Just the Spark in the Downpour

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The Beginning .


She knew they blamed her.

Even if it was a little.

Even if they didn't mean to.

She was the last one to see him in the village after all.

She knew they couldn't help but ask if she could have done something more than cry and tell him she loved him to get him to stay.

They thought she knew him a little better than that.

She had realised this a long time ago.

Even if they didn't say it aloud.

She would meet with Naruto and Sai like normal, train with them, eat with them, laugh with them… She really enjoyed it…She did. But she knew. Although Naruto would never admit it himself, ha, she didn't even know if he knew he was doing it.

But he blamed her a little. He thought about it all the time. It tore her heart into smaller pieces than it was already left in. She would catch him staring at her occasionally - with sad, hurt eyes and when she would eventually look up, he would beam at her and smile as if everything was okay.

She couldn't bear to watch him. So she promised him, that she would bring Sasuke back, somehow.

For some purely selfish reasons and some not.

For the fact that she wouldn't have to have Naruto's accusing eyes on her back every day whether they meant to burn into her or not.

For the fact she could talk about him openly without feeling guilty.

For the fact she knew he was out there with another team, and how it tore her and Naruto apart.

And if Naruto died trying to retrieve Sasuke for her, she could never live with herself.

And for the fact she loved him.

Some people said it was impossible, but what do they know.

"Tsunade-sama, I would like a mission please. Any will do."

"Ah, yes I have one for you and Nar-"

"No. I would like a Solo mission this time Shishou..."

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