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Chapter one

My early years

It was the year 1818, a year previously I lost my older sister, Madelaine, to sever heart problems. It had been a week since my brothers and father had been murdered by thugs in the street. My mother Guinevere grief stricken had disowned me for their deaths. She stood across from me crying as her friends comforted her. The funeral was two days after the murder, and the people of our town had wept for the loss of our best hunter and his heirs for over six months.

My father had been the only man in our town to take on any creature that attacked at will. He used his bow and seven arrows to hunt. Occasionally he took Johnnie and Lou hunting with him. Training them to fight.

I had no choice but to haunt the streets of Paris searching for work so I could have food and shelter. At first I worked in a hotel as a maid, then I moved on to being a seamstress in Les Femme Boutique. My jobs never lasted long due to my being 18 but looking from the bright side I got more trades that way. One night I found a job at a café called Bloody Mary's. It housed thugs from all over France. All were despicable, had no manners, and perverted all the waitresses and select few waiters…

It was the first night on the job for me, a complete cluts. I was having lots of trouble serving so I was put to the kitchens. I met a young girl around my age, with whom I got along with splendidly. Her name was Isabelle White. She was tall with long deep red hair and warm cobalt blue eyes. Her skin was very pale, and she moved with a grace no one else possessed. By far she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life, and I found myself in a constant state of admiration towards her. She worked night hours at the café in the kitchens. She was the smartest girl I had ever met and I was curious about her and found out all I could. Her father was a nobleman in Italy. While her brother and sister were merchants. Her mother had died when her younger sister had been born.

Isabelle and I were grew close to each other over the short hours we had together every night. We continuously conversed about things which never made sense to talk about, such as the colours of the rainbow. We would go home together and just sit and relate to one another. She was the sister I no longer had. She and I stayed up all night just doing our own thing. Sadly even we had our own curfews. The daytime was spent sleeping so we could remain awake while cooking in the evenings. She was kind, and had an auraaround her that emanated power and understanding. You could see by her eyes that she had intellect beyond her years. She was a hugging person with a strange fascination with necks...she was physically affectionate, always hugging people, always pressing greeting kisses on my cheeks as she entered the kitchen where I cooked.

We were different though. She was the beautiful intellect with a future, I was just a pretty face. She was religion less as I was, and we often debated God and the Devil. Our most common debates were: Why are we here? Are we here for a reason, and if so what is that reason? Do we live empty lives and then just stop? Of course we had no answers for each other and usually when these questions came up we would not speak for days. Both uncomfortable about talking to the other on life and death. However nonreligious, we were scared of death I suppose. We wondered like everyone else on where we go and if we go anywhere at all....

"Dawn, it is time to get up we're late." I groaned as Izzy shook me awake. "Come on sleepy head! We are late!" She persisted, "Nahhww." I argued. Izzy always woke me up. I was a heavy sleeper when I wanted to be, and with the hangover I had then it was no surprise to her when I fell out of the bed. "Well at least you are out of there." She said to me in an amused voice. One rude hand gesture and she was on me. Despite being girls we did have our own little play fights. We did not mean to hurt each other only to give a few bruises. Laughing we climbed in some warm water and quickly bathed. We then ran as fast as we could, while looking decent, to Bloody Mary Café. Panting hard we gathered ourselves up in front of it and opened the door.

"Sorry we're late monsieur Johan! Dawn over slept." Izzy explained. "Hey, you attacked me! And I had a hangover!" I defended myself touchily. "Alright no fighting here! Just get to work. We are having an open mike night to celebrate the new year tomorrow so I need all hands on deck." Mr. Johan said exasperatedly.