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By: hiki-chan

Tsuna sighed as he splashed cooling tap water on his face. Since when was his life so complicated?

There, he paused and frowned. Since Reborn came into my life it has always been a huge mess. He heaved another heavy sigh before wiping his face with his bare hands. Today was—


Tsuna winced and had to actively stop himself from sighing when Gokudera practically burst into the men's toilet. Instead, he put on a restrained smile when his right-hand man (when did he really think of Gokudera as his right-hand man anyway?) ran up to him.

"Juudaime, I was looking for you." Gokudera beamed, looking pleased that he managed to find Tsuna since he disappeared after having lunch.

"Ah, I'm sorry Gokudera-kun, I just needed to use the toilet." Which was really a lie; Tsuna hated going to the toilet, especially alone. It reminded him of his younger years when he was still being bullied. It was a place of bad memories.

Tsuna felt a little bad for disappearing intentionally but he didn't understand why his two closest friends started behaving almost stark-raving mad today. They simply did not let Tsuna out of their sight since this morning when they came to walk with him to school. Tsuna needed his privacy so much that he had to practically run to the men's toilet for some peace since Gokudera practically threatened anybody and everybody who so much as looked at Tsuna. And with Yamamoto backing him with a rather scary smile, they made a real scary duo. What made it worse was there were even a few times when Hibari appeared, although he didn't exactly back his friends up, his presence was enough to scare everyone within 10 meters of him away.

Of course he noticed that they were rather happy this morning as Tsunayoshi was not in sight. When questioned, Tsuna had told them he wasn't around for now as the bullet had worn off. They were even more pleased to hear that, Tsuna could tell although Yamamoto managed to cover his expression while Gokudera was easier to read as he grinned like a cat that ate the canary.

Hyper intuition was really a scary thing to have sometimes.

Tsuna didn't really understand why they were so glad about it. I mean, sure Tsunayoshi was rather brash and completely brutal with his words and actions but at least he was real.

Was he?

Tsuna pulled bottom lip between his teeth and chewed gently on it. This thought left him feeling unsettled so he let his mind drift towards Tsunayoshi's actions the night before. Tsunayoshi had told him that he liked him. Liked him. More than friends.

Gaaah, stop thinking about it! Tsuna felt his face heat up as Gokudera practically forced led him out of the toilet and back to class while blabbing on about things that didn't register in Tsuna's head. 'Probably some snide remarks about Yamamoto and the rest of them,' was Tsuna's educated guess.

Even after he reached their classroom, Tsuna simply plopped back on his seat and continued to think about Tsunayoshi. He had to admit that it was sort of obvious that Tsunayoshi had some type of feeling towards him… especially after all they had done. Tsuna buried his face in his hands to hide his burning face at that memory. Of course that would give some sort of a hint to what Tsunayoshi felt. You didn't do those kind of things with just anyone.

Dark brown eyebrows furrowed, or at least that's what he thought. So unless his guardians felt some sort of emotion towards each other… Ugh, forget it. He didn't want to think about this right now.

The idea of someone liking him, dame Tsuna, was surreal. He was a loser with no good looks, bad at all types of sports and even worse in his studies.

At least he had friends now. That thought made a small smile appear on his face. Before Reborn came he never really had any friends. Realizing the direction of his thoughts, Tsuna quickly squashed whatever feelings of gratitude he had for Reborn when he thought about his life now. Boss of the Vongola Family… someone kill him please.

Tsuna didn't know what to think of what had happened so far since Tsunayoshi appeared. Tsunayoshi was… perfect, really. At least in Tsuna's eyes. He was everything that Tsuna didn't think he could achieve. Although he could be a little bit more subtle in baiting and annoying his friends.

"Tsuna? Are you unwell?"

Tsuna looked up at the sound of Yamamoto's concerned voice. Yamamoto and Gokudera were both staring at Tsuna with worried faces.

