appear on his face, Tsuna brought out a stunning smile to counter it.

"Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto!" He greeted as his rain and storm guardian stopped by him.

"Hey Tsuna!" Yamamoto laughed as he casually swung a hand over Tsuna's shoulder.

His rain guardian was sweaty. Tsuna almost screeched, he really did not want to think about what Yamamoto and Gokudera were doing before they met him.

"Idiot! Get your dirty hands off the tenth!" Gokudera spat furiously, glaring at Yamamoto.

Tsuna really did not want to know where Yamamoto's hands have been. He could have lived his entire life not knowing this fact, but damn his hyper intuition.

Despite his own screaming in his head, Tsuna smiled kindly, "Don't worry about it Gokudera-kun." Turning his eyes towards the school they were approaching, Tsuna kept going with Yamamoto's hand resting on his shoulder.

Gokudera turned loyal devoted eyes to Tsuna, ready to praise the tenth to the skies for his kindness when it happened. He stopped dead in his tracks when his eyes spotted something barely hiding underneath the collar of Tsuna's clothes.

Yamamoto and Tsuna also stopped when they realized that Gokudera was not following.

Tsuna tilted his head a little, "Gokudera-kun?"

Gokudera's eyes dilated until Tsuna could only see a hint of grayish-green and stared.

There was a long stretch of silence where Yamamoto took his hand off Tsuna's shoulders and gave Gokudera a questioning look. Shakily, Gokudera raised his hand and pointed.

Tsuna blinked, not knowing what Gokudera was pointing at. To him it just seemed like Gokudera was pointing at him.

"Gokudera, what are you…?" Yamamoto trailed off as his eyes slowly followed Gokudera's hand before he cut himself off abruptly.

Now it was Yamamoto's turn to stare. His face completely blank.

Tsuna blinked again as he started to panic. "W-What's… wrong? The both of you?"

Gokudera swallowed hard, his eyes still stuck to wherever it was. "Ju-Judaime… Y-Y…" Gokudera swallowed again and tried to get the words out of his mouth. "Y-Your neck."

"My…neck?" Tsuna echoed before slowly bringing a hand up to his neck, not touching it. "What about it?"

Yamamoto didn't blink as he kept his eyes on Tsuna's neck. "Uh, Tsuna, there are a lot of marks on your neck."

"Marks…?" Tsuna still did not understand. How could there be marks on his neck? He slowly let his hand rest on his neck and almost winced as a jolt of pain registered in his head. Pain? Why? He didn't do anything to his nec—


His neck. Didn't his other self latch himself onto his neck yesterday? Sucking at it like no tomorrow as if he was a leech. Wouldn't that usually result in a hick…hic…


Tsuna's eyes widened in realization, his other hand flew up to cover his neck.


"K-Ku-Kuh!" Tsuna tried to make an explanation but all that came out was a weird choking sound. Swallowing thickly, he tried again, "T-T-This? Oh! Oh! Uh! This is…" He paused. What the hell was he suppose to tell his guardians?!


Saved by the school bell!

"A-Ah, we're going to be late! Let's go!" Tsuna avoided the question and without waiting for a reply, ran like hell.


The brown-haired boy avoided eyes with Yamamoto and Gokudera as they took their respectively seats before their eyes immediately landed on him. Oh man, oh man, oh man! What was he going to do?! He couldn't avoid this forever.

Tsuna panicked. Reborn! Reborn saw him this morning! He would have seen the marks, but he didn't tell Tsuna. Why was Tsuna not surprised?! Shit you Reborn! Tsuna didn't even see it himself when he was brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. Then again, he wasn't really paying attention since he just woke up. Oh why, why wasn't he more observant about his appearance?! Shit! SHIT!

Tsuna tried to curl into a ball (or as much as he could on his seat) and raised his hands to pull his collar to hide wherever the marks may be. He just hoped that by doing this, it hid as much as it could.


Reborn took a long sip of his coffee, savoring the deep rich flavor. "Which reminds me Dino, are you going to Tsuna's school later?"

