Hey wassup, Viperwatcher here! It's good to be back. I have been on hiatus since Second Life because...I just was. I felt I needed to take a break and so I did. I'm sorry to my readers who thought I was gone, no I wasn't. Well for my returning readers who are interested in my new story (this); I'm guessing you guys are surprised by the sudden change of topic. I decided to take a break from Halo and try something else. I've known this game for a long time now, I've actually played the original ones. I've never actually played the rebooted ones (ANB, TEN and DOTD) but don't worry I did my homework before I considered doing this. The plot for this story was very shaky. It actually took me about, I think, five(5) rewrites to come up with a workable plot.

Keep in mind though, if a few of the characters, specifically the guardians and other adult dragons, are slight OOC, I'm sorry. There dialogues have been the hardest to do for me, even harder than the elites, because I'm not used to the sudden change of grammar. Also, Spyro fanfic fans who are reading this, please take note. This is my first Spyro fanfic, don't expect me to be great because I'm not. Got that?

There may be some plot holes that I may have overlooked, I apologize in advance. I tried my best in making all the canon characters stay in character, but I had to improvise at certain points, since I really couldn't imagine how would they react. This story is rated M for mature scenes that may appear in the story.

So with all that said and done, I present the prologue of my story,

The Blue Dragon

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Exclaimer: To people who don't like the story, just don't read it.

Chapter 1


It was a nice day. There was a gentle breeze that rolled up the streets. The trees swayed merrily, following the direction of the wind. There were cars that went down the streets as the mothers and fathers went to their jobs; along with a yellow school bus that stopped at designated houses to pick up the kids.

As the people did their Monday morning routine, a fifteen year old kid was preparing for school inside his room.

"Demex! Hurry up or you'll be late for school!" shouted a voice that came from downstairs.

"Yes mom!" replied Demex Windsor as he fixed his cobalt blue t-shirt and donned on his backpack. He quickly but carefully saved the tabs on his browser (laptop), and turned the power off. He rushed out of his room and went down the staircase. He ran into the kitchen as he heard his school bus honked its horn.

"Thanks mom, bye!" said Demex grabbing his lunch bag and giving his mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't be late now." said his mother as he ran out the front door. Demex nonchalantly entered the school bus, the bus driver giving him a good-morning greeting. He returned it and walked down the hall as he the bus began moving.

He looked around and saw someone waved at him. He recognized who it was as, Josh Wilbert. It was his all time best friend. Josh moved towards the window when Demex sat next to him.

"Busy again weren't we?" asked Josh as Demex fixed his bag on his lap.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help It." replied Demex.

"You and you're dragon obsession. There just mythical creatures you know." said Josh. Demex scowled at him.

"Just, mythical creatures?" he asked. Josh rolled his eyes.

"I shouldn't have said that." mumbled Josh as Demex began his speech.

"They are not mythical creatures, Josh. Can you believe the amount of scientific research archaeologists have uncovered about them? There so many. Bones, markings, even ancient history agree with me. The medieval ages even said they've fought dragons. Well what if those dragons from that age survived? Well?" said Demex.

"But that's the problem, Demex, it was the medieval ages. Dragons can't have possibly survived from that age to the present, its impossible." said Josh.

"You just believe that. When I grow up, I want to become an archaeologist in order to prove that dragons exist. At least prove that they did exist." said Demex.

"Go ahead, there's no one stopping you." said Josh.

The rest of the day was pretty much boring for Demex. He yearned for the final bell to ring so he can continue his 'research' about dragons on his laptop. When it did ring, he was overjoyed. He went on the bus back home and hopped off it with a kick in his step.

After eating dinner, he went up to his room and turned on his laptop. He let it boot up as he showered and changed to his pajamas. He sat on his chair and pressed his internet browser. It opened, showing his earlier tabs were saved and still there. He smiled to himself as he began reading paragraphs after paragraphs of information about dragons.

You could say that Demex found happiness in what he did. Researching about dragons will brighten up his day. But there was also a lingering thought inside his head. He turned his head to turn to the window. He looked up at the stars and noted the starry sky. He sighed as the lingering thought came to the front of his head.

"I wonder what it feels like…to be a dragon." he said to himself.

Yes, one of Demex's dreams is to become a dragon, or at least dream of himself becoming a dragon. Each and everyday, he daydreams about himself flying, spreading of wings and embracing the cold wind; flying high up in the sky, the clouds underneath him. He daydreams that with a slash of his claw he could skin a tree; a whip of his tale and make the tree go down.

But alas dreams are only dreams. But Demex had high hopes for this specific dream. Why? Because he believed in the saying,

'Believe long enough and eventually it'll come true. You just have to wait for it.'

Demex sighed as he looked at the clock. It was getting past nine o clock which wasn't good for him. He needed to go to sleep. With a deep sigh he turned off his laptop and went for the lights. He turned the lights off and went under the covers of his bed. Before he drifted of to sleep he mumbled,

"I wish to be a dragon…"

This was the basic routine for Demex Windsor.

He's dragon obsession actually stemmed when he was still three years old. His dream of becoming one started when he was five years old and since then he still had it. However, Demex failed to believe in one saying that usually comes true.

"Be careful in what you wish for."

He was about to get more than he dreamed off….

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