Set after 'Last Tuesday'.

Chapter One

'God, I hate birthdays.'

She groaned, before pulling the blanket over her head.

Birthdays were, in her opinion, honestly, sad and pathetic moments in your life where you're teased and scrutinized for your outward appearance and later that night all you can do about it is bawl your eyes out and put on some more weight with all the ice cream you've consumed, because you've finally realised 'why am I celebrating yet another moment that screams that your life is almost up'.

It's also the time when you looked back upon all the stupid and embarrassing moments you've had. All the mistakes you've made, especially the ones you wished you could go back and correct. All of them.
She didn't understand the cheeriness of people on their birthdays and why people go gooey over you

Birthdays sucked.

Once Rebecca dressed, she took her bags down to her car, which was already waiting out front and tossed them in the boot.

'Ready to go yet?' Beka asked with out turning around.

'You know, in all the time I've known you, I still haven't gotten over the fact that I'll never be able to sneak up on you' Declan said. Beka looked at him.

'Are you trying to sneak up on me?' she asked curiously, she hadn't noticed anything like that.

'Wouldn't you know' he said.

'You do realise it is practically impossible to sneak on a telepath?' Beka asked.

'I suppose it doesn't help that you're an empath as well' he replied, looking almost exasperated. Then they got in the car. 'And a powerful Level Five at that'.

'No, not really' and with that, she put the car into gear and skidded out through the gate towards the airport.

Once they arrived, Declan jumped out and walked around and opened Beka's door for her.

'Always the gentleman' Beka smiled, getting out, while Declan smiled and bowed his head modestly.

'We're all going miss you' Declan said.

'I'm only going to be gone a year or two, plus I'm probably going to need to come back once in a while' Beka replied.

'I know, but you're a great asset to the London Sanctuary'.

'Oh, so I'm just an asset to you now' she said, raising an eyebrow at his sudden expression.

'Of course not' Declan declared. Beka's grin grew.

'Sir, Ma'am, the plane is ready to go' informed the co-pilot.

'Thank you, I'll be up in a moment' Beka replied and the man walked up to the cockpit.

'Your Mercedes is being sent over for you, it should be there in a couple of days'.

'Awesome, thanks!' Beka said enthusiastically. Then she eyed her car carefully. 'Those transporters better not scratch it' she threatened. Declan just rolled his eyes, and held his hand out to shake hers goodbye. She shook it and pulled him into a hug.

Over the past couple years she had spent living in and around London, they had become good friends.

'Cya Declan'.

'Goodbye Rebecca'. Then she was going up the stairs into the private plane owned by London's Sanctuary.

'This is your captain speaking, we will be taking of shortly so could all seatbelts please be correctly fastened. Thanks you'.

God, I could fed my kids for years with the money I'd get from that car, it's probably worth more than I'd get paid in the next three years, Beka smiled at the thought from the captain, knowing he was right. One of the many perks of working for the Sanctuary.

Throughout the flight her mind drifted back to the date, her birthday was the day her life had changed completely.

Her 12th birthday was the day the Cabal had mounted an attack against her village. They had burnt everything in sight and killed or took prisoner everyone who had lived there.

Everyone except her.

Her mother had been taken, pregnant nearly nine months and they shoved her around in chains just like everyone else. Beka had spent years trying to find her mother with no luck whatsoever. She hadn't even found out what they wanted.

Instead, she spent her time wondering about the chance that she had a younger sibling.

'I always did hate being an only child'.

It was also the day she discovered the true extent of her powers, her abnormality, and best of all, it was the first time she met her saviour: Helen Magnus.

Once her plane landed, Beka got out of her seat and left the plane, and walking to the car her luggage was being packed into, she jumped in.

'Hey Big Guy, how are you?' she asked friendlily.

'Good, how was flight?' he grunted back.

'Boring, all the movies had Tom Cruise in them, it was kinda sad' she said, shivering at the thought of watching A Few Good Men again. All she got was a grunt in reply as the car headed back to the Sanctuary. And Helen.

An hour and a half later, they arrived, Beka looked up at the towering building, feeling excited and still slightly nervous, as she did every time she set eyes upon it.

'It hasn't changed a bit' Beka said, sounding satisfied.

She walked in with a couple of her bags and dumped them in a corner. Then she looked up at the stairs, sensing a familiar mind coming towards her, and sure enough, moments later, a woman walked down.

'Hello Helen'.

