Kiba Inuzuka, School Bully and Boyfriend Side Story

Time in middle school is one where kids start their journey to grow up and see who they really are or who they'll grow up to be. However for one youth he already knew what his future held and was going to make it all happen today. Kiba Inuzuka was only thirteen years old but he was trying his hardest to get the girl he liked to go out with him. He came up with a perfect plan that he was sure would go off without a hitch and nothing could stop him from doing it. He had spent the last three weeks planning everything and now was the day to put it all into action.

He had arrived earlier than normal today at school because he wanted to have having set up. He was currently sitting alone right now because most of his classmates were scared of him. They called him a beast and a bully because some stupid high school senior had bumped into him when he was leaving school and tried beating on him, but Kiba was taught by his mother and a few others how to fight at a young age and kicked that stupid senior's ass. Once the fight had ended though he was branded forever as a bully who would fight anyone who would get in his way.

He rolled his eyes are everyone whispered and stared at him, all wondering what he was doing in school so early. Kiba didn't care for any of them, they didn't know anything about him and just judged him all because of a fight that he didn't even start. It didn't matter to him though, whenever they got to annoying he would just send a glare their way and all of them would just gasp in fear and turn away from him. "Spineless losers." He sighed and slumped further in his chair, eyes facing out the window.

"Good morning Sakura!"

In that instant Kiba sat up straight in his seat, his eyes focusing straight ahead of him towards the board, and his hands resting properly on his knees. It almost gave everyone the impression that he was a good little boy but they figured he was just trying not to get in trouble from the teacher that suddenly walked in. Kiba wouldn't say it out loud but their teacher Anko scared him.

"Morning, Hinata." Sakura greeted her friend back. "Happy Valentine's day."

"You too." Hinata smiled and the two headed over to their seats. "Where's Naruto?"

Sakura waved it off and laughed. "Helping Sasuke run away from his fan girls. I think they ran to the principles to see if they could leave school early." She muttered the last part mostly to herself.

Even though his eyes were facing the board his main focus was on the young pink hared girl that had just entered his classroom. Sakura Haruno, the girl who he's been in love with for as long as he could remember. She in his mind was just the perfect girl in the entire school and he counted his lucky star that she didn't have a boyfriend. "Well that's all gonna change today!" Today was February 14, Valentine's Day. This was the perfect day to let Sakura know how he really feels about her and ask her to be his girlfriend! Today was the main reason why he had been planning and had come to school early, he had a special surprise planned for her today. With the help of his sister he had ordered in a heart shaped white chocolate bar, Hana said that it was more romantic than giving a girl regular chocolate. She placed an order for him for four dozen red roses to be delivered to the school, Kiba had been assigned to give the flowers out by their teacher so it gave him the perfect excuse to give them to her. But most importantly was the card he had hand written and done all by himself, the card that had all his feelings for the girl written on every available space possible, explaining to Sakura just how deep his feelings ran for her.

He already placed the chocolate and card inside her desk and the flowers had already arrived, they were sitting in the front of the room and now all Kiba had to do was wait and see how well his plan turned out. His heart started to speed up when he saw Sakura take her seat at her desk, her seat was only a few away from his but he always wanted to sit closer to her. "No time to think about that!" He told himself just as Sakura sat down and started pull out her books but her hand was stopped by something. "She found it!" He was leaning closer and closer to get a better look at how her reaction would turn out to be. Kiba could already imagine the sweet pink blush and the embarrassed but happy smile that would soon appear on her face. He was mentally drooling at the very image that he would soon see.

He watched as she began to open the wrappings that held the chocolate he gave her, he wondered what would come first, a sweet pink blush or an embarrassed but happy smile.

"Ami! You bitch!"

"Huh?" He hadn't expected that reaction to come from her. Kiba looked on to see Sakura pointing an accusing finger at one of their classmates, Ami and she looked ready to kill.

