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"Alright, well you two sections away from where dumb and dumber found the video. Continue heading east for two sections and you will be at the spot."

"Got it, have you heard anything from the police?" I asked as Garrett and Peter surrounded my radio.

"Esme did they find anything?" I asked again when I heard no reply.

"An abandoned car was found in section twelve. There was blood but no bodies." Her voice quivered as she spoke.

"We'll head up section eight first and then head towards section twelve. Let us know if you find out anything else."

"I will." We could all hear the tremors of my wife's voice as she held back her tears.

"Stay safe mother Goose," I smiled hoping that maybe it would give her something to smile about too.

"You too, all of you."

With that we ended the connection.

"We'll have to go by foot from now on." Peter said looking up at the narrowing path ahead of us.

"Let's go." Garrett grabbed the rest of our supplies and handed them out. Not more than a minute later we were trekking up the mountain.

And Now...


We were walking the mountain side for hours upon hours. There was no stopping us from reaching our children. We only took minimal breaks and they were by force only, we had to force ourselves to rest and rehydrate, it will only be our downfall if we didn't.

The sun set, the sun rose and set again. Days went on and there were still no signs of our lost children or of the men chasing them. We were following their trail, but we were still days behind them.

Esme had been keeping us up to date with what was going on back at the hotel, they had called her in as soon as the detective noticed that we were all missing. But with Esme being the amazing wife that she is managed to put them back into their place without too much hassle. She had even managed to get close to one of the younger American detectives who was on the case and gathered details about their search.

Detective Saunders was thirty two year old man, who had recently lost his daughter and wife to the Volturi gang. He wasn't going to stop until he had his revenge on his family. The night after Esme had been questioned about us, Saunders had appeared at the hotel late that night. Apparently the information the police had been feeding Esme was a load of bull. Saunders even mentioned that he believed that some of the police officers on the case were under the control of the Volturi and couldn't be trusted.

Saunders checked in with Esme every day, making sure that she was okay and she was safe. He would report back to us every night to inform us where their team was searching and if they had found anything. He told us over and over again that we needed to be the ones who found our children; he didn't trust the team out there at the moment.

"We need to move quicker, if we pick up our pace we will make it down to section twenty two by nightfall." Garrett had the map open and was tracing the path we were about to make towards the west side of the mountain.

"We can fill up our canteens here," Whitlock pointed to a fresh spring that ran straight through our desired path.

"Let's move out," I spoke and placed the map back into my bag and pulled out my canteen.

"Cullen take lead," Garrett spoke out and I nodded quickly. It may have been a good ten years since we had all used our training skills into practice but we still remembered everything – like riding a bike.

When going on hikes like these ones you need to keep focus whenever you move. So you swap leaders every couple hours. First person is all the eyes, your responsible to make sure that your leading the team in the right direction, your responsible to spot something that may be of use. The middle person or team are on rest patrol. They look around but not as attentive as the leader. It's their time to recharge their batteries. And the last person is there to make sure that the team stay together. No one is to fall behind. There had been missions were we had to walk for days without rest, you never think that you could walk and sleep at the same time, but when your that exhausted its fairly easy.

This time it was Whitlock's turn to rest. But I don't think any of us took that time to stop. Not when it was our children on the line.

I kept picturing my girls hurt and scared, begging for me to find them. I don't know what I would do if King had found Rose. If any one of them lays one hand on my children they're going to wish for a quick death when I get my hands on them.

My eyes kept focus on the trees surrounding me, they snapped to each and every break, or snapped twig or any sign of blood. Every few kilometres or so we would see a section of flattened grass, or an area of burnt out twigs or small signs that our children were here and still alive.

Then I stopped. Whitlock ran up the back of me and was about to curse at me when I slowly pointed to the small puddle of dried blood.

There were no words spoken as we gathered around the small area and searched for signs of life, or worse – a body.

"There was a fire here," Garrett knelt down near me and poked at the ashes.

"Guys," we all turned and saw what Whitlock was holding. A slither of glass covered in blood.

"Where the hell did glass come from out here!" Garrett stood up and inspected the small piece of glass.

"What about one of the jeeps, car accident?" Whitlock asked. I looked at it and quickly shook my head.

"No, car windows are normally thinner than this, this is more like a window from a house or something. And there's no angle so can't be car." I held the glass in my hand and twisted it around a few times trying to work out where it had come from. But there were no houses even remotely close to us.

"Any idea where it came from?" Whitlock asked looking back at me.

"No," I groaned and placed the glass into a small zip lock bag and placed it in my bag. We would keep it for evidence.

"I think I do," my head snapped up and I looked over to Garret who was knelt down a few metres away from us.

"There's a trail of blood heading this way," he pointed to the ground and kept walking through the tree line. I pulled my bag back on my shoulders and started to follow Garrett along the path.

We followed the trail for a good five minutes before we came across something that we never thought we would see out here. A cabin.

"What the fuck!" Garrett gasped and quickly pulled out the map from my bag.

"This is not on the map, why the hell is it not on the map!" Whitlock was looking at the map and true to his word this cabin was non-existent.

"Let's check it out," I didn't care whether or not it was on the map, what I cared about was that it was here and it was right in front of us. If someone was hurt in there, if one of our children where inside that cabin and hurt, while we were just standing out here bickering about why or why not the cabin was on the stupid map, then I'd never forgive myself.

