So, I have to say I almost didn't post this little one shot. I don't think it's nearly as good as my other writings. However, I thought, what the heck, some one might still like it, and posted it anyway.

Besides, who can resist the call of "Sky High"? That movie just begs to have a sequel, doesn't it? This is not a sequel, seeing as that would be difficult to fit into a one shot, but instead just an answer to an interesting thought; what would Barron Battle feel about all this? And now that he knows what its like to be a hero, how does Warren feel about his father?

Anyhoo, I hope it's still interesting reading. Please, enjoy!

Dear Warren,

My contacts have informed me that you've fallen in with the Commander's son. I must say, I am surprised. I pray daily that you still follow the greater path and that this is a rather ingenious plot to get to 'em from the inside (you always did have you mother's brains) but if not… I am extremely disappointed.

Come visit me. We have much to discuss.

Your Father,



Seriously, I didn't expect to be hearing from you, but since you wrote, yeah, I'm hanging out with Will now, and no, it's not some crazy plot. For reasons unknown, I actually like the kid. Something happened lately, stuff went down, and I won't put up with your bull anymore Dad. Yours is not the greater path. Hell, I'm not sure there is such thing as a greater path, but if there is, yours isn't it. I never really wanted to follow in your shadow, and I don't intend to, especially now. There's these people, who well, they annoy the crap out of me most of the time, but they put up with me, and that's more then most of the assholes around here. They've shown me some stuff, stuff I never learned from you, stuff I kinda already knew, but didn't get until they showed up, corny as all that is. And yeah, I did get Mom's brains. I'm smart enough not to screw up my life like you did. I want more than that. And I don't really care if that "disappoints" you.

I'll give you time to accept that before I come visiting. I expect you're a bit too pissed off to see me right now.


So yeah, now you see what I mean. Warren's voice is just soooo hard to nail down, especially considering that this is written, not spoken. So, review if you can, tell me how I did. Thank you for reading!