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"Rosalie, relax. Everything is going to be fine. We just have to sign a few papers and we'll be parents. Just like that; like we've always wanted." Em soothed into my ear as he held me in his arms. We had traveled all the way from Cold Bay to Anchorage's Adoption Centre. Both Emmett and I were now waiting for the midwife to come out with our child; my child.We were lucky enough to have a man (or vampire) like Jasper on our side, who talked the company into giving us the first new born that was looking for a family, to us; two apparent 19-year-olds who had already tried for a baby but without success. If only that were true. It was extremely unusual here… but this had started eight months ago already. We waited for three months until Kate; a young 17-year-old girl went to the company asking for help. She was four months pregnant, the father of her child wanted nothing to do with her, and she knew she couldn't afford it all alone. Her baby needed a family, kind supporting parents like Emmett and I. Nobody needed to know who we were; what we were. We could raise this girl; no matter what problems were to come for us. I didn't care anymore. I deserved to be a mother just as much as Esme did…just as much as Bella did. I was going to be a mother and Emmett would be a father. That was the way it would be, and I didn't care who or what got in my way… because in the end, I'd get what I wanted. And I wanted this girl.

"I know, Em, I know." I replied tonelessly. I was far too anxious to meet our daughter that I could barely concentrate on what Em was whispering to me. But my thoughts never changed. If I were alive right now, my heart would be probably be pounding at over one-hundred miles per hour.

"Mr. Cullen and Ms. Hale?" asked a gentle voice to my right.

"Yes, Stacy?" replied Em quickly reading her name from the name-tag that was perfectly placed over her right breast. She was thin, fair skinned, had blonde hair, and a kind smile stamped on her face.

"Congratulations, you're parents" and in that moment all my worries, hopes, dreams that had been accumulated for the past 234 years of my existence, were shattered and fulfilled all at the same time. I was a mother. Me, Rosalie Hale; 234-year-old vampire that was forever 19, was a mother. "Would you like to meet your daughter?" she gestured to the long hallway that stretched out behind her.

"Yes," I choked out breathlessly. I couldn't believe it. I would finally get what I wanted. It had been 134 years after the birth of Renesmee and the turning of Bella. I had watched Bella and Edward raise Nessie in fast steps; watching from behind curtains and enviously glaring at the three when they'd play outside… one big happy family. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely grateful everything had worked out well for my brother… but now it was my turn. I'd get to raise this child, for real; like a human mother would. From baby to toddler to child to teenager to adult (to vampire). It was my turn.

We followed Stacy down the hall; the constant white walls and white marble floors making me more nauseous by the second. We stepped into a small, squared room that had a desk at the far end with one chair behind and two chairs in front. There were two bookshelves, one on each side of the desk, a water machine to the left corner when you walked in, and various different plants and flowers such as orchids and lilies that gave the perfectly organized room a final touch. On the desk which I assumed was Stacy's, there was an IMac FV, a few papers that were (again) perfectly piled up, a small circular container that held a couple of pens and pencils, a stapler, a hole puncher, and in the middle of the table at the very front where the two chairs stood, was a small sign that said, 'Mrs. Stacy Merriweather'.

Stacy gestured for us to take a seat as she did the same on the other end, "Ok, so before I take you into the room, I'll need you both to sign here," she pointed to the bottom left corner of a smaller sized page with antique handwriting that scribbled over it horizontally, "and here," she dragged her index finger to the right corner of the page.

Emmett signed first and I eagerly took the pen from his hand and signed as well, having a hard time to keep up to a natural human speed. I left the pen on the table and waited for our next instructions. At that point I was willing to do anything to get my daughter. "So you have already given her a name, filled out the family book, have her passport except for the missing photo which we'll complete later, signed all the papers for adoption, payed the bills for both the adoption and for the birth of this girl; now all we're missing are your fingerprints incase anything were to happen," Stacy finished as she opened a lower drawer to her left and took out some papers with Emmett's handwriting written over them and an ink pad. "Oh, and since you're moving in the next month, don't be surprised when some of our people go and have another house check in your new home. You say you'll be staying with your parents?" she looked at Emmett.

"Yes, our family likes to stay together… we will be living in a smaller house next to the main location, but it will still be on my parents' property," Em answered nonchalantly.

"Ok, that's perfect," Stacy nodded again and again. "May I?" she looked down at Emmett's hands and back up to him. Em stretched out his arm and let her take his much, much larger hands in hers as she pressed his finger on the black ink pad and then on the papers next to it. She repeated the same movement with each of Emmett's fingers. On his last finger she said "There we go," to nobody in particular and handed Em a wet paper towel so he could clean out his hand. Stacy repeated the same process with my hand and also handed me an identical wet towel as to Emmett's. "Here are all her papers," continued Stacy as she straightened the stack on her desk and put them inside a transparent folder, then handing it to me. "Should we?" she stood up, scooted in her chair, and walked to the door.

I tucked the papers in my bag and inhaled deeply hoping it would help; it didn't. Emmett put one arm around my waist as a comforting gesture and together we walked out of the room, Stacy a few steps ahead of us. We followed her down the hall and took a left into a wing that indicated, 'Rooms 150-286'. Half way down this new, but familiar looking hall, Stacy stopped at room 212 and turned around to face Em and me. "I thought a private room might make the moment more tangible and realistic," she smiled, "are you ready?"

We both nodded and I could feel Em tighten his grip around my waist. We'd both been waiting for this moment for far too long. Stacy's hand gripped the handle and pushed the door open, slowly creaking on its way.

There, next to an uncomfortable looking bed, was a crib decorated in pink lace, and I knew that inside lay my daughter. My child. Our girl. "I'll leave you three for a while now," smiled Stacy as she kindly excused herself out of the room; leaving us alone. I couldn't take it any longer; I had to see her, to hold her. I rushed at an inhuman speed across the room and stared at the most beautiful creature I had ever set eyes on. She was so small, with hands and feet the size of half my finger. Her mouth hung open, the corners tilting into a smile; she had big blue eyes, and small black curls forming over the top of her tiny head. She stretched her arms out towards me and yawned, closing her eyes tightly in the process. I slowly scooped her up into my arms and simply stood there, staring; for it was all I could do. I felt Emmett's eyes look intently at her as well. We stood there for minutes, in silence, cautiously looking at every motion our daughter did. But all she'd do was snuggle against my chest and sleep.

I heard the door crack open and recognized six very familiar set of footsteps, "How are the new parents doing? You've been in here for ages! We started to get worried," whispered Alice as she took her first glimpse at our daughter.

"Where's Ness – uh, Renesmee?" asked Emmett, cautiously correcting himself before Bella would. It might have been 134 years after her birth, but some things never changed. I smiled.

"She left this morning. She's with…" Edward paused to clear his throat, "with Jacob." Like I said before, some things never changed, especially Edwards despise towards Jacob who was 'irrevocably in love' or whatever, with his daughter.

Again, we all stood there staring at the newcomer to our already large family. I held her in my arms for the first half hour or so, not needing to sit on the bed or shift my weight. I was just fine the way I was and I could have stayed like that forever if it weren't for Em that forced me to pass her around the room, so that each member could hold her for a while. She was small, so fragile, but she was nonetheless ours.

I finally had what I wanted. Everything would work out. I'd protect her no matter what got in our way. I'd die for her. I'd do anything for her. She was mine. Just like her birth certificate stated,

Luna Cullen

Daughter of Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale


My Luna.

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