The blond boss of Chiavorone Family shot his ex-tutor a smile, "I am. I want to see how Kyoya is doing."

Reborn hid a smile by taking another sip of his coffee, "It would be very interesting later."

Dino finished his cup of tea and gave Reborn a confused look, "What will be interesting?"

The smirk was now prominent on Reborn's face, "This morning, Tsuna was spotting a couple of red spots on his neck."

"Red spots?" Dino repeated, still confused. "Was he bitten by mosquitoes?"

"Yes he was bitten," Reborn answered, "but not by mosquitoes."

Dino's empty cup clattered onto the floor.

Reborn's hat cast a shadow over his eyes to prevent the glint from showing as Dino ran as fast as he could (tripping before falling down the stairs) out of the house, towards Tsuna's school.


"Tsuna!" Yamamoto called out as Tsuna quickly made his way for lunch.

Tsuna pretended not to hear as he quickened his pace. He wanted to go somewhere peaceful and quiet with no one around for lunch.


Brown eyes squinted shut as Tsuna almost ran along the corridors of the school. Ignore, ignore, ignore! Igno—


Tsuna yelped, falling backwards only to find himself supported by a firm grip on his arm.

"S-Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was-" Tsuna's eyes rose before he froze. "H-Hibari-san!" Of course it was Hibari! Tsuna's luck was always cursed that these kind of things happened to him.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi." Hibari seethed, letting go of the teen as his eyes flickered behind Tsuna where Yamamoto and Gokudera caught up. "The three of you are making too much noise. You're disturbing the peace of Namimori."

"A-Ah, I'm s-sorry about this Hibari-san." Tsuna stuttered, too frightened to move.

Hibari scowled as his eyes roved over the three of them. "And now you are crowding around, just like herbivores."

"Hibari, you bastard." Gokudera hissed, reaching into his jacket to pull out his dynamites.

"Hold it Gokudera." Yamamoto told the silver-haired teen, making the teen glare him. "Uh, we're sorry about causing trouble Hibari, we were only trying to catch up to Tsuna."

The Head of Naminori's discipline committee set his attention on Tsuna, "Sawada Tsunayoshi, what were you doing running—" Hibari suddenly stopped mid-sentence and Tsuna nearly died when he realized those dark eyes rested on his neck. Oh please no.

Hibari lifted his jaw to scrutinize the marks adoring Tsuna's neck. It couldn't be… "What are those." It wasn't a question.

Not Hibari too! Tsuna was too caught up in the moment to register a tingling sensation crawling up the back of his spine and the ringing of bells in his head.

"Tsuna, just explain to us where you got those marks." Yamamoto said calmly, but those eyes told Tsuna a different story.

"No one touched you, right Juudaime?!" Gokudera exclaimed, but the way he said it sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi, what are those marks." Hibari repeated, his eyes narrowing. Tsuna nearly opted to jump out the window. He wouldn't get hurt anyway, they were on the first floor.

Wide-eyed, Tsuna just took a step away and turned, ready to run away only to almost scream when he came face-to-face with Rokudo Mukuro.

Why was everyone suddenly gathering around here?! What the hell was Mukuro doing in Namimori?! No wonder he felt strange a moment a go. "M-Mukuro?!"

Hibari whipped out his tonfas. "What are you doing in Namimori?"

"I came to visit a few people." Mukuro smirked, running his eyes along all the people gathered there. Tsuna tried his hardest to ignore the uncomfortable looks his guardians got at that stare. Then his mismatched eyes landed on Tsuna and stayed there, "But then I heard something that I am interested in understanding."

No. No. No! UGH!

Tsuna was hoping that Hibari wouldn't bother and instead take this opportunity to fight or whatever they did that he was not interested in finding out, but to his horror all attention was on him.

"Now Tsunayoshi, would you care to tell us where the marks on your neck came from?" Mukuro said in a friendly voice despite the burning feeling in his stomach at the thought of someone touching Tsuna before him.

