Chocolate Covered Strawberries

"This means war, Takano Kyouhei!" Sunako had just about enough of his dazzling the darkness out of her!

Story 11

All's Fair in Love and War

"This means war, Takano Kyouhei!" I shouted, grabbing my katana and hunting for the dazzling creature that caused me so much grief.

Creeping through the hallway, I couldn't find head or tail of Kyouhei. However, I knew he was in my room a few minutes ago. I could tell: one of my DVDs was missing.

Okay, I was assuming a lot, but who else ever goes into my room? Takenaga wouldn't steal one of my precious movies, and Yuki and Ranmaru can't stand to look inside it (wimps). Noi almost never went into my room either, but like Takenaga, she wouldn't take a movie especially not without asking me first.

Oba-chan would have cleared out the room of all my belongings and thrown them away if she went in, which is why I never let my aunt see my room, and the guys have their own reason for not letting Oba-chan see me.

Which means it must have been Kyouhei.

I returned to my room, having found no sign of the blond at all and stopped. Kyouhei stared at me.

"My movie, where is it?" I hissed.

"Back on the shelf. It was too old for my liking."


He rolled his eyes and left the room. I hate him. I really hate him. I don't care what he thinks. No body disses a classic. I knew that from Noi. When she and Takenaga watched Casa Blanca, she wouldn't talk to him for three weeks because he fell asleep.

Okay, the situation's different, but the reason's the same.

Kyouhei was going to be begging me for mercy after this.

I'm not sure what I was actually thinking anymore.

I snuck into his room just as he was about to go to bed and I tackled him.

No. It wasn't like the time that necklace made me strip naked and straddle him. That led to a much more embarrassing situation in which I thought that I was dressed when in fact I was stark naked.

But I digress.

My plan was to catch him by surprise.

That was the only part that worked. What happened next got me by surprise. He smiled, got out of my lock, flipped me over so that instead of me on top of him, it was the other way around.

My intentions, I assure you, where simply to scare him or something of the sort. But him pulling the strings on me was completely out of my calculations.

"Did you forget I have a secret weapon I can use against you, Sunako Nakahara?" he purred. That alone scared me. And how could I forget about his "secret weapon"?

What might that be, you ask? His ability to shine brighter than the sun.

I literally thought I was going to melt! For real this time! Instead, after I'm drenched with sweat, shivering, and on the verge of passing out with a nosebleed, he picks me up and tosses me out.

"All's fair in love and war, Honey."

I knew that.

That was part of my philosophy at the time all that had happened. And he certainly played it out to the full potential. I hate him, but to be honest, I have to admire his cunning. I might have to derive a new strategy. Of course, it might put my reputation on the line.

But as Kyouhei said: all's fair in love and war.

Sunako knocked on Kyouhei's door.

She heard him grumbling and shuffle to the door. When he noticed what she was wearing, he woke up and froze. "S-Sunako, what are you—"

"I thought about it, and you're right."

"I am?"
"All's fair in love and war."

"Then this is…"

"Ah, then we're at war, huh?"

"That's right."

Kyouhei smirked and pulled her closer, just enough to wipe Sunako's own smirk off her face.