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Rated: T

Things Are Going to be Different Around Here…

The transporter beam seemed to take forever to return them to their own ship, their own universe. She felt as if she were holding her breath, long, too long, and as they materialized she felt dizzy. She walked the corridors alone, she thought, but as she neared her quarters the dizziness returned and she stumbled, only to be caught by strong arms. She slipped into unconsciousness, but not before she realized whose arms held her. Spock. Spock?

She awoke slowly, the activity in sickbay a buzz in the back of her mind. Something was different. She felt a change but couldn't pinpoint it. Familiar voices nearby caught her attention.

"But he was fine when I checked him over! He showed none of the signs of the traksemia that affected Uhura," said McCoy.

"Nevertheless, the Captain is dead. I have notified the Imperial admiralty and will take over the captaincy of the Enterprise."

"I thought you didn't want to be captain."

"I did not seek the position, Doctor, however circumstances warrant…."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say Spock, I mean Captain." McCoy chuckled. "I suppose we'll see Marlena at your side now, eh? Lucky you."

There was a pause. Spock lowered his voice. "On the contrary. My…interests lay elsewhere."

"Well, well, well, you sly dog. Good luck with that."

She kept her eyes closed, but felt an unmistakable warmth draw near. She opened her eyes.

"When you have fully recovered, Lieutenant, I have a few matters to discuss with you."

Something in his tone made it sound like this discussion wouldn't be purely professional. And something in his eyes made her hope that it wasn't.

She smiled up at him. "Aye, Captain."