Immediately Tsuna tried to brighten up so as to not worry his friends, "I'm fine guys. Just tired. A lot has happened… after all."

To be perfectly honest, Tsuna didn't really know how to face his guardians after that super embarrassing moment where Tsunayoshi kissed him on the mouth. It was just too embarrassing! He still couldn't believe that his other did that to him right in front of his friends!

"It must be Tsunayoshi's fault!" Gokudera declared immediately, linking any of Tsuna's problems to his other self.

Tsuna froze at the sound of his other's name. Many thoughts suddenly ran through his head, bumping and colliding in his head about Tsunayoshi's confession. Quickly shoving everything to the back of his mind he asked, "Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto… what… do you think about Tsunayoshi?"

"I want to him to disappear." Gokudera answered without missing a beat, nodding his head seriously.

Looking at Tsuna's crestfallen face and a slight elbow nudge from Yamamoto he quickly amended, "Uhm! Actually he's not too bad, since he does protect Juudaime…"

Yamamoto observed Tsuna carefully before he added his own opinions, "Tsuna, why do you want to know?"

Brown eyes blinked, why did he want to know? Why did he want to know indeed. Tsuna himself didn't really understand why he posed this question in the first place. Was it because of Tsunayoshi's confession?

Was I seriously considering having Tsunayoshi as my… b-b-b-b-

Suddenly hit by his own reasoning, Tsuna inwardly panicked while he stammered a reply to his patiently waiting (well Yamamoto was patient anyway) friends. "I-I just wanted to know. I mean… he's going to be appearing much more often now after all." Tsuna gave them a nervous chuckle to hide his inner emotions because on the inside, Tsuna was on the verge of breaking down in shock.

Boyfriend? Boyfriend? What was he thinking! Tsunayoshi was a boy! He was a boy! He wasn't g-gay? Was he? Hell, he didn't even sound convincing in his own head! Why did it take him so long to realize this fact? He already almost had sex with his other and only now he was questioning his sexuality? What was wrong with him?

"Appearing more often?" Yamamoto's frowned slightly, not noticing Tsuna's inner turmoil.

Was it because he was used to his guardians and their weird relationship with each other that made him okay with the idea of having a boyfriend? Was it because he hung out with them and they passed some sort of disease to him?


'Think carefully Tsuna!' He whispered inside his mind. 'Would you want someone like Tsunayoshi as a boyfriend?'

Well, looking at the good and bad points. Tsunayoshi was rather mean to his guardians, fierce but that was to anyone who insulted or threatened him, strong, smart, confident, loyal, devoted and very protective, not to mention rather possessive. He definitely wasn't hard on the eyes either.

Tsuna had to stop himself from blushing. It didn't make sense to him about how different the both of them were. How did Tsunayoshi hold himself with such confidence that made him look so appealing to Tsuna's eyes?

Then a hand waved in front of his eyes that snapped Tsuna back to attention. Turning his head upwards he remembered his two friends. "Sorry, uh, I just want to know, that's all." To him it was quite a feat that he managed to remember his actual question before his mini 'freak out' session.

Yamamoto seemed to have sensed that Tsuna's head was rather bombarded at the moment and decided to just answer him. "I'm not sure what I think of him, Tsuna. But he seems treat you better than everyone else. He's really protective over you."

Reluctantly, Gokudera added, "…And he dared to speak back to Reborn to defend you."

Tsuna blinked at that, his heartbeat quickening a little as he recalled that moment. That was really sweet and it made him really feel loved and protected.

GAAAAH! Tsuna wanted to slam his head against the desk at that thought. Loved and protected? What was he, a girl? As the boss of the Vongola family, it was his duty to be the protector although it was his guardians who were suppose to protect him.

'Great, now I'm thinking of myself as the tenth!' Tsuna told himself while mentally rolling his eyes. He didn't want to be the tenth! But he did want to protect his friends. That's why he took his position of fighting the biggest enemies for most of the battles.

