Building Rome: Promise Made, Promise Kept

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Dean wasn't the only one who made a promise that day. Castiel made one too and he is going to keep it. Tag to Swan Song

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Today, Bobby was hunting vampires.

He was doing a remarkable job at it…at least, that is what Castiel thought.

There was five vampires' heads lying on the ground. Bobby was in the process of cutting off a sixth one when he sensed a seventh one approaching. He didn't want alarm Bobby of his presence but he didn't want to see his friend injury in anyway.

Dean would have been proud.

He cheated.

With the wave of his hand, a root sprung from the ground and tripped the vampire. Bobby turned around and sliced the blade across the vampire's neck.

He watched as Bobby panted and mumbled curses under his breath. His eyes did a quick swipe of the area then he wiped his blade clean on one of the corpses' clothes.

"You know that I didn't need any help, you idijit."

He blinked in surprise. How did Bobby sense him? He shouldn't be surprise anymore. The Winchesters found ways to surprise him…Bobby has the same habit of doing the same. He appeared in front of Bobby in a blink of an eye. Bobby stumbled back in surprise.

Bobby grumbled softly as he stepped away.

"Damn, boy. Warn a person."

"I apologize."

"Well… Since you are here, you can help burn the bodies or you don't do that anymore since you are the head boss now?"

He tilted his head and waved his hand. The vampires' corpses vanished. He made sure that he didn't leave a trance. Bobby grumbled a thank you.

"Probably, have to burn the clothes."

Bobby's head snapped toward him.

"Don't get any ideas to help me with that problem either?"

"I have none such thoughts."

"Good. Now, why are you here?"

His throat tightened and his eyes turned away.

"I merely want to see if you were well."

He felt Bobby's stare burn into him. It made him look up and his eyes met Bobby for a brief moment before Bobby turned away. He didn't need to say it out loud. Bobby knew. Bobby knew of his promise he made that day. He felt his hand touch his arm.

"Come on, Cas. Let me cleaned up and let's get a drink. Figures we need one."

He couldn't agree more.


Today, Dean was watching Ben play soccer.

He didn't understand the concept of the sport but the children seemed to enjoy it. The parents, grandparents, and guardians were cheering them on. Dean was cheering Ben on. But he could see that it took Dean a little more effort to cheer. The lines of grief still painted Dean's face. He could feel his pain radiate from here. He wished that he could offer comfort.

He knew that his presence isn't welcome here.

But he made a promise.

He made sure that he "watched" Dean's back as Sam would put it. This town was under his protection. Dean was safe from demons that he hunted and from the angels who broke him.

It was only thing he could do.

He hoped that time would heal his friend's soul.

As he continued watching as Dean's face morphed from happy to pain, he wondered if that was possible.


Today, Sam has been in hell for 36 days or 32 years if he thought about it the other way.

Most days, he didn't want to think about it.

A part of him…the very unangel part of him that formed while he associated with Sam and Dean…he wanted to pull his friend from the cage. He wanted to rage against the unfairness.

Another part of him…the very angel part of him…knew…just knew.

It made him rage all the more.

He stared at the simple wooden cross that marked the spot of where the cage was.

He knew humans talk to grave stones in hopes to voice their thoughts, to share memories, and ease their emotions.

He knew Sam couldn't hear him.

But maybe….maybe…

"Bobby is doing well…and so is Dean. They miss you greatly. Bobby just finished a hunt against a group of vampires. Then later, we shared drinks. I don't believe he was terrible upset that I intervened. Dean….Dean is healing the best he can. And I….you can only image that heaven is in chaos. Joshua has been a great in his assistance but it has been trying. Some days, I want to run from the responsibilities place on me. But Father gave me this task and I am not afraid of it."

His hand dug into one of his pockets of his trench coat and pulled a newspaper. It was already open at the crossword section. Most of the puzzles were solved on the board. His eye caught one of the clues.

Number 12: _ wasn't built in a day.

It only took him a moment to figure it out. For the past two years, he had learned much from Winchesters. He learned about a host of human emotions, alcohol, coffee, hamburgers, and ice cream. But this…this he learned from Sam.

"How much long do we have?" He said as he stared at the open road. He had no idea how long it would take them to get to the warehouse. It was trying trip. Full with a nervousness and a need to stop the virus before it would be unleashed on the world.

"We won't get there until midday," Sam said as he continued to drive.

"I…I do not understand how you can wait so long to arrive at locations."

Sam chuckled.

"Rome wasn't built in a day, Cas. You are going to have to wait like everyone else."

He took out a pen and wrote a single word on the newspaper.



A/N: This is the end of this tale. Part of me is quite sad that this story has come to end. In the beginning, I had no intention of this story to last as long as it did. Originally, it was going to last until my Bloody Valentine. But the more that Sam and Cas interacted…the more the ideas kept flowing. It was like yay for Team Awesome. I have been asked if there is going to be sequel. The answer is yes. I can see Cas and Sam's friendship changing after Sam's little trip. Season 6 can't come fast enough! I want to thank everyone for your wonderful reviews and support. You guys are totally awesome.

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