Building Rome: Silence

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Rome wasn't built in a day…neither was Castiel and Sam's friendship.

Disclaimer: Don't own them. But we knew that already.

Sam pushed his laptop away as it continued to its download of ancient Greek text. It was going to be a bitch to translate and hopefully worth it. He sighed as he grabbed the newspaper that was left in the motel room. He flipped through it to find the crossword section. He dug through his bag and pulled out a pen. He folded the newspaper back and started to work on the puzzle.

Park or Spandex Wearer

He grinned slightly.




Another name for a donkey


He didn't lift his head when he felt a light breeze. He should inform Cas that Dean wasn't here.

Young Tree


"Dean isn't here. He is out."

He didn't want to explain what "out" meant. Bizarre wouldn't begin to describe it if he had to have that conversation.

Trinket on a Bracelet


"I know. He is busy…trying to mate with a young female."

His pen paused for a second. It was too late for not having a bizarre conversation with an angel.

"He does that from time to time."

"I notice."

Then came the uncomfortable silence. He really had no clue what to say. Conversations between him and Cas were short and to the point. He glanced up and then down at the newspaper. His pen started moving again.

Tennis Shoe


Head of A ____.




He heard the chair shifted slightly. He glanced up again to see Castiel still sitting there. He was staring at the wall…or maybe, the wallpaper. He could never really tell with Cas.

"You know…I could take a message," He said.

"It is important."


He turned his attention back to the puzzle.

Part of a Plane Use for Balance


Bear down on or Grip


He heard another squeak of the chair. He didn't bother to look up this time.

"You could come back."

Unhealthy or Sickness


"It is important, Sam."

Tranquility, stillness



He glanced up at Cas, who was still staring at the wallpaper. The angel finally turned toward him and blinked.

"Interesting wallpaper?"

"I found the pattern to be fascinating."

He turned his attention to the wallpaper. It looked liked same old motel wallpaper to him. Then again, he doubted that the angel have seen that many motel walls before. Who knows? For all he knew, Cas has seen a millions of motel walls and find them all fascinating. Unless of course, he was…..He almost started laughing. He just grinned slightly as pushed the paper toward the angel. Cas looked down at the paper in confusion.

"What is this?"

"It is a word puzzle….a crossword to be precise. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues. See? These are the clues."

"Why would I want to this?"

"Would you rather stare at wallpaper for a few hours?"

Cas looked at the paper then at him. He pulled the paper toward him and picked up the pen. He watched as Cas's face turned into a deep concreation as he focus on the paper.



"What if the word doesn't fit into the spaces?"

A small grin formed on his face.

"Tell me the word…"


When Dean came back a few hours, he was greeted with the strangest conversation ever. Trust him, he had quite few strange ones.

"It fits into the white spaces, Sam," Cas said as he gave Sam the "I-am-right" look.

"Yes, it does…" Sam said as he looked at the paper.

"And the answer proper matched the clue."

"It does."

"Then why do you say it wrong?"

"Because the answer grid said it is wrong."

Cas's face turned into a utterly confused look.

"Then…the answer grid is flawed."

He could tell by his brother's face that he was trying hard not to laugh. The same thing went for him.

End of Silence

Next Chapter: Throwing Stones

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