"But since anything that happens to Juudaime happens to him I think he's just trying to protect himself!" Gokudera ended, looking smug about something. He was at first hesitant to speak about that one small fact about Tsuna being defended by his other against Reborn because that made Gokudera respect Tsunayoshi a little. But thinking carefully, if Tsuna and Tsunayoshi were sort of the same person, Tsunayoshi was simply protecting himself and therefore Gokudera could still hate him and not feel bad about it.

Tsuna flinched, all his previous thoughts forgotten. Gokudera was right. Right up to now, what if everything about Tsunayoshi was some sort of narcissism? What if everything he has thought about Tsunayoshi is just him being self-absorbed? They were the same person after all, right? He was nice to Tsuna because Tsuna was himself and he didn't want Tsuna to get hurt because he would get hurt in the process.

Suddenly Tsuna didn't feel so good.

Plan 1: Plant doubts in Tsuna's head about his other's existence being beneficial to him.

Gokudera actually did feel bad about trying to do this to his beloved Juudaime. He didn't like to do anything that would make Tsuna feel upset or any negative emotions, really.

For this plan to work, Gokudera and Yamamoto as Tsuna's best friends were essential since they spent most of their time in school with Tsuna.

This was for the tenth's good. Gokudera had tried to convince himself. They needed to get rid of Tsunayoshi because he was a threat. How he was exactly a threat to them Gokudera wasn't really sure but he was a threat to his precious Juudaime's virginity. Gokudera needed to protect Tsuna from that! No way was that other going to get Tsuna's virginity, that belong to him—


He didn't think of that. He didn't think that…


Gokudera let out a string of vulgarities as he quickly tried to get rid of those thoughts and focused his attention on Tsuna and Yamamoto who were chatting about general school things as they walked with Tsuna back to his house.

They needed to be subtle about getting Tsuna to not want Tsunayoshi to come back anymore to avoid suspicion.

"Juudaime, your other half isn't at your house is he?"

Right, completely subtle. But Gokudera needed to distract himself. Those thoughts from before could be and will be analyzed later when he was alone.

Tsuna shook his head slowly, apparently the thought of his other made him uncomfortable. Gokudera took that as a good sign. "The bullet wore off, remember?"

"But you're going to bring him back?" Yamamoto gently probed while discreetly sending Gokudera a look.

"I…" Tsuna bit his bottom lip, his expression troubled. "I'm suppose to bring him back tomorrow."

"Suppose?" Yamamoto echoed.

"Yeah. I promised him that I would."

"You promised?" Yamamoto tilted his head to the side a little, "Didn't the kid force you to bring him out?"

Tsuna made a sound of disagreement, "Nope. But Reborn obviously likes him out since he gave me a pill that would make Tsunayoshi stay for 24 hours."

There, Gokudera and Yamamoto stopped in their steps as Tsuna reached his house gate and opened it.

Realizing this was the end of the trip, Yamamoto quickly answered although it started out hesitant, "Tsuna… if he makes you uncomfortable you don't have to bring him back."

"I promised." Tsuna said, turned around to face Yamamoto with confused eyes.

"But Tsuna, you don't owe him anything right?"

Gokudera watched Tsuna carefully, his heart clenched uncomfortably at the look on Tsuna's face.

Tsuna turned away, "I don't know." He answered weakly before walking to his house and waved at them with a tiny smile. "Thanks for walking back with me, Yamamoto, Gokudera-kun!"

Snapping out of his thoughts, Gokudera and waved vigorously back, proclaiming that it was nothing and such while Yamamoto simple crossed his hands behind his head and smiled his usual carefree smile. After Tsuna entered and closed the door, Gokudera let out an irritated grunt.

"Well shit. 24 damn hours." He muttered unhappily before reaching into his pocket to take out his packet of poison.

"This would spoil our plans wouldn't it." Yamamoto said with his usual laugh.

