Chapter 1

Today was a big day for Yui Ikari, it would be the first activation test of Evangelion Unit-01. All the effort of her hard work would be realized today with the activation of mankind's salvation. There were still many things Yui and her friend and colleague, Naoko Akagi are the two lead scientists in the development of the Evas, but being that they were part Angels, they still didn't understand everything there was to the Evas. However, they believed that at this point in time they understood enough to activate one of the giant behemoths. Yui's husband Gendo had volunteered to be the test pilot for the activation test, Yui originally wanted to be the test pilot on this historic day, but Gendo rejected the idea and insisted that he be the pilot. Yui had the utmost confidence that everything would work fantastically today. The whole world would recognize Japan's greatness for completing the world's first Evangelion.

Yui walked down the hall towards the testing room, she looked down at her watch and saw that she still had a little time so made a quick detour towards the locker rooms. She walked into the men's locker room nonchalantly, she knew that there would only be one person in there at this time. A man was sitting on the bench wearing a blue and white plug suit, round oval shaped glasses and a beard that covered his lower jaw. He sat there with his elbows resting on his knees, hands held firmly together in front of his face, it looked as if he was in deep thought. Yui walked in quietly and didn't say anything to interrupt his concentration, she leaned against a locker and simply admired him. The man sitting on the bench finally noticed the presence of another person and turned to look into the woman's eyes with a loving gaze.

"Hello Yui, you should be heading the to the test control room right about now. What are you doing here?"

"Well Dear, I saw that I had some time and thought that I would come and see you before we started the test. I'm just worried about you, are you sure that you don't want me to be the test pilot? This is my project after all."

"It's too dangerous, I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to you. I don't think I would be strong enough to raise Shinji by myself. I want to be the pilot so that I can protect the 2 of you."

"Everything will be fine Gendo. We've tested the synch ratio between myself and Unit-01 as well as yourself and Unit-01. We should have no problems with the Eva going berserk today."

"Still I feel much better going in myself then you. I love you so much Yui."

Gendo stands up and walks towards his wife and wraps his arms around ever so passionately. Yui returns these emotions to him and wraps her arms around his neck. They stay together and take in the moment.

"Please have more confidence in my work dear, I wouldn't let you do this unless I was sure."

"Of course I have confidence in your work. I wouldn't be getting into the Eva if I didn't. It's almost time, you should head to the test control room, Naoko is probably waiting for you."

"I'll see you after the test then."

They share a brief passionate kiss and go their separate ways to face their destiny.

"Inserting entry plug."

"Spinal conduction system opened. Connection established."

"Probe needle driving in."

"Prime synch established. Analyzing nerve connections. Reading of 0.035% within limitations."

"The plug has been affixed, starting first contact."

"Flooding entry plug."

"Main power source connection complete."

"Starting secondary contact, establishing interface."

"No problems detected in A-10 nervous systems."

"LCL levels nominal."

"Japanese has been affixed as the primary mode of operation."

"No problems detected with initial contacts."

"Communication lines open."

"Risk 1405 all clear. Synapse reading: Synch rate 33.4%"

"Harmonics are in normal levels. Everything is under control."

Everyone in the room got up and cheered at today's success. Hugs were passed around as the entire room rejoiced. Yui was relieved that everything was going so well, she turned to Naoko and smiled at her with such great pride. Today was the beginning of a new age for mankind, they now possessed a weapon to defend themselves against humanities greatest threat. Yui looked down at Shinji who was standing with her, because of today her son would be able to see a future and hopefully live a happy and peaceful life.

Suddenly the alarms began to ring and the emergency red lights were flashing in the room. All of the techs who was celebrating quickly returned to their stations and checked on the status of the Eva and it's pilot.

"What's going on? Give me a status report!" Naoko hollered over the sirens.

"The synchrograph is reversing, the pulses are flowing backwards."

"Break all circuits! Block the flow!" Yui quickly gave the command.

"We can't, it's not accepting the signal."

"What about Gendo?" Yui asked, her appearance was unusually calm.

"His monitors aren't responding. His condition is unknown."

"Get him out of there right now! Eject the entry plug! Disconnect the ambilical cable!"

"Ambilical cable disconnected, but it's not responding to ejecting the plug."

"Synch ratio has jumped to 500%! It's a berserker."

Unit-01 began to move and pull against it's restraints and quickly broke them. The Eva grabbed it's head and began thrash around the room that it was in. Unit-01 dropped to its knees and began to smash the floor then got up and began to bang and punch against the walls. This continued for the 5 minute duration of the Eva's battery power supply. As soon as the giant berserker stopped thrashing around and came to a halt, the QRT entered the scene and forcefully removed the plug from the Eva. When they opened up the plug and saw the LCL gushing out of the hatch, they rusheed inside to pull the pilot to safety. However, they only found a plug suit, the body of Gendo Ikari was no where to be seen.