I took lead and followed the blood trail until I found the source. There was a broken window on the south side of the house, and a small pillow on the glass trying to cushion the shards.

"That better not be one of our kids blood!" Garrett yelled and pulled himself up to the windows ledge and looked inside.

"Fucken hell!" he gasped and quickly dropped back down.

"What is it!" Whitlock and I both questioned as his face paled.

"There's a bed… there's chains at the bottom of it." Garrett grunted.

"That's it," I looked up to Whitlock and he pulled out his AK-47 and headed for the front of the house. Without hesitation we followed his league and took his flanks. As soon as we faced the front door Garrett and I stood on either side while Whitlock faced the door. He looked at me than at Garrett and nodded. With a quick motion Whitlock raised his leg and kicked in the door.

We burst inside and prepared ourselves for an attack. If there was someone in here, than they were most likely a bad guy. No one in their right mind would have a bed with chains attached to it.

My finger was right on the trigger preparing for an attack as we fanned out and searched each of the room, but they were all empty.

"Clear," I sighed and lowered my gun and placed it in the back of my pants.

"Hey guys check this out," I turned out of the dirty green bathroom and followed Whitlock's voice. I entered a small study and froze. Covering each and every wall were newspaper clippings of our kids.

"What the fuck!" the words slipped from each of our mouths as we took in the room. I turned to the left and noticed a wall completely dedicated to me and my family. Clippings of Alice and Edwards adoption, clippings of Rose being found, us moving to Chicago than to Seattle, our whole lives were documented on this single wall.

"Who the fuck are these sick sons of bitches!" Garrett yelled and threw his fist into the wall.

"No…" Whitlock whimpered and I saw him stroking a photo on the wall. I looked over at it and felt my heart break for him.

Doakes was standing behind a young blond woman with a knife to her throat. A sob broke from Whitlock's lips and he ripped the photo off the wall.

"Peter…" I stepped forwards hesitantly and knelt down next to him. I looked at the photo and finally understood who it was. Charlotte.

"Peter what happened?" Garrett spoke out softly.

"Our last mission… when I got that phone call." Peter looked up at me and I nodded. Of course I remembered it. I nodded and he continued on.

"It wasn't from Charlotte, the Volturi had her. They said if I didn't break the formation that they would kill Charlotte and then Jasper. What else could I do!" Tears streaked down Whitlock's face as he clutched onto the photo.

"That's why you early fire?" I questioned finally understanding.

'On my signal, we bust in. No earlier no later. Men this is our only chance at this, do not fuck it up.' The captain looked at each of us as we moved to each of our positions. Whitlock trailed silently behind me.

'Snap out of it Whitlock, we have a job to do.' I bumped him on the shoulder and he finally locked gaze with me. Something wasn't right.

'Sorry,' he gripped tightly onto his weapon as we moved silently along the side wall. This was it, this was going to save so many lives in the future.

I looked over to the other side and noticed the captain nodding. Almost time. One small whistle was the signal that we were all waiting for. I took in a deep breathe preparing myself but something happened. Something that should not have happened. A gun went off behind me, and then it began. Guns went off in every direction.

"They promised not to hurt my family, they promised to give them back to me safely." Whitlock groaned and wiped his eyes.

"One of their men was killed, so they killed Charlotte. Two weeks later we found Jasper wandering around the park all alone." We all sat down and took in the information that we were given. All this time I had hated Whitlock with a passion, I blamed him for everything.

"God Peter – I'm – fuck - mate." I fell backwards and leant up against the wall. This had just gone from worse to drastically worse.

"Let's keep going," Whitlock pushed up from the floor and walked out of the room. I looked at Garrett and noticed they were glassed over.

"Did you know?" I whispered. Garrett shook his head quickly.

"Fuck," I slammed my head back against the wall and groaned.

"Guys come on," Whitlock's voice echoed throughout the cabin. We quickly stood up and headed outside of the cabin. Whitlock was staring down at the ground and walking back and forth.

"Tyre tracks, looks like a patrol." Whitlock stood up and started to follow the track.

We managed to follow the tracks for a few miles before the sun set effectively cutting off our search for the night.

'Carlisle, are you there?" I quickly pulled out my radio and replied to Esme.

'Saunders' is here too, we have some information.' Esme spoke softly as Garrett and Whitlock gathered around me.

"Go ahead." I replied wanting to get anything and everything out of them.

'The detectives on the mountain have picked up a trail. They're heading through section twelve.' Saunders voice echoed through the radio.

"Were in section ten now, we will reach there tomorrow." I replied calmly.

"Are you going to tell them about the cabin?" Garrett asked and I looked to Whitlock for an answer. He shook his head and I agreed. This wasn't something that I wanted my wife to know; it would only worry her more.

'How are you guys holding up?" Esme whispered concern flooding her voice.

"Were okay love, how are you? Are you sleeping?" I questioned.

'I'll sleep when my babies are home sleeping safely in their beds.' Esme snapped. I sighed and let my head fall forwards.

'I'm sorry love, I'm fine. Please don't worry about me.'

"Please get some sleep Esme, we'll talk to you later." I spoke softly hoping that my wife was coping alright.

'Alright, I love you.' Esme whispered.

"Love you too." I clicked off the radio and placed it back into my bag.

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