Gokudera clicked his tongue before shoving the cigarette into his mouth to quell his temper at the sudden urge to uproot the nearest sharp or heavy item and throw it at his friend's smiling face.

Then Yamamoto turned serious, "If Tsuna is calling him back out tomorrow. We would only have today to actually make any impact."

"I think we already made an impact." Gokudera spat, angry now as he dug into his pocket to find his lighter. "I don't like doing this to Juudaime."

"Me neither." Yamamoto answered honestly as they turned and walked down the road. "Do you think he realized what we were doing today? I noticed him giving us a lot of weird glances."

The silver haired teen shot the taller teen a 'duh, are you stupid? Wait, don't answer that question, I know you are' look. "Do I think that Juudaime thought we were crazy when we chased away half the population of our school with our threats-"

"Gokudera, you were the only one making the threats." Yamamoto chimed in cheerfully.

"And glares?" Gokudera finished, glaring at his friend before flicking the lighter to light his cigarette. "Not to mention that the aura around us especially when Hibari appeared practically drove everyone off."

"It's quite amazing the power Hibari holds in our school isn't it." Yamamoto laughed easily.

Gokudera felt his right eyebrow twitch, if he could he would wrap his fingers around the other teen's neck and throttle himbut he controlled himself by inhaling the poison from the stick deeply. Stupid idiot baseball freak.

They walked in silence for a short while before Gokudera spoke, exhaling smoke. "Oi, baseball idiot…"

Yamamoto made a sound of acknowledgement.

"What reason are we doing this for? Making Juudaime feel upset about this situation."

"Huh?" Yamamoto turned to Gokudera, "What reason?"

"It's true that we want to protect Juudaime and it's true that Tsunayoshi is a threat to Juudaime. But exactly…" Gokudera paused, he didn't know how to put his feelings into words. He himself wasn't sure about what he really meant.

Yamamoto frowned when Gokudera stopped mid-sentence and didn't seem to want to elaborate. Gokudera was questioning their intentions towards Tsunayoshi? Or was it something else?


Gokudera took inhaled one last time before he dropped it to the floor and stubbed it with is foot. "I just think we may have our own personal reasons for being involved in this." Was his last sentence before they both went their separate ways.

Yamamoto walked on deep in thought about Gokudera's parting words. Personal reasons? What did he mean by that? Upon reaching his destination, he entered his family's dojo to train.

It was obvious that the both of them still disliked Tsunayoshi so that couldn't be the reason. They just didn't like the thought of Tsuna getting so chummy with Tsunayoshi. It was personal because Tsuna was their close friend and the idea of Tsuna kissed and bitten by Tsunayoshi pissed them off!

He tightened his grip on his katanas in irritation.

He just wanted to protect Tsuna from anyone with less than friendly intentions. That's all. It wasn't like he was jealous or something.

He wasn't.

Was he?

Tsuna slumped into his bed, he couldn't take this. His mind kept going round in circles and it was actually making him dizzy.

He didn't like this emotion he was feeling. The idea of Tsunayoshi simply liking him because he was part of him made him sick. The implication that Tsunayoshi only protected him because it was self-defence made Tsuna feel like…

A loud muffled groan could be heard as Tsuna buried his face in his pillow.

Tsuna should be glad that this was the case shouldn't he? He wasn't gay! He liked women! He used to like Kyoko! He still blushed at the thought of a naked woman. He shouldn't feel so upset about this fact. It was only right that Tsunayoshi liked Tsuna because he was part of him. It was suppose to be like that!

With another groan, he turned to lie on his back. He only knew Tsunayoshi for two days and less. He didn't know why he was so attached to him already. It was dangerous to be attached to someone after only knowing them for such a short period of time.

Is it because he's a part of me?

Tsuna sat up and started messing his already untameable brown hair in frustration. "Arrrrrgh! I don't like this! Why did it become so complicated all of a sudden?"

Then he yelped as he was knocked over by thrown book.