"What the matter billboard brow?" Ami's taunts to Sakura bothered Kiba. He hated how she always made fun of Sakura's forehead, saying it was huge when it was not. Kiba loved everything about Sakura, including her forehead, and if he could he would kiss that forehead everyday. "You upset because you have no valentine because everyone knows what such an ugly girl you are?" That was another insult that had bothered Kiba. How dare someone call his Sakura ugly when it was she who was the real ugly one, Ami in his mind was nothing more than an evil witch that was jealous of Sakura's beauty. Plus Sakura could so get a valentine's, she was beautiful and any guy would be lucky to have her as his girlfriend but Kiba usually made those guys that tried asking her out leave the school crying before they ever got the chance too.

"You know damn well what the matter with me is," Sakura pulled out the chocolate and slammed it down on the desk. "I'm allergic to white chocolate and you're trying to kill me again, just like at the dance last month!" She accused the girl and Kiba slammed his head on the desk. He hadn't known Sakura was allergic to white chocolate or what had happened at the dance last month because he was grounded by his mother for getting suspended the following week for fighting.

"I didn't do anything, billboard brow!" Ami shrieked out and it actually hurt Kiba's head. How can one girl be so annoying and loud he would never know.

"Quit lying, Ami!" Sakura was getting mad, he and the rest of the class could see that and Kiba knew a fight would break out between the two girls soon enough if they weren't stopped.

"Alright, that's enough!" Anko had stepped in at just the right moment and for once Kiba was glad for the teacher. She stopped the two girls from fighting before Sakura got in trouble, he didn't care what happened to Ami. "Good, now that that's done, Inuzuka!" She shouted out his name and pointed to the bundles of flowers that were sitting behind her desk. "Get these dumb flowers passed around so I can start teaching." He only shrugged and got up to do the duty that had been assigned to him. The only reason he had to do this was because he had taken a nap in her class and pissed her off enough to make him do something as dumb as this. Seriously, passing around a bunch of flowers was not his favorite thing to do, all their combined smells bother his nose and gave his a huge headache.

Everyone was still standing as he got up to get the flowers, once they were all handed out everyone would go to their lockers to put the flowers away so he had time to give Sakura the big bundle he had got her and still had time for her to read his card.

"Hmm? What's this?" Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Sakura had just found the card and was beginning to read it to herself. Kiba had to admit that he was very proud with how the card had turned out, he had thought it would be a lot harder to write his feelings out but it had come easily to him. In his head he silently read over what he had written to her.

Dear Sakura,

This may or may not come as a shock to you but I find you the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life. I thank every star in the sky for allowing me to meet an angel such as yourself. Coming up romantic poems are not really my style or who I really am but if it is for I would change every part of my being if it meant you would smile. I love you, Sakura Haruno. I love your pink hair that shines with the sun. You glowing green eyes that are like shining green glass that reflects to me everything that you are feeling. I love your great big and wide smile that can somehow make me feel so strong and powerful even when that smile is not meant for me. Most of all I love you and everything that makes you up. I have loved you from the first moment I meet you and I will continue to love you forever and more after that.


Kiba Inuzuka.

He had the passed out most of the flowers by the time Sakura had finished reading his card and he was already grabbing the bouquet that he had gotten for her. He would do this, he would give her the giant bouquet tell her he loves her and ask her to be his girlfriend. His heart was beating faster as he stood up with the giant bouquet of the four dozen red roses that represented his love for Sakura. Hana told him that red roses did mean love so he thought they were the perfect choice for him to give to Sakura, even if they did seem a little played out in his mind Hana said they would be the perfect choice to give to Sakura. So far his chocolate had fallen through but his card and flowers would be able to make up for it, besides he was allergic to chocolate so it didn't really bother him to much that Sakura hadn't eaten the one he had gotten her.

"Oh man, when did Naruto do this?" Sakura's laughter could be heard and Kiba froze in his spot. Why was she laughing? Did she think his card was stupid? And why had she mentioned Naruto?

"What are you laughing at Sakura?" Her friend Hinata had asked her and Kiba looked over his shoulder to see that Sakura was showing her the cared she had gotten. "This card, I can't believe how much Naruto put in it. I'm used to him sending me fake love letters but this time he out did himself."

"How do you know it's from Naruto and not someone else?" Hinata asked her.

