AUTHOR'S NOTE: I shouldn't… But I am. If I didn't get this out of my head, I don't think I'd be able to focus on that one story. You know, the one everybody keeps bugging me about? …what was that called again? XD DON'T KILL ME! I PROMISE I'LL POST THE NEXT SHORT STORY SOON! I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN CHRONICLES, I'M JUST BUSY. D:

They say he was found in a dumpster with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He should have been dead. But he wasn't. Surviving death as just a infant… It still haunted him.

He'd wake up in the middle of the night as he grew up… Struggling for a breath of air… Feeling as if something was tightening, and tightening, around his neck…

Trash Baby.

That was what they called him.

He called them a bunch of assholes.

Growing up hadn't been easy for him. He'd been jaded from the moment he could walk. He grew up to be a stubborn son of a bitch. Learned to defend himself. Taught himself to fight back. Turned into a killer.

Humanity could rot for all that he cared.

So why was it, with him being the hard ass that he was, that he couldn't turn his gaze away from that baby laying in a dumpster…

"Dada," a small voice called out, big green eyes staring at him from over the rim of the large trash bin. Small hands reached for him, as tears began to flow down soft downy cheeks. Tiny lips began to tremble as the tiny babe reached out for him. "Dada!"

Even through his shine he could see those great big green eyes…

"Dada! Up?"

And so it was that Richard B. Riddick picked up the little boy that had been abandoned in a dumpster just like he had. Maybe the kid didn't have his umbilical cord tied around his neck or was a little infant, but he was a kid. A damn kid who got dumped in the trash, unwanted. Unloved.

So why was it that he hadn't been able to turn his gaze away from the kid? Why had the most jaded man cave to the whimpers of some baby he didn't even know? Why had the most wanted man, a killer of unmatched skill not even bother to correct the tiny tot as he kept on calling him 'dada' and nuzzled into his chest?

Because Richard B. Riddick was a damned fool.

Yes, yes. …I have no idea what I was thinking. Don't know if I would make a series from this or not. Especially with the others still sitting off to the side still waiting to be finished. And yes, I am implying that hard-ass Riddick is about to be… DUN DUN DUN! …a daddy. God, I fear for Harry… Voldemort won't know what hit him.