"Stupid Tsuna, what is so complicated that you couldn't even notice my presence in this room?" Came the voice of his attacker.

"Rebornnn." Tsuna almost whined but stopped himself in time so it came out sounding like a complain instead. "Why did you decide to separate my other self with me?"

Reborn watched Tsuna with a contemplative gaze from the table of his room where he was taking his afternoon tea. The fact that Tsuna didn't complain about getting hit made it obvious to Reborn that something was bothering him (and the whole not realizing his presence bit). "What's with this question, Tsuna? Did something happen in school?"

'Ugh, acute as always Reborn.' Tsuna thought dryly. What he didn't know was that Reborn was already expecting something to have happened.

But Tsuna knew talking about it with Reborn was a good idea. Although his tutor was harsh and rather horrible to him at times and would probably embarrass him about this time and time to again, he still managed to help Tsuna overcome many obstacles with his insight and words of advice.

Rubbing the slightly swelling bump on his head, Tsuna decided to tell Reborn everything.

Surprisingly, Reborn stayed quiet throughout everything only taking a few sips of his steaming black coffee until Tsuna was done before he spoke, "So Gokudera and Yamamoto were acting strange the whole day huh. How interesting."

"It's not interesting Reborn!" Tsuna insisted, "It was really weird how they were scaring everyone off… Even Hibari-san was in on their weird behaviour, I know he was! Though I don't understand how they managed to convince him to participate in whatever it was they were doing."

Reborn hid a calculative smile and changed the topic, "It was Gokudera who concluded that Tsunayoshi might be doing everything he is doing simply because he is part of you?"

Tsuna noted the change of topic but assumed that it wasn't so important so he nodded his head instead. "Reborn, you said concluded, so that would mean that Gokudera-kun is right?"

Reborn suddenly stared hard at Tsuna, "I never said that, dame Tsuna."

The young boss flinched and Reborn sighed, rolling his eyes. "Although it might be partly true."

Tsuna swallowed thickly, "T-That's good then." He tried to convince himself that the fact that Gokudera was right was a good thing and that it wasn't making his stomach feel funny. "I'm not gay."

There was a loud snort that came from Reborn that made Tsuna turn to Reborn in confusion. "If you're not gay, you wouldn't have allowed Tsunayoshi to do those things to you."

'Those things to you, Reborn said.' Tsuna blinked as the words resounded in his head before it was registered and a brilliant blush lit up his face. "Reborn! Y-Y-You!"

Reborn smirked, tilted his coffee cup towards Tsuna in mock salute. "Of course I know everything that goes on in this house, dame Tsuna. Including your lack of masturbation."

Tsuna gaped at Reborn with his mouth open for a short moment, speechless as his face paled dramatically at the baby's words.

"So of course I know that you're gay." Reborn continued like as if he wasn't causing Tsuna to have an almost seizure at that moment, "Or bisexual, really whichever you prefer."

Finally managing to let out a sound of mortification, Tsuna squeaked. "W-What?"

He was completed ignored as Reborn went on, "As for whether he really is treating you the way he is, it's probably really partly due to the reason that he is a part of you but I'm sure there are other reasons involved. It's up to you to find out, dame Tsuna."

As his brain slowly caught up with the recent sentences that left Reborn's mouth, Tsuna registered the last sentence quickly. "You think I should ask him?"

"Communication is the key for any lasting relationship, Tsuna." Reborn said with a weird glint in his eyes.

"So other than you thinking that I'm gay–"

"Bisexual, dame Tsuna." Reborn corrected, "And I don't think, I know."

It was really quite annoying how confident Reborn was with his analysis.

"I also think you should call him back tomorrow instead of wondering whether to get him back or not." Reborn finished.

Tsuna gave Reborn a very long stare, "How do you know about that as well?" Was his tutor hiding a camera somewhere in his room?

"I know a lot of things, Tsuna." Reborn said simply with a smirked and took another long sip of his coffee.

To be continued

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