"Because there's no name and that's usually how Naruto sends me the letter." Sakura laughed and Kiba cursed and screamed in his mind.

"Damn it! I forgot to put my name!" He growled, his hands gripping the bouquet tighter to the point he would rip them to shreds soon if he didn't loosen up soon. "Ok, the chocolate and card failed, now all that's left is the flowers and me asking her out. I can't fail with this!" He was confident with this one, there was no way he could fail this time. He would be directly talking to her to this so they would no misunderstandings. With that in mind he made his way towards Sakura, hands sweating and a bright red blush on his face as he got closer and closer to her.

"Sakura." he called out weakly to her and she turned her attention away from Hinata to look at him, a big smile on her face.

"Hi, Kiba." His heart melted as she said his name and joy ran through him because of the fact that she remembered his name

He smiled back at her and was already pushing the flowers at her when he felt someone fall back on him, making him fall forward to the floor. His face hit the floor with a big splat and he groaned as he sat up, one hand rubbing his now swollen cheek and he looked around to see what happened to the flowers. He gasped when he saw that they were all scattered on the floor, Sakura right in the center with them rubbing her own cheek. He hadn't realized that when he had fallen he had taken Sakura with him. Kiba's eyes were wide and his heart sank when he saw more than half the flowers were crushed when they both had fallen and Sakura seemed like she was in a lot of pain.

He growled and looked back at whoever had made him fall. His eyes landed on Chouji who was shaking in fear and was trying to apologize to him but Kiba was to mad to hear any of it. He was on his feet and held the guy up by the neck of his shirt with one hand, eyes glowing red from rage and anger and a growl escaping him. "You're gonna pay for that!" He growled out and Chouji went white, he was sure the guy would wet himself soon enough but he didn't care. He had ruined his plans and now he would pay!

"Inuzuka!" He stopped when he heard Anko scream out his name and marched over to him. Her arms were crossed and she held a cold stare in her eyes. "Put the boy down." She was ordering him and Kiba didn't like that. He stared right back at Anko, telling her to challenge him again, daring her to try and stop him.

The two stayed like that for a moment, staring hard at each and waiting to see who would crack first. "Um…excuse me?" Sakura stepped soon after, one of her hands on Kiba's shoulders and she was smiling up at him again. "I know it may seem bad but I'm sure Chouji didn't make you fall on purpose. Right?" She looked to the scared boy who was shaking his head very fast, eyes already tearing over because he was worried what Kiba would do to him.

However Kiba's mind was else where, his mind was more on the fact that Sakura had her hand on him than anything else. "She touched me. She willing touched and is smiling at me." He let go of Chouji in a flash and muttered something inaudible under his breath. The bell rang soon after that and Anko sighed with annoyance. "Well time to go. Leave the flowers where they are, I'll get the janitors to clean them up." She left after that and Kiba gave a small whine. His plan was ruined, he worked so hard on it and now it was ruined. He sighed and left the class and headed up to the roof, Anko hadn't taken their attendance so his teachers wouldn't mark him as cut. Even if they did, he was sure Hana would cover for him after he explained the day he had just went through.

Sakura watched Kiba leave the classroom and it seemed like he was really upset about something. She was still in the classroom, gathering up her things when the card she had gotten had fallen out along with the chocolate. She bent down to pick them up and noticed that the box of chocolate was really pretty, it looked expensive too; it didn't seem like something Ami would buy just to poison her. Her attention went to the card and saw that the handwriting that was written on it was much to nice to be Naruto's even when he tried tricking her before with fake love letters she could always tell it was his writing but she didn't recognize this one. "Then who gave me this than?" She spoke out loud, picking up both the chocolates and card and one single rose. It was the only rose that hadn't been crushed when she and Kiba had been thrown to the floor and she was glad for that. Sakura loved flowers and was glad that one had survived the fall. "I wonder," she thought back to everything that had taken place today. "Did Kiba give me these?" Her cheeks were pink and she held an embarrassed but still happy smile on her face. "I'm not sure but it's sweet if he did." She gathered her things and ran to her next class, she would question the boy later when she sees him again.