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Chapter One
The New Arrival

It was 1979 and Emily and Jonathan Bailey were awaiting the birth of their second child. Their first child, Preston, was already seven years old and they so desperately wanted a brother or sister for him. They'd been trying to get pregnant for five years and really thought it would never happen, so when it did, they were overjoyed.

The Baileys' had gotten the old nursery, in which Preston had spent his first two years of life, repainted in yellow and white, as they'd no idea what sex the new baby would be. They'd hired a decorator/designer to do some of the soft furnishings; such as curtains and cushions and to make a colourful mobile for over the cot.

The Baileys' had always lived in the same house, passing it on from generation to generation and it was now owned by Jonathan, as his parents had died leaving the property to him.

Nanny Wright, or Louisa, as Emily and Jonathan called her, had been working for the Bailey family for many years; she was a trained nanny, who'd originally been employed by the Baileys' to take care of Jonathan's baby sister, Miranda, who unfortunately died of Leukaemia, at the age of nine. The family were absolutely devastated by the tragedy, as was Louisa. Expecting to find herself unemployed, she was overjoyed to be asked by Joan Bailey, Jonathan's mother, to stay on and work as their head housekeeper. Having gotten so close to the family, and because the Baileys' had grown to love her, she was happy to stay on in a different capacity. Several years later, when Preston was born, Jonathan and Emily asked her if she'd mind going back to being a nanny and Louisa was delighted to do that.

Now that Emily was expecting again, Louisa started ordering all the necessary items