Hello folks! Today is the start of GohanVidel Week 3.0! A week long event where participates create fanart or fanfiction based on seven themes. Like all my other entires, there will be seven stories, one posted everyday for a week. Unlike the others though, I've got a bit of a surprise on this one. Unless the summary is too vague, ya'll will have to wait until tomorrow to figure it out.

Now for the GV Week itself. The themes for these event are the seven elements: fire, earth, air, water, lightning, wood, and metal. Should be an interesting experience, if I don't say so myself.


"But Videeeeeeeel, I don't wanna…"

"And I don't care if you don't, you're going and that's final!"

"But…it's hot in there."

"Of course it is! It's a volcano!"

"And you know what's in volcanoes, right? Lots and lots of magma! You can melt to death in that!"

Videl couldn't help but growl. Gohan was being a wimp about this whole thing; it was only a volcano. He'd been through worse than that.

Currently, both teens were standing at the top of the smoking mountain, fighting over who would go into its fiery depths. Well, to be honest Videl was standing; Gohan was squatting as he faced the large opening in front of them. The dark haired girl had figured with the amount of ki blasts and explosion the Son boy had been through in his life, a little thing like lava would've been a cake walk for him; after all, how else were they to collect the dragonball within it?

For two weeks, the teens had talked about going on a dragonball hunt. The idea itself had been born of a curiosity between the two classmates. Both had wondered if they could actually gather all seven without the help of the other more experienced dragonball collectors. Since both each had a hunt under their belt, they at least had an idea of what they were getting into.

Of course, when it came time to tell their respective parental figures about their plans, things had gotten a bit tough. While Gohan's dad had been all for the two going, Chichi had put her foot down hard enough to crack the floor. Anything that took time from the demi-saiyan's studies was something that would not be tolerated. It was only when the two had said they were the only ones going that she suddenly changed her tune. Both teens couldn't help the shudder that ran up their spines as they noticed an evil gleam in the woman's eye.

Now, if Chichi had been considered a speed bump in getting permission, Hercule had been a road block. "I will not allow my daughter to go gallivanting with some boy!" he had yelled.

Unlike their confrontation with the Son matriarch, Videl had taken a more offensive strategy with her father. Threats and curses were rained on Mr. Satan until he consented; all of which will not be mentioned in this fic.

With a couple stops to gather supplies and acquire the dragonradar from Bulma, the teens had set off on their quest. Everything had gone alright until they had reached the location of the first dragonball; that one being located somewhere in depths of the fiery mountain.

"Son Gohan, if you don't start looking for that dragonball, I'll make sure you regret ever waking up today!" the Satan girl threatened.

The Son boy's only response was to whimper like a kicked puppy. Truly a heartbreaking sound but Videl wouldn't have it. It was fortunate that her friend was facing forward rather than her. It gave her a great vantage point to enact her plan B.

And what was plan B? Well, to start, plan A was to ask Gohan to climb down into the mountain and search as much of the rocky walls as he possibly could. Whereas plan A was a friendlier, gentler method, plan B was the complete opposite: force the demi-saiyan into that smoking hole whatever means necessary.

Positioning herself juuuuust right, the Satan girl pulled one of her legs back and swung it forward. Her foot connected with Gohan's posterior and launched from his crouched postion and high into the air. Videl could faintly hear the cry of surprise coming from the Son boy as he fell into the volcano opening.

What had he done to deserve this? He'd been good all of his life. He never disobeyed his parents…except that one time, but there was a good reason for it! He was even a model citizen in a city that he didn't even live in! How many other people can say they saved innocent people's lives wearing a superhero disguise?

And what did he get in return? A swift kick to his butt and a fall into a mountain full of liquid hot magma. It was enough to make a boy cry from the injustice of it all.

That was when the Son boy realized that he was still falling. Hmm…it would probably be a good idea to start flying right about now. Focusing his ki and pushing it underneath him, Gohan soon stopped his descent and began floating in midair. Well, since he was down here already, he might as well take a quick look around before going back to Videl.

Drifting to a side of the volcano walls, his saiyan eyes focused on the rock. Hmmm…no, not there…nope…nah uh…well, it wasn't on this piece of wall. Time to move to another spot.

As time went on, Gohan checked every nook and cranny. Each place revealed nothing to the Son boy as sweat dripped down his body. If he didn't know any better, this whole place was getting hotter. Of course, he had been drifting closer and closer to the magma below him; that might have explained the increased heat.

Fortunately, he managed to locate the precious dragonball. Unfortunately, it just so happened to be sitting on a rock that jutted out of the molten rock. Closing in on it, the demi-saiyan was soon floating right above the small ball, parallel to the lava. Reaching out, his fingers barely touched the ball before he jerked them back, hissing as he held his hand.

That ball burned him! That hadn't happened before as far as he could remember. Why would it do such a thing after everything they've—

Wait a minute. This ball was in a volcano. Volcanoes produced a lot of heat. Thus the dragonball should have been hot. For a split moment, the Son boy nearly hit himself in the head. It was all so logical. Geez, this heat must've been getting to him; probably a good idea to get out of here.

"Here goes," he muttered to himself as he once again reached for the ball, grabbing it and pulling it off the rock. Apparently the ball had been wedged into a small nook as he had to wiggle it out. The end result was the same though, as he held the gem in his hand.

That was when Gohan let out a shrill cry as he threw the dragonball into the air. Ai yi yi! That burned! Blowing at his palm, the demi-saiyan saw a round burnt mark, indicating where the dragonball had rested in his hand.

Wait…dragonball…where was the dragonball? Looking frantically around, the Son boy finally located the ball as it fell through the air towards him. Reacting immediately, he caught the ball, only to feel the painful burning sensation in his hands once more.

Letting out another cry, he tossed the ball back into the air, only to reach out for it again as he fell back down to him. Like a hot potato, the demi-saiyan juggled the ball, always catching, crying, and throwing the dragonball back into the air.

Finally, the supposedly smartest kid at Orange Star High tossed the ball high into the air. Ignoring the burns on his hands, he grabbed and pulled his gi shirt off and held it out in front of him. As the dragonball descended once more, Gohan caught it with his awaiting shirt, wrapping the excess of shirt around the jewel.

Finally, he had full possession of the dragonball. Time to head back to the surface. Flying up towards the opening, Gohan couldn't help but let a smile crawl onto his face.

It was then, though, that his nose smelt something. Sure he had smelled the awful stench of sulfur and smoke the entire time he had been in the volcano; but this smell was different. In fact, there was a small trail of smoke rising into his face. Looking down, he immediately located the source.

Oh dear Kami, the dragonball was burning a hole through his shirt!

Letting out a cry of surprise, the Son boy flipped his cloth-covered parcel around, where bottom was on top. Putting on more speed, Gohan found himself out of the volcano in seconds. Locating the rim, he landed on it and dropped his shirt on the ground and unwrapped the ball. Carefully, he slid the shirt out from underneath the ball until it rested solely on the stony ground.

Holding up his shirt, the boy nearly cried. There was dark spot right on his shirt along with a hole. The dragonball had burned straight through what appeared to be the front of the gi and had just started on the back apparently. Just great; another shirt ruined!

Because of this distraction, Gohan never noticed Videl standing a few feet away from, staring at his sweaty torso. A bright blush was working up his neck and onto her face when she managed to stare her eyes away from the boy and look straight in front of her. That…didn't work out so well as her eyeballs moved to observe from the corner of her eye.

It was only a matter of time before certain fantasies invaded her mind.