now an Alice and Bella story

written by Stessa

Chapter One

Since I've been a little girl, my mother has gone out of her way to teach me about the so-called 'rare moment', the one thing that happens, where you just know that everything has changed. It can be a defining lesson at school where you really find out what you want to do for the rest of your life, it can be an epiphany that you have while you dream about something you never thought possible, or it can be when you meet that one special person, whom you're sure is going to make a difference for you.

It's not often that these things happen, but the average person should get them every ten year or so. At least that's what my mother told me when I was young. I remember looking at her with wide eyes and my mouth halfway open in disbelief. I didn't understand how one thing can be so life-altering, but it's true, I know that now. It can be many things, it differs from person to person, but they're all alike in the way that they make a difference. It can be either good or bad, but something changes, something special, something you'll remember for the rest of your life, and that's how it's so defining.

I'm not really sure I've had one of those rare moments yet. I mean... nothing special has happened in my life, and I'm Bella, simply just Bella, who're nothing out of the ordinary. Actually, I'm so close to ordinary, I might be described as downright boring. But I don't mind; blending in and keeping quiet is what I'm good at. I wouldn't want to change that for anything. I feel safe where I am right now, so why would I jeopardize that?

I wouldn't want to, but sometimes these decisions are made for you and you can't change that. I mean – my mother getting married was one thing, Phil's such a great guy and I was happy that she finally found someone great to spend the rest of her life with, but I hadn't really thought that I'd end up as third-wheel in their marriage. I actually turned out to be more trouble than good, and that's how I ended up telling my mother that I was going to live with my father for a while. It wasn't really something I wanted, but I knew it would make her happy; she wanted to see the world with Phil and I wasn't going to stand in the way of that.

So that's actually how this entire thing started. I had to move from Phoenix to the small town Forks – not exactly my dream come true, but my father's the chief of police there and he's happy. It was going to be weird to be with him so much again, because we're so alike that sometimes things get awkward, but on the other hand, it had been so long since I last saw him, it would be thrilling to finally hug him again.

One might have thought that moving so far away from home and leaving everything behind would be one of those rare moments my mother always talked about, but I wouldn't say so. It was just something that happened, an occurrence, and I couldn't change that. It wasn't huge in the actual epiphany-way, it was normal every day stuff and I just dealt with it.

It was the thing that happened afterwards that was going to change my entire life. I guess one could say that the move to Forks kick-started it all, because hadn't I moved there, it would have never happened. But the move wasn't the big deal; the big deal was meeting her.

I met Alice Cullen the first night I spent in town. It was strange for me to be caught in this little place with the woods surrounding every exit of the city, but I was brave enough to say to my father that I would go explore around for a bit. I wanted to get familiar with the area, perhaps meet a few kids from school. It was Friday after all, so they'd probably be hanging around at the local watering hole, as my father so lively putted it.

"Are ya' all unpacked, Bells?"

I looked up from my bed where I'd been lying on my stomach, with my head in my hands, reading one of my old love novels. It was something I always did to kill time. I've read all of them at least five times, but I never get tired of it. I love them more than anything.

I offered him the best smile I could muster, which I know probably wasn't much at the moment. "Yeah, mostly, I am."

He's a man of few words, I'm a girl of few words. The result? Very few words.

It was the mutual understanding.

He gave me a slight nod and was about to close the door, when I spoke of what had been on my mind since I started reading. "Dad? I think I'll – go out for a bit. Take a look around town."

My father smiled at me again. "Sounds like a good idea, Bells. Call me if you get into trouble."

I gave him a nod and that was that. I can understand why my mother screamed bloody murder after living here for only about a year. Someone like her doesn't belong in boring Forks. She needs excitement, exploring. She's so different from us, so full of joy and life, that's why Phil's good for her.

After my father dragged his feet down the hall, I got out of bed too. It wasn't like I wanted to go out and score someone's phone number, because that had never really been my thing, I had about... zero experience in that area, but I still wanted to look somewhat appealing when it was possible that I'd run into a future classmate. So I checked my appearance in the mirror and changed my t-shirt with the print 'Just a fucking t-shirt' to a little more appealing long sleeved shirt with a vest over.