'Hello Beka, it's a pleasure to see you again' Helen smiled as she enveloped her in a hug, kissed her cheek and held her at arms length.

'The pleasure is all mine' she looked Helen over, 'You haven't changed a bit' Beka stated. 'Not bad for a hundred and fifty-seven'. Helen laughed.

'Well at ninety-three you're not looking to bad either'.

'You're ninety-three?' Will asked as he stopped in the doorframe. 'But you look, what, say twenty-six, or so'.

'Your in the Sanctuary and your stunned because I look seventy years younger that my actual age' Beka said, then she turned to Helen. 'He does know you're immortal right?' she checked. Helen nodded.

'Will, this is Rebecca Woods, she's going to be stay here for a while' Helen introduced them. 'Beka, Will'.

'Ah, the protégée' Beka said. Has she told everyone about me? Will thought as they shook hands.

'Nearly everyone, yes' Beka smiled.

'H-how?' Will stammered.

'Rebecca is a telepath and an empath' Helen explained.

'Oh' Will said, looking slightly suspicious.

'I trust Beka with my life Will, with absolutely no reservations' Helen reassured him.

'I heard about Emma, I would've helped but I sort of had my hands tied'. Helen raised an eyebrow, but Beka just smiled suggestively.

'Feel free to use anything here to continue with your research about phasers, Beka' Helen added to Beka, and went to explain at Will's frown. 'Phasers are a unique and rare group of abnormals with the power of molecular intangibility, the ability to change their molecular structure in order to pass through otherwise solid objects'.

'Like this' Beka said and walked to the stairs and stuck her foot through the first step.

'Wow, um, ok, that was cool' Will said, pointing at Beka's emerged foot. 'But why are you researching them?'

'Because I have no idea how I got my power or even the extent of it'.

'But wouldn't you have inherited it from your parents?' Will asked. Beka let Helen take over with the explanation.

'That is the most likely scenario but Beka never knew her parents long enough to find out if they had it and the little time she did spend with them, she says that neither showed any signs of having the ability' Helen explained.

'I'm sorry' Will gave his condolences. Beka just smiled slightly and brushed it off.

'So how is it that your immortal, did you get injected with the Source Blood like Magnus or what?' Will said as his curiosity got the better of him.

'It's the phasing, rearranging her DNA like that prevents it from aging' Helen explained as Beka took her foot out of the stair.

'So as soon as you stop phasing, you get older' Will said, working it out loud.

'After a certain period of time, yes' Helen finished.

'So where's Henry?' Beka asked while Big Guy took her bags up to her room.

'Out with Kate, they're trying to find an abnormal'.

'Ah, a mission, fun!'

'They should be back in a couple of hours. Come on, I'll show you to your rooms' Helen said. Beka stepped back to allow Helen to lead the way, lazily saluting Will goodbye.

'So, how have you been?' Beka asked as she flopped onto her new bed. Helen sighed.

'Probably not the best question to start with then, all things considering' Beka said sadly. She had heard Helen's thoughts go straight to Ashley, and she felt a pang of sadness and loss herself. She and Ashley had been best of friends while they had known each other.

'Probably not' Helen agreed.

'Thanks for letting me stay here, the Cabal were a lot smarter than I thought'

'Yes I heard, how did they mange to break your cover?'

'I have absolutely no idea, they must have followed me after I busted one of their safe houses. It did feel kinda dodgy. Then of course my house was trashed' Beka grumbled, thinking back to her destroyed Underworld poster signed by Kate Beckinsale. It had taken her so long to get it signed.

'Well I'll leave you to unpack, I'm guessing the plane didn't have much in the way of food'

'Not for a vegetarian, no' Beka answered sourly.

'I can have something sent up for you' Helen offered. Beka threw her a grateful smile.

'That'd be amazing, thanks'.

After finishing a dinner of the immensely underrated toasted cheese sandwiches, Beka laid back and tried to sleep. Twenty minutes later, she groaned and got up, unable to rest. It had never been easy for her to fall asleep in a place she had just arrived in.

Going up to Helen's study, she passed an old hiding place she used to use when she was underage and grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Knocking on Helen's door, she waited a moment, then heard Magnus' thoughts telling her to come in. She did.

'Are you psychic or something?' Beka asked disbelieving.

'No, I just know you well' Helen smiled.

'Hey Beka' Henry greeted. Beka walked up and hugged him without letting go of the wine.

'Ok, am I missing something?' Kate asked, confused.

'Kate, this is Rebecca' Henry introduced. 'Beka, Kate'.

