This entire honking huge chapter/page/I don't care is dedicated to author's notes, summary, disclaimer, etc. If you are brave enough to skip it (which is what I would do if I was you- go figure), then do so and move on to Chapter Zero, just don't tell me I didn't warn you that this fanfic might not be what you are expecting. Otherwise, read on.

Author's Notes

Briser Le Soleil is both an AU and Independent fanfic. While browsing, I noticed that there were boatloads of Independent/Solo Harry Potter fics, but hardly any of the same for Maximum Ride. It's all FAX and romance. (Not that there's anything wrong with FAX or romance, I love reading both, it's just that I can't stand writing it myself. Still, there might be some tiny bits of romance here if I can find the right guy for the job. *cough* Fang in cameo *cough*) So I decided to come out of my shell and write a fanfic where Max is not only in an AU, but is Independent and Solo. There will be hardly any other canon characters in here except for Jeb, in other words, she will be alone.

However, I do plan on inserting some of the canon chars in cameo. They will come up later but in a different unexpected role. Max will act like Max (as much as possible, sarcasm is one of the hardest things to write that I know of), only in the way I've always seen her. If it goes into OOC…then too bad and I'm sorry. T.T; She will have wings. There will be whitecoats, only they are working for a different place than you'd expect.

There you have it. My long warning on how this is not a typical MR fanfic, but a total deviant.

I told you to skip all that rambling, but did you listen…

P.S. WHO comments on the A/N page? Seriously? Please don't bother unless you found something really stimulating on this page that you really need to talk about…On that note, I love you guys! The readers! The explorers! I love you love you love you…


I DO NOT own Maximum Ride or any of the other books/movies/video games that seem to influence this story. If any material in here sounds influenced by a familiar book/movie/video game, then – wait for it – it probably is.

Maximum Ride © James Patterson.


(I suck at summaries. Sorry DX )

Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride has a power inside of her, a power so dark, so terrible, that she must not utter it to a single soul, even the people she trusts most of all. Her entire life, she has lived inside Pandora, a government laboratory in New Mexico. All she knows about the outside is what she watches on television and what she is told by others. Max's father, Jeb Batchelder, takes her on field trips to the real world only very rarely. Her wings are stapled to her back― they can only be removed with a certain surgery that would leave her in severe agony.

One bleak day, Jeb announces out of nowhere that it's time for another field trip to the real world. Fairly eager, trying to alleviate her depression, Max jumps into the car and heads out with him. Not questioning a thing. But something is about to change. A secret so scarring that Max can hardly bring herself to face it is about to be told.

She has been chosen to be the focal point of the government's latest project – a project that will supposedly rip through the barriers of time and space.

No-one knows realizes just how wrong things will go. And when they do, it might be too late.