His left eyebrow twitched. Tsuna had enough. He was getting pissed and he could feel his other self's anger contributing to it. They… had no right to ask him all these questions especially when they were all in their own relationship with each other. It was silent and Tsuna knew his guardians were waiting for him to speak.

With a burst of courage Tsuna knew he got partly from his other self, he spoke, "Will you all stop it? I've had enough!"

All the guardians blinked, they couldn't believe Tsuna just spoke back.

"If I don't want to tell you how I got these marks then I won't! Stop asking me already, just leave me alone!"

With that, Tsuna pushed his way out and almost ran out of the school. He would have to find Reborn. Find… Reborn to… Who was he kidding? Reborn wouldn't help him. Shaking his head a little, Tsuna made his way out of the school. He had to try.


What on earth.

Tsuna turned to see all four of his guardians coming after him. WHAT?!

Didn't they listen to him?!

"Look out!"

Eh, that was new? But before Tsuna had time to register what this meant, a pair of hands grabbed him and spun him around to face familiar dark brown eyes. "D-Dino-san?"

Worried brown eyes scanned the marks on a previously unmarred neck before they moved up and searched Tsuna eyes. "So it is true, what Reborn said!"

"R-Reborn?" Tsuna was too stunned to think of a decent reply.

"Tsuna!" Yamamoto panted as all four guardians caught up to him.

Gokudera growled, "Let go of him!"

"What are you doing here?" Hibari spat, glaring at Dino.

"Can't I come to see how my student is doing?" Dino laughed slightly before he turned serious. His attention back on Tsuna he asked, "Tsuna, Reborn said you had red spots on your neck, what happened?!"

Tsuna snapped.

He couldn't take it, all five of them were asking about his stupid neck when he never asked them about their relationship.

"For crying out loud, stop asking me that!" With a sudden burst of adrenaline, which Tsuna suspected came from his other self, Tsuna pushed if way out of Dino's grip sending the blond man flying (poor Dino without his men around, Tsuna had thought pitifully on behalf of Dino before deviously deciding that the blond man deserved it) and ran.


Tsuna freaked. He was surrounded by his guardians and Dino and shit there was no way out of this. There was no way he could explain this to them. And there was no way his guardians were going to let him off without an explanation.

They had chased him all the way (as fast as they could with Dino tripping) and now that he was at a dead end, Tsuna was trapped.

"We want an explanation." All five of them said at the same time.

Tsuna almost spat back that it wasn't their business but he didn't. He now knew that it was something that his other self would have said, but not him.

Too tired to run anymore, Tsuna rested his head against the brick wall behind him and panted softly. Maybe he could play it cool, he could think of something. "This is nothing guys, this is just a bruise I made when I was training yesterday!"

"Tsuna, I don't believe you." Was the first sentence that came out of Yamamoto. "If that was true, you wouldn't have ran."

Shit! Maybe he shouldn't have ran.

"Juudaime, we just want to make sure that no one hurt you. What if someone raped-"

"No one raped me Gokudera-kun." Tsuna answered flatly, trying not to giggle. He calmed down a little realizing that some of his guardians were truly worried that something had happened to him and were not just being nosy.

"Well then you can tell us, right Tsuna?" Dino said smiling.

"Uh…" There was no way he could tell them that! He and his other self… that was… incest. Self-cest! Wasn't it?!

"And you yelled back at us." Hibari added in, surprising Tsuna. "Not herbivore-like behavior at all."

"One of the first time I've heard it." Mukuro agreed.

Sheesh, now they agree on something!

Tsuna realized they were waiting for him. "I…" Tsuna paused, he really didn't want to tell them. There was no way he could tell them. Sure, if somehow they found out the truth it was embarrassing but fine for him. But there was no way he had the courage to tell them himself. He lowered his eyes. "I don't' want to tell you."

Then allow me to help you, Tsuna. A smooth voice spoke in his head.

On the top of the roof, Reborn smirked and pulled the trigger.


~ To be continued ~


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