'Hi' Kate greeted. Beka nodded and smiled as they shook hands, then screwed up her face at one of Kate's lingering thoughts.

'Oh god now, eww that's like really, really gross' she insisted. 'Henry's like my brother, Kate, eww! How could you even think that?'

'Wait, how'd you know what I was thinking? Kate queried.

'Telepath and empath' Beka said hurriedly, trying to get rid of the mental images she had been left with.

'Oh, sorry' Kate apologised.

'It's ok, and honestly, I'm stunned that's all you could get for me on the Black Market' she said, responding to one of Kate's fleeting thoughts. 'I've sold myself for twice that once'.

'Why were you selling yourself on the Black Market?'

'I was short of cash at the time' Beka left it at that.

'Well now that that's sorted' Helen said, whose gaze had passed from Beka to Kate and back again throughout the exchange. 'Henry, Kate, good work. Go cleanup and get some sleep'.

'Sure thing Doc.' Henry said and he led the way out.

'Couldn't sleep?' Helen asked considerately.

'Nope, thought you might care for a drink' Beka held out the wine and glasses loosely. Helen laughed softly and sat down on the divan, offering Beka the seat next to her, which she took. Beka opened the wine and poured them each a glass. Handing, one to Helen, they toasted and drank.

'This is delicious, 1860?' Helen guessed.

'Yep' Beka answered.

'How long are you staying here?' Helen questioned.

'Do you want me gone already?' Beka asked teasingly.

'No, I'm just curious'.

'I was thinking about staying a year or two' Beka said. 'If it's alright with you, of course'

'Definitely, it's always good to see you again' Helen said. Beka smiled at her, taking another sip.

'So how is your phasing going?' Helen asked.

'Great, the only thing that can stop me now is seven inches of titanium, and exhaustion' Beka said grinning. Helen smiled in return.

'That is truly amazing, you've done very well since the first time we met'.

'Well, fifty-one years does change a person' Beka pointed out modestly and Helen laughed.

'Yes it does'.

'I know this doesn't even to begin to cover it but, I'm sorry about Ashley, Helen. I would have been here if I could' Beka said honestly. Helen looked at Beka and nodded in understanding at Helen's thoughts.

'I'll stay as long as you need me here' Beka said in firm decision. Helen smiled at her in gratitude as Beka refilled their glasses.

The next morning, Beka rose early to help with all the abnormals.

'Aww, nubbins are cute!' Beka exclaimed, peering through the glass. As she did the nubbins grouped up close to where she was standing.

'Yeah, watch this' Henry said as he shoved their food through the opening. Almost instantly, the food disappeared as all the nubbins began to eat.

'Wow, their hungry little critters' Beka looked slightly stunned. 'They must like you Henry'.

'Not really, but by the looks of things they like you, they hardly ever crowd around anyone like they do for you'. Sure enough the nubbins had finished eating and were, once again, crowding around the front of Beka. The two of them stayed there a moment, then moved off to give the other abnormals their breakfast.

'Hi Sally' Beka said cheerfully as she gave Sally her food.

It's good to see you again, I missed you, Sally thought to her.

'I've missed you too' Beka said.

I've heard word from a group of my kind near the Barrier Reef, they wish to live in the Sanctuary, Sally thought.

'Why? Isn't there a large family already living there, why don't they join them?'

They were outlawed and need a home.

'Ok, I'll talk to Helen about it and she'll have a word with the Australian Sanctuary so they can go help them' Beka said.

Thank you.

Laying on her bed listening to Green Day, Beka heard frustration mixed with scrambled thoughts coming from a mind she recognised as Henry's. She frowned at the indecision radiating off him.

She got out her phone and sent him a message.

What's up? Your thoughts are going haywire. A couple of seconds later she got a reply.

Can we talk? Henry felt nervous now and Beka still had absolutely no idea as to why.

Sure, I'll be in your rooms in a minute. Beka sent the last message and quickly turned off her Ipod and left it on her bed as she walked over to Henry's rooms.

Once she entered, she immediately stopped, seeing flowers in his hands.

'Are they Amaranth?' she asked, loosely pointing at them.

'Yeah, umm, I know you like them' Henry said, awkwardly passing them to her.

'Their beautiful, thank you' she said sincerely.

'Umm, they're from Magnus' Henry admitted, looking shifty-eyed.

'Ok then, why is Helen sending me flowers?'

'Oh, well, the thing is…' Henry began. Beka looked into his thoughts but they were jumping from the flowers, then a construction site a mile away, then to his last meal.