I combed my fingers through my hair a few times and grabbed my bag from the bed and the car keys from my desk. It was an unfamiliar feeling to hold them in my hands, but I smiled to myself as I went down the stairs; the thought of actually owning a car had had my stomach flipping since I got here.

The car ride into the centre of town was rather short since Forks wasn't the biggest of places, but I enjoyed the first ride in my truck immensely. I parked on a parking lot near a sports shop, and locked the truck before I set off to wind up the youth of Forks.

It wasn't that much of a challenge, to be honest, but I took my time, getting my nerves in control. I've never been good with people, quite the loner, I admit it, so it was tough for me to have to find all new friends now. Not that I had many back in Phoenix, but still – I've had a few.

Eventually there was only one street I hadn't really tried, which was the main street, and I had known before even going in, that this would be where to meet people. I'd avoided it at first, but now there was only one way it could go – so I went down the pavement and the voices got louder as I got closer. There was some sort of music playing, but the main source of noise was people chattering away and laughing.

There were some people hanging around outside with a few beers, but I passed right pass them and entered the lowly lit place with a ducked head and tried to blink the smoke and thick air away, but it was almost impossible. I quickly located the bar and made my way through the throng of people while I tried to figure out which song was playing.

The bartender was an older man, ten years older than my father, at least. "What can I help you with, sweetheart?"

He was missing a tooth and I tried to smile at him. "A coke please." I said, and turned around on the spot as he went to get the drink. My eyes were getting used to the light inside so I quickly discovered why the song had been so hard to place; there was a karaoke machine, and the girl who was singing right now, wasn't doing such a good job. That's why I couldn't tell which song it was. I made a face and turned back around to greet the old fella.

"Here you go." he placed a big jug of coke in front of me and I placed a few bills on the counter, before I grabbed my drink and looked around to find a table. There was a bunch of kids my age gathered in one end of the room, so I automatically made my way towards them – I didn't want to be stuck with a bunch of the old men from Forks.

They were closest to the karaoke machine and they were all cheering on the girl who was trying to sing. They all seemed to know each other, and I didn't want to interfere in whatever they had going on there, so I took a seat a few tables away from their group and tried to look around the place while I sipped my coke – I didn't want to make myself too obvious. That's me. Simply, boring Bella.

The girl finished singing and jumped off the small makeshift stage with a huge smile on her face. Her pals cheered her on and her face got all red.

"Way to go Jess!" a quite attractive guy yelled and placed an arm around her. Even from where I sat, I could tell that the girl – apparently named Jess, which would be short for something – blushed even more.

Since no one else conquered the stage, a 'normal' temporary song started playing and I was almost done with my coke, since I'd been sipping it ever since I sat down. If I continued like this, I'd soon have to go to the bathroom. Coke went straight through me. I sat my glass back to the table and scanned the entire room. A group of guys, probably a little older than me, were looking my way, so I quickly gazed the other direction again, where my eyes once more settled on the group of friends.

They were all laughing and having fun. There were three guys and three girls and it looked like they were all coupled up. It would be so easy if I could just go over there, introduce myself and say I'd be going to Forks High – if I did that, it would make my first day at school on Monday much easier, because then I would already have met some people and it would make it less painful to start over at a new school.

As I was studying the girl who'd been singing closer, her eyes suddenly went to mine, and I looked down quickly, embarrassed to have been caught staring. I focused on the lines and crooks in the tree the table was made of, and held a comforting hand around my glass of coke.

It was just typical me; typically that I had to be caught staring at them, and now on Monday, I'd probably already have a rumour as the freaky new girl. How sad. I really need to start acting more normal.

I decided to glance to the side, just to see if she was freaking out or something, and I saw them all whispering with each other, their heads bumping together over the middle of the table. I sighed in relief; they might have been talking about me, but at least they hadn't come over here to start giving me crap about it. I downed the last of my coke and thought that I might as well just head on home. This was not my scene anyway; this was not me at all.

