I'm dedicating this piece here to Ms. Videl Son. She helped me developed a bunch of this after we spent two nights of me throwing ideas at her. Had a previous one about a bank robbery but that fell through. So this one came to life and I'm glad of it. Thanks MaMa!

And this is the end of GohanVidel Week 3.0. I hope ya'll enjoyed this story or at least my attempt at writing a story with seven different themes. I think I could've done a little more, especially between each dragonball site. Oh well, that's another issue for another time. Anyway, thanks for reading everyone!


Videl stared down at the fallen Gohan, her eyes wide enough to make dinner plates look small. On the Son boy's face, a large red imprint was appearing. Nearby laid a large hammer, seemingly trying to look harmless.

The Satan girl had no idea how it had happened. The two teens had just landed in front of this large building, the apparent location of the last dragonball. Neither had suspecting anything as they approached the door and the dark haired girl opened it.

And as the door had opened, the "harmless" hammer came flying at the girl. Immediately, Videl ducked down as she shouted "Look out!"

Gohan, unfortunately, didn't heed the warning as the hammer nailed him right in the middle of his face. For a moment, neither teen moved until Gohan fell over, swirls appearing over his eyes as the hammer dropped to the ground.

Videl stared at the boy from her crouched position before sweatdropping. "You don't listen well, do you?" Shaking her head, she stood up and watched as the Son boy wallowed in his near unconsciousness.

"Oh my Kami! Are you two alright?" a voice called out behind her. Turning, Videl saw a large, bulky bald man hurrying over to her. He was wearing a very thick looking apron over a simple pair of jeans. There wasn't any form of shirt that she could see, though he did have a tattoo of a diamond on right bicep.

"I'm alright," the Satan answered him, as he came to a stop next to her. "But I can't say the same thing about my friend. He's a bit hardheaded when it comes to taking warnings."

The large man stared down at the boy for a moment. "We can't just leave him like this. Can you pick up my hammer for me? I'm gonna move him to a more comfortable place."

Bending down, he scooped the Son boy up and carried him into the building, Videl turning her head to watch him as he disappeared into it. Looking down to the hammer then, she sighed as she moved to pick it up. She had little doubt it would be heavy for her and she wasn't mistaken. Though she didn't feel like she was straining herself, she did take note of the weight.

With the hammer in hand, she then entered the building, immediately observing her surroundings. A large fire pit was off on the wall opposite the door, roaring with a bright blaze. A large anvil sat near it with a pair of clamps resting on top of it. Between the fire pit and anvil sat many different works of metal. Chairs, fences, statues, swords, and other metal object filled the room. No wonder that man was wearing an apron; this was a blacksmith's workshop.

Towards the left back corner, the Satan girl noticed an open door with light pouring out of it. Walking over to it, she soon found herself in a much smaller room. While the previous room had been wide opened with very little useable furnishings, this room held a long cabinet top with a refrigerator at the corner of it. There was also a couch in here, which was currently being occupied by a dazed Gohan. This must've been the break room or so Videl surmised.

Placing the hammer near the door, the Satan girl sat on one of the armrests of the couch, staring down at the Son boy. A couple minutes passed before the large man appeared once more, this time with a few rags. He walked over to the fridge and opened the top door. Some shuffling could be heard as he placed something in the rags and then tied them up. Must've been ice she thought. Closing the door, he then walked to Gohan and placed the rag bag on top of his head.

It was then that curiosity got the better of the dark haired girl. "Can you tell me why you were throwing hammers around?"

An embarrassed look covered his face. "I was working with a new material and it wasn't responding. Nothing I did altered it and I got frustrated and threw my hammer. I wasn't expecting anyone to suddenly appear and get hit by it."

Videl nodded. "So what was this material?"

The man huffed. "I have no earthly idea. What ever it is, I wish I never met it. It's been the bane of my life for the past two days!"

The Satan girl frowned. "Where did you find it?"

"In the woods. I was getting more wood for the fire pit when I noticed it sitting on the ground. It was the size of a ball and sparkled brightly. I couldn't help but pick it up and take it back here to see if I could use it."

"You wanted to use it?"

"Of course. There aren't many times a blacksmith can work with something other than metal."

"And you couldn't make it work."

The large man scowled. "I don't know why. It's like its indestructible or something. And the weird thing is, it doesn't look like it would be! I thought it was some form of glass or something."

Videl was slowly getting a suspension that she knew what this blacksmith was trying to use as material. "Is this ball about the size of my fist, orange, and with a number of red stars on it?"

The blacksmith jerked his head to look at her in astonishment. "How…how do you know about that?"

The Satan girl grinned. "Because that's what me and my friend were looking for when we arrived at your shop. Mind if I take a look at it?"

The man shrugged his shoulders. "I suppose so. It should be over by the anvil."

Nodding, Videl stood up and left the break room. Moving to the anvil like the smith had said, she soon saw the dragonball sitting on the ground next to the wall. Picking it up, she then went back to the small room.

As she entered, she immediately saw Gohan staring to sit up, holding the rag full of ice to his forehead. "Ow, my head," he mumbled.

Videl smirked. "Looks like your hard head is coming in handy, Gohan. If you were Sharpner, I think you would've been knocked out for a week."

"I'm so sorry, son," the large man apologized. "I didn't mean to hit you with my hammer."

"Is that what that was?" the boy replied.

Videl shook her head, amusement on her face. "Don't worry, sir, he'll be alright. He's taken harder hits than that, believe me."

Holding out the dragonball, she then asked "Would you mind if we took this off your hands?"

"Take it," he answered. "If I ever saw it again, it would be too soon."

"You ready Gohan?" Videl asked, her eyes back on the demi-saiyan.

"I suppose," he said as he slowly got up.

"Thanks for the ball," the Satan girl said before taking the Son boy's arms and leading him out of the room, heading towards the exit.

"You kids take care," he called after him.

Once they were outside of the building, Videl spoke "We got the dragonball."

"Uh huh," was Gohan's reply. "I don't know about you, Videl, but I think I need to lay down for awhile. Can we head back to the cabin?"

The Satan girl smirked at him. "Sure tough guy. Let's get you into a nice bed so you can sleep off your little headache."

"…not funny."