'Henry, what is it?' Beka nearly demanded and Henry winced in return.

'Ahh, well, it's just that, well…' he continued stalling and Beka nearly stamped her foot in frustration.

'Maybe you should, uh, talk to Magnus'.


'Um, friends? Arriving?'


Henry looked at his feet intensely.

'Tesla's here'.

'WHAT?' her eye's flashed dangerously. 'What the bloody hell is that ignorant, stupid, self-centred, B-grade scientist doing here? Well?'

'Ah, talk-'

'You know what! I'm going to find out myself' and with that Beka stormed off furiously, leaving her flowers behind. Phasing through the door, she turned into a corridor and quickly dropped down a floor, landing across from Helen's study.

Bursting in she stared at Tesla back. Going over to him, she pushed him slightly to get his attention.

'What the hell are you doing here?'

'Well, I was having a pleasant chat' was Tesla's sardonic reply.

'Oh shut up you blood-sucking idiot' Beka snapped. 'You know, I was looking forward to spending some time here, and I really don't need you here to spoil that, so why don't you go crawl back to whatever dark, far-away cave you came from, ok?' Beka started to yell.

'Whatever it is you're here for, I'm sure it can wait, we DON'T need your help' Beka quickly turned to Helen, who looked slightly taken aback.

'Ah, we don't need his help do we?' Beka asked fretfully in a quieter voice. Please say no, please as no, she repeated in a silent beg.

'Diplomatic as ever, Rebecca' Tesla muttered, Beka stared daggers at him.

'Actually, Beka, Nikola came to ask me for my help' Helen said, much to Beka's disbelief.

'Oh, Nikola, I'm so sorry, I didn't realise' Beka started stepping towards him and putting a hand on his shoulder soothingly. 'It's ok, Nikola, the hardest part is admitting it to yourself, everything after that is much easier'.

'Get off me' Nikola nearly growled, in no mood to play games. Beka knew and sighed, patting his shoulder once more before removing her hand.

'So Helen, I trust I can count on your help' Nikola asked.

'Of course, feel free to use any resources readily available' she agreed. 'Just get your own wine'.

'Of course' Nikola smiled in the way that Helen knew she couldn't trust him.

'What are you doing?' Beka asked, curious enough to forgo all nonsense.

'I merely wish to do some research on my personal behalf' Nikola answered without telling her anything at all.

'Nikola, you never just merely do something' Beka stated. Going through his thoughts, she noticed a consistency around one word.

'What's Saleem?' Beka asked, noticing it was significant among Tesla's thoughts but not understanding why. Nikola sighed.

'If you must know, it was an ancient underground city that the vampires had built during the height of their power and in it contains some ancient artefacts concerning them' Nikola explained, hating the need to tell her, but knowing she could be useful in finding it. Beka picked up on this in his thoughts and was touched by the respect Nikola gave her when she wasn't annoying him, then realised it matched her own for him.

'Nikola wishes to use the Sanctuary's world-wide knowledge and resources to try and find it' Helen told Beka.

'Well, considering he's not trying to take over the world or bring back his long lost race from the dead, yet, I think it's a brilliant idea' Beka approved in a sugar-sweet voice, knowing that if there was even the slightest risk anyone Helen would've put a stop to it before it began

'I'm so glad you think so' Nikola said sarcastically.

'Did you want anything?' Helen asked Beka.

'Well this might a good time to tell you that a band of merpeople just off the Barrier Reef want to live in the Australian Sanctuary, but apart from that, nope, just greeting our new guest, bye'

'Goodbye' Helen said, amused. Nikola just gave her a discreet nod and turned back to Helen.

'Oh and thanks for the flowers' Beka said, turning back to face her. 'They're beautiful' Helen smiled.

'I'm glad you like them' she replied. Beka glanced at Nikola quickly and smirked then left the room. She had felt the jealousy coming of Nikola in waves when she had mentioned the flowers, and she still could. Smiling contently, she entered the elevator and pushed the button for the floor above her.

As she walked back to her room she passed the library and grabbed a couple of new books Helen had acquired since her last visit. She was so engrossed in them, she didn't notice Henry pacing up and down the corridor outside her room until he shouted.

'Beka' Henry said, looking relieved.

'Hey Henry, sorry about before' Beka apologised.

'Its fine, I'm just glad Tesla didn't cut you up, he didn't try to did he?' Henry asked, concerned.