As I stood up to leave, that girl – Jess-something – stood up as well. I could feel my eyes widen and I clenched my jaw as she waved me over with a huge smile on her face. Should I just leave? Couldn't I just pretend to not see her and then go on home?

"Isabella?" she screeched through the music, "Isabella Swan? That's you, right?"

Okay. Alright. So she knew my name... should I be afraid now? I ought to, right? I turned my head to look at them again, and found that they'd all turned my way.

The slightly handsome boy flashed his white teeth at me, "You're Chief Swan's daughter, aren't you?" he questioned. He had these amazing blue eyes, and I caught myself smiling back at them.

"I'm Jessica." the singer said and waved at me once more, "Come sit with us. We've all be excited to meet Chief Swan's daughter. News travel fast around here, nothing much exciting happens."

I decided that I might as well go over there. Even if I had seemed weird when I looked at them, they were all being very nice to me, and this might be exactly what I need at the moment. Friends. New people in a new town. I wouldn't be alone at my first day of school... it was a good thing, wasn't it? And Charlie would be very happy if I came home and told him I'd already met some people.

I manoeuvred through a few of those round tables and stopped in front of the gang. I awkwardly waved at them, "I'm Bella."

"So you prefer to be called Bella?" Jessica questioned and pulled a chair over from another table, "That's good to know, come sit next to me."

I did as she asked me to, while the blue-eyed-boy introduced everyone, "I'm Mike," he smiled, and pointed at everyone as he spoke, "This is Lauren, Tyler, Eric and Angela. And Jessica of course." he laughed.

"Hi." I nodded to everyone and decided that I might as well try to be friendly.

"Is this your first night in town?" Angela smiled at me. She was quite beautiful as well. Actually, come to think of it, they were all good-looking around this table. Not movie-stars, I-can't-catch-my-breath good-looking, but none of them were ugly either.

I nodded again, "Yeah, I decided to take a look around, maybe meet some people."

It wasn't much to say to them for the first time, but I never spoke much; they'd soon learn that anyway.

Jessica was a very bubbly girl, I could tell, "Did you hear me sing?" she giddily asked.

I nodded again and awkwardly pushed a piece of my brown hair behind my ear. "Yeah, it was – it was good."

Jessica shone and Eric pushed his chair back, "I'm gonna go get some more to drink. Do you want one as well, Bella?"

"Thank you." I bit him off.

Tyler and Lauren decided to join him to get more drinks and I leaned back in the hard chair and watched as the other friends fell back into a familiar chatter. It didn't take me very long to see who I liked the most; Jessica was very out-going and a chatter-box; she talked a lot, while Angela was much more my type; quiet and sensitive. Mike was just cute and I knew I'd get along just great with him.

I was just humming lowly along to the new song that was playing, when someone took the stage. For a second I wanted to groan because the song had actually been on of my favourites by Muse, but I stopped when my eye caught the person who was getting ready to sing.

Or... could I really describe her as 'person'? I swear, my breath got stuck in my throat, and this weird, sensational feeling overtook my body as my eyes followed her every move. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, possibly the most beautiful thing I ever would see. She wasn't very tall, but somehow her presence filled the entire stage, her hair was short and black and her skin was... so pale. She was incredible, and my heart started beating faster than I'd ever experienced it before.

And right that moment, right that moment when she looked up from where she was adjusting the microphone, and her eyes caught mine in a tight lock, I knew that everything was going to be different now; I could feel it. Nothing would ever be the same, my entire life had been altered within a moment. Mother had always said that something like this would occur someday, I'd never thought it would, and yet, here I was, and it had just happened to me.

She tore her outstanding brown eyes away from mine and focused on her task again, but I couldn't look away from her. Everything about her was flawless; from the way she carried herself as she stood there, to the way the ends of her black fringe fell across her forehead.

She was... incredible.

"Oh, that's just great."

Jessica tore me out of my trance, and I quickly turned back to the table, embarrassed that I'd been absent like that. Eric, Tyler and Lauren had returned and I found another jug of coke in front of me. I smiled thankfully to Eric, just as Jessica continued.

"If she's gonna sing, then I'll look like a total idiot. No way I'm gonna go up there again."

I could feel my heart beat fast again when I realized that they were talking about the incredible girl. I looked at Jessica again, and though this would probably sound so strange, I just had to ask, "Who is she?"

"Oh, that's Alice Cullen." Tyler took over as he lifted his bottle to his mouth for a sip.

I glanced behind my shoulder again for another peek at her, "She's... beautiful." I mumbled, and though 'beautiful' could not be used to describe this creature, it was all I could come up with.

Lauren spoke then, "So you like her, huh? She's nothing compared to her siblings. It's no fair, they're all so fucking beautiful. I don't even get how that's possible."

I felt my eyes widen, "So there's more of them?"

"Five to be exact." Angela decided to elaborate, "It's Doctor Cullen and his wife's adoptive children. There's Alice as you can see, and the other girl – Rosalie – she's even more beautiful-"

"Man, she's hot!" Mike chipped in.

"-as is her boyfriend, Emmett," Angela continued, as if she hadn't been interrupted, "well, he's one of them too, but they're dating. Then there's Jasper, he's a bit strange, but still beautiful."

"And then there's Edward." Jessica finished with a huge sigh on her lips. "He's possibly the most amazing man to ever walk the planet. He's incredibly hot, Bella, wait until you see him at school."

I had a feeling that I'd be just fine without seeing him as long as I had another Cullen to look at, but I didn't say that aloud to Jessica. It was very apparent to me that she had a huge crush on this Edward guy. "So you like him, huh?" I asked her.

Her eyes went wide, "Are you crazy? He's amazing. But – no one here is good enough for him, so you shouldn't waste your time either."

It hadn't exactly been in my plans, so I decided not to comment on it, and focused my attention to the small Cullen who was just getting ready to sing now. A slow rhythm started playing, and she leaned into the microphone softly. I don't know what I had expected to come out of her mouth, but no matter what, I was very surprised when I heard her sing. Maybe it was because I hadn't heard her speak, so technically I didn't know her voice, but I was caught of guard with how high-pitched her voice was. It didn't sound awful, not at all, actually, it sounded very good.

She was not even in tune with the music. Not that I knew a lot about music, but everyone would be able to hear that she was two or three octaves higher than the actual sound. It sounded beautiful and quite mesmerising to be honest, and it became clear to me, with every second that passed, that this girl – she was as good as I was ever going to get it. And no matter how awkward and impulsive it might sound; I wanted her. From right this moment, I wanted her.

"I don't get how she can sing that high, I really don't." Eric mumbled; apparently the entire table had been watching her very closely. Actually, when I came to think of it, the entire place was watching her very closely.

"Everything about her is weird," Lauren commented, and it hit me, right there, that I was never going to like her, "from the way she's dressed to her extremely high-pitched voice."

Angela bumped her shoulder to hers, "You're just bummed you can't sing like that." she teased her, and I applauded her inwardly.

Lauren crossed her arms in front of her chest and mumbled something I couldn't hear. I wasn't really trying to though, because I was still listening carefully to Alice Cullen as she sang her song on stage. It was getting close to the end, I could hear that, and I didn't really want it to stop, but I knew it would eventually. Alice had closed eyes now as she sang the last notes of the song, and when it was over, everyone applauded her. She smiled and curtsied before she hopped off the makeshift stage.

The others turned to continue their conversation face to face, but I couldn't just go on with my life like that. Everything was different now, and no matter how awkward it was for me to say so, I knew this was true. My life had changed – I had changed – within a matter of mere seconds.

I followed Alice Cullen with my eyes as she danced through the table, brushing right past me, so gracefully. She didn't carry herself like a normal human being, she was so graceful, so light and lithe on her feet. She would have made any ballerina jealous, that's for sure. Everything about her was delicate, from the way her small ears pointed up, to her nose, to her tiny fingers. She was just like a pixie.

I smiled to myself and sipped my drink to cover it, just as the pixie took a seat at a table again. I understood why I hadn't noticed her earlier, because she was sitting way in the back, and it was very dark and mysterious all at once. I gulped down half my drink in one sip and put the jug back to the table. I was eager to get home now, because I needed time to think; all this new information at once had my brain doing cartwheels, and I just needed to lie in my bed.

And I'd see these people on Monday again, so it was no problem. I guess it was safe to say that I'd be delightfully invited to sit next to them at their lunch table. I lifted my glass to my lips again and drank the rest of my coke. I almost spilled a little bit in eager, but I managed to cover it all up without any of my new friends noticing it.

I flashed all my teeth at them and pushed my chair back. "I'll – I'll be going home now then." I said to them all.

Jessica made a face, "So soon? But the evening is just getting started."

"I've got a lot of unpacking left."

She nodded in sadness, and Angela took over, "Will we see you during the weekend? We were planning to go for a movie, you can join if you want to."

I smiled warmly at her, thankful that she wasn't pushing me, that she was just making an offer, "I'll see if I have time." I replied, and then pulled my phone out of my pocket, slowly handing it to her.

She seemed to get the hint, because she typed her number in there, and handed it back to me, "Text me if you get time."

I nodded my head, "I'll see you guys – nice meeting you all." I finished, before I turned around the table and went for the door. As I was about to go outside, I turned back around once more and waved at them.

I stepped into the chilly evening air, and I shuttered in my thin jacket, but thankfully breathed in the fresh air. There had been stuffy inside that bar, and it was so nice to finally get some clean oxygen. I looked left then right in thought of which direction to go. I wasn't quite sure because I'd been here and there finding this place, and it was always much harder to actually find the car, than to leave it.

I decided to go to my right and continued down the road with my hands stuck deeply inside my pockets. Thoughts of Alice Cullen entered my head again, which I simply couldn't help. I'd only known of her existence for about a half hour now, yet she was stuck in my brain forever, I was sure of it. Something about her made me want her. I wasn't sure how exactly that worked, because I'd never really fancied someone before, but I was so intrigued, I just... had to be near to her.

My stomach curled funnily inside of me and my throat tightened. It could only be a sign of want, I was certain of that. It didn't even matter that she was a girl; I'd never considered myself anything, and it just so happened that my first real crush was on a female. What could I do? I knew I wasn't going to forget about her – I wanted her too much. It was not an option. Instead I decided to dwell in thoughts about her, as I turned a corner, and then came to a halt.

All thoughts of Alice Cullen were swept out of my brain when I realized I was in a blind passage. I turned back around, sure that my truck was around here somewhere nearby, but froze when I realized that I wasn't alone.

The older guys who'd been eyeing me in the bar when I first entered had – apparently – been following me, because they were now standing by the end of the passage, exactly where I needed to go through. There were three of them, and I knew for sure that they weren't just here to chat with me.

My insides froze over as I took a step closer to them, knowing it wouldn't help to just stand there and look like a fool – that'd only assure them that I was an easy target for whatever they had in mind. Keeping it calm and collected was essential in situations like these, so even when I was only a few feet away from them, I tried to play it cool, though my heart was beating faster and my palms were getting sweaty.

Walk right past them with your head held high, I pep-talked myself. It was the only way I would be able to do this, I knew that about myself. But I also had a slight feeling that once I actually had to hold my head high, everything would come crumbling down, because that's just the sort of person I am. I'm not really a brave person in any sort of way. "Can I ge-get through?" I heard myself huskily whisper, cursing beneath my breath for even stuttering the slightest at a time like this.

The tallest one had a wicked smile on his face, "What's your name, pretty?" he asked as he reached a hand out and cupped my chin.

I brushed it off and told myself to get it together. Why was it so hard for me to take care of myself? I wasn't a baby, I could do this. "It's Bella, now let me through." I said to them, happy that I now had my voice under control.

Another one was all up in my business. "Don't you want to have some fun with us, Bella?" he whispered, and his breath smelled awful, and I just hoped I'd get out of there. It was so strange that something like this would happen in small town Forks. I'd lived in Phoenix my entire life, and never had anything like this occurred to me before. Oh, the irony.

For my taste, I was experiencing a little too much on my first night in Forks.

"Why don't you just step aside?" I demanded, still trying to keep that voice firm and hard. It showed a certain amount of courage, which I knew I didn't have when it came down to it. But they didn't need to know that. As long as I played my part right now, maybe I'd get out of there somewhat entirely me.

"Oh. Really?" one of them questioned.

Another one continued, "Can't you just-?"

"No. Can't you just step the fuck aside when she tells you to!" someone interrupted them.

The three guys turned their heads to see who had butted in to this little 'conversation', and I stepped onto my toes to get a better look at my saviour as well, and came to a halt – it was Alice Cullen. That little, beautiful female standing up to three big, muscular guys? What did she think she was doing? She was going to get us both hurt this way! Thought I couldn't help but feel slightly happy that she was now coming to my rescue.

One of them laughed, "Alice Cullen, huh? Come to rescue your little friend, have you?"

She didn't look intimidating at all as she stood there, both hands in her sides and with a cocky smile on her face. "As a matter of fact, I have." she bid him off as she took a small step closer to them. "Why don't the three of you just hurry on home to your mommies and let Bella go, huh? You know she's Chief Swan's daughter, right?"

That last comment certainly seemed to have an effect on the three guys, but they still weren't leaving. I was just watching Alice in complete amazement, suddenly certain that I wasn't going to get hurt, even if she was so tiny compared to them. The entire situation seemed highly ridiculous when thinking about it. Those three men could easily have taken us down, but they stood there, listening to tiny Alice Cullen as she told them what to do. It was odd, certainly. And I wasn't even scared any longer, for some strange reason.

She gave them a look that said 'aren't you leaving?', but when they didn't, her beautiful features suddenly curled up and her entire face curled into something I would have never expected to see on her gorgeous features. Her golden eyes turned black, and as her lips curled into a sneer, a set of perfectly white teeth showed in the most frightening way possible. She stepped forward and said with a hiss, "Leave!"

And this time, they did. Hadn't I known she was doing this for me, I would have hurried out of there as well. Actually, I felt compelled to follow right behind them, but something kept me there. Though she looked absolutely scary right then, I felt slightly intrigued. There was just something about her, Alice Cullen. Something special. Don't get me started on how it was even possible that something so delicate and amazing could look that scary, but apparently she was tougher on the inside.

As my eyes went to meet hers, her face was back to normal; the pretty girl I'd laid eyes on inside the bar was back – her golden eyes, her pale skin and the smile that could melt any heart. I stepped closer to her. "Thank you, Alice." I whispered, "I – I'm so glad you were here."

A shadow drew across her face, "You should be thankful I was leaving just as you were." she lightly said to me, and every trace of anger and darkness had been washed out of her voice: It was now back to how it should be, playful and chimy. The way I had thought it would be, after only hearing her sing.

"I am."

She flashed me a smile and at this moment, her teeth didn't seem scary at all, though it was the same ones she'd had moments before. "It's your first night in town and you attract all of this attention? You must be a danger-magnet, huh?"

I didn't know how it was even possible, but being closer to her, just made me even more interested than I was before. It was hard to explain, but I was almost drawn to her – I wanted to wrap my arms around her, to run my fingers through her hair, to caress that beautiful skin. I wanted to feel her body and press my lips against hers. It was strange to me, so different.

I stifled a laugh, "I've always been unlucky and clumsy."

She watched my face closely then, studied me for a second or two. It wasn't uncomfortable or weird, it felt good to be honest, good to let her eyes wander across every part of my body.

"I guess I'll see you in school on Monday, right?" she then wished to know.

I nodded, "Yeah, guess you will."

"Cool," she said, her light voice carrying itself through the dark alley like magic, "nice to meet you, Bella."

"Nice to meet you too, Alice." I whispered to myself, after she sat off down the street with a speed that seemed very unnatural for a girl like her. But well, at this rate, nothing would surprise me with Alice Cullen.

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