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The Reversal
Chapter One-How Everything Began

"Hey, Pikachu, wanna go play ball?"

This was the most interesting thing heard around pallet town for the entire week leading up to the day. The training, acting prodigy, star of Pokemon Master, had returned once more to his home village, relaxing for an indefinite amount of time-likely until contact to another archipelago had him dragged into a contract renewal.

But meanwhile, he was content to potter around the town with Pikachu, meeting the huge numbers of adoring fans, and engaging in the occasional showcase battle with famous rivals of his, like the much loved Gary, the enigmatic Paul, and the eerily similar Ritchie-who some claimed had a dark secret to tell Ash, likely the revelation of shared parentage.

Yet today, there was nothing planned but a quiet day in.

"Ash!" shouted Delia, his mother, from the living room. "This is horrible, you have to see!"

Ash groaned.
Contrary to popular belief, the feature lengths Pokemon Master movies were, in fact, based on true events. Ash just had a knack for being in the right -or the wrong, depending on your viewpoint- place, at the right time.

So some event his mother, reasonably well versed in disaster, could describe as horrible probably meant he was gonna have to save the world again.

He turned, running, skidding to a halt as he saw what was on the news.

"Multiple shocking reports are coming in of Pokemon turning on their trainers, capturing them in some form of reverse-ball, a capture ball of some type." said the news reporter, a woman.

She hesitated slightly before continuing.
"There are… many… confirmed reports of the Pokemon showing unprecedented amounts of sexual energy. They seem to be committing acts of rape."

She stopped for a moment, swallowing her disgust.
"The reason for the outbreak is unknown." she said. "All trainers without a high degree of friendship with their Pokemon have been urged to release them and head to the nearest safe area. The Pokemon Professor gave this plea."

"There are hundreds of highly trained Pokemon at most Pokemon laboratories and gyms. All citizens are urged to head for the nearest such stronghold." said Oak. Ash blinked, seeing some of his own Pokemon guarding the professor. "I am confident that the companionship between humans and Pokemon can remain. My comrades in other regions have promised aid as soon as they have ascertained whether this…. 'infection' can spread. We can all get through this… I remain sure that someone can solve this." Oak said.
Ash was sure he was looking at him.

The trainer grabbed his cap, still sitting on one of the chairs, putting it on with a determined grimace.

"Mum, I'm gonna fix this." he promised, his face-still very young, considering his real age of sixteen or so-determined, as it had been every other time it had rested on his shoulders.

Everything always did.
She nodded reluctantly. However hard she tried, she could never change his mind, and he probably was the only one.
"Good luck." she whispered sadly.
"I'll be fine." he said. "Promise you'll go wait safely with Oak?"
She nodded again, unhappily. Ash hugged her briefly, looked at Pikachu, received a nod, and left out of the back door.

Everything has a beginning.

* * *

If you're wondering, my explanation to the anime is that it's actually a cartoon. In which an expert trainer called Ash plays himself. So nya. Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed it.