'No, and I'm almost offended that you even thought that he might be able to hurt me' Beka teased and Henry smiled at her.

'Well here, you left them in my room' Henry said, passing over her flowers. 'Anyway, I have some stuff to do' Henry started to walk towards the closest elevator.

'Cya Henry' Beka said as she entered her room.

Leaving her borrowed books on her bedside table, she went into her en suite and locked the door. Taking off her clothes, she ran a shower and washed away all the lingering dirt from her long flight to D.C.

Forty minutes later, she got out and wrapped herself in a soft, white towel. Then she began drying and curling her raven-black hair, putting it in a pony tail after.

Putting on a baby blue tank top, Beka brushed her fringe out the way and chuck on her favourite pair of black skinny-legs.

Unlocking the door, she walked out and jumped onto her bed sideways and grabbed the book she had been reading.

Later that day, Beka put down the second thick book and got, groaning as the blood started to flow through her body again.

Looking at her phone, she swore. Helen was having dinner at five and only had a couple of minutes to get down there in time. Hurriedly brushing down her clothes, she checked her hair in the mirror and, satisfied it was ok, rushed out the door to the dining room, quickly grabbing something on the way.

She managed to make it on time, thanks to the ability of being able to phase through several floors.

'I was beginning to think you weren't going to join us' Helen said. Beka pretended to look hurt as she took her seat.

'I can't believe you would think that of me, Helen' Beka pouted.

'I can' Nikola said as he walked in with a bottle of wine in each hand.

'These were the best I could find, you need to re-stock your wine cellar' Nikola said as he delicately poured a glass for everyone. Helen's reply was cut off as Henry, Will and Kate came in.

'Wow, fancy' Kate stated as she looked at the wine and lit candles. Then everyone took their seats and they started to eat.

There was a lot of conversation among everyone, and Beka had the chance to talk with Will about some of his previous work for a while, before Helen stole his attention and asked his opinion about something she and Nikola were discussing.

Thinking it was to time to put her plot to get at Nikola's nerves in action, Beka looked down at her plate, and then spotted something among some vegetables. Pulling out the plastic spoon she had taken before she came down for this exact occasion, she scooped up a piece of garlic she seen and flung it across at Tesla. She quickly went back to eating as it hit him in the side of head.

Nikola stared at the piece of garlic and then at Beka, who was listening in closely to his thoughts. Inside she was full of glee at getting away with no one else realising what had just occurred.

If you do that again, you'd better start watching your back, came Tesla's thought. Beka looked and pretended to be confused when they made eye contact, and then looked over to Henry as he started to talk to her.

A couple of minutes later, Beka bought out her spoon and Henry frowned at it but kept silent when Beka motioned at him to. He watched as she placed a larger piece in the spoon and drew it back discreetly, then fired. This time it hit Nikola square in the middle of his forehead and unlike last time, everyone noticed.

'I warned you' Nikola nearly growled at her.

'What?' she asked innocently as everyone turned to watch them. Out of the corner of her eye, Beka saw Helen with a ghost of a smile at the turn of events and Beka knew that Helen knew how this was going to end.

'You know, you are a complete insult to the vampire race' Nikola said.

'How can I be an insult to an extinct race?' Beka asked, truly curious. Then she picked up another piece of garlic and ditched it at him as hard and fast as she could, but Nikola was faster than she would ever be, and he caught it just before it hit him.

Looking at it like it was something ugly and deformed, he threw it back at Beka.

She made no apparent move to stop it, but just as it should have hit her, it travelled straight through her and hit the wall behind her.

'Missed me' Beka sang in a girly voice. Then she was completely stunned as she heard Nikola's thoughts involuntarily finish the rest of the rhyme. After a moment she managed to close her jaw.

'Nikola, I am completely and utterly astonished that you even know the rest of that little, mundane rhyme, let alone thought of it, voluntarily or involuntarily' Beka was too dumbfounded to even think of taunting him by saying anything else. Everyone looked at Nikola.

'Living with mere humans is diminishing my brilliance' he stated, knowing it did barely anything it get over the fact of the matter. Standing up, he took a bottle of wine and left.

'Do you two have to fight like this every time your together' Helen asked Beka, amused that she could get the better of Tesla, but sometimes she knew it got to far. Beka heard that thought and knew Helen was right.

'Well look at it this way, I don't think I could top that' Beka said slowly, tearing her gaze away from the door Nikola had exited from to look at Helen, whom, in return shook her head at the fact that Beka might try to.