Hero. Shawn Spencer was a hero. Specifically her hero. He'd kept her life from falling apart. In his usual eccentric and barely legal way he'd saved the day and solved two murders.

Juliet was organizing her desk and closing shop for the night when Shawn walked up behind her.

"Shawn!" Juliet was mildly surprised as he leaned casually against her desk. He appeared to have something to say, but Juliet needed to apologize first. She'd taken her friend for granted earlier that day and nearly taken her issues out on him and that wasn't fair, "Look, I… really screwed up today, and I just want to say thank you for being there for me. It really meant a lot."

It was a mistake. That's…"Shawn put his hand on her shoulder, suddenly that same feeling from the diner rushed through her body, taking her by surprise. She averted her eyes which landed on his masculine arm. The warmth of his hand washed through her as he continued, obviously trying to re-gather his thoughts, "… what friends are for."

Juliet couldn't let him see the affect his touch was having on her so she, "Yeah… well… it's been a long day," Juliet nearly whispered somewhat sadly. What she wouldn't give for him to hold her, soothe the pain and worry of the day from her, but she couldn't. She wouldn't complicate her life just after having it restored.

"Well, I guess you… have to get home… and feed your parrot," Shawn responded oddly. 'What is he talking about?' Juliet wondered.

"Shawn, I don't have a parrot," Juliet rolled her eyes. He knew that. Maybe he just wanted to see her smile, but after the day she'd had she didn't think it possible.

"Well… In that case." Juliet stood stunned as Shawn moved in closely bringing his lips to meet hers. She felt herself responding, her neck arching back, bringing her lips in line with his, but she was able to regain her composure just in time. They stopped, millimeters between them.

"Shawn, what are you doing?" She asked, but made no attempt to move, willing him to close the distance between them, but at the same time knowing it would be a mistake today of all days.

"Nothing," he replied almost breathlessly his proximity making her heart flutter. She hoped he couldn't tell.

"Really, because if you're doing what it looks like you're doing it's going to be one of those things we were just talking about," Juliet whispered quickly. If she didn't keep her mind occupied she feared she'd be the one to make the 'mistake', but at the same time if felt so good to be so close to him.

"What's that?" He said closing his eyes.

His breath warmed her lips. She was paralyzed with the desire to be near him, but she had to make him leave, "A mistake," Juliet enunciated.

"I agree," Shawn replied, obviously lying, "but that's… clearly not what we're doing." He took a deep breath, he was so close she could hear his heartbeat and it was racing. God, why wouldn't he back away?

Now Juliet was intrigued. She wanted to see what scenario he could concoct that would explain their proximity, "Okay, really? What do you say that we're doing?" Juliet asked hoping anxiety and not amusement sounded in her voice.

"I call it…" Shawn paused obviously devising an answer, "very close talking."

Ah! I see," Juliet nodded slightly as she spoke, her bottom lip brushing against his, which sent a bolt of electricity coursing through her, "Do you have anything else to say?

Shawn surprised her then, "Mmmmm," Shawn hummedobviously pretending to be thinking while he placed a light kiss on her top lip as he shook his head lightly, "No, I think I'm good for now."

For a moment all the stress of the day lifted and she smiled genuinely before he stepped back.

He was retreating down the hall quickly as he bid her an all too formal, "Good night, detective." Suddenly a new stress overcame her. She took out her gun and began her stress exercise. Someday she'd give in, she'd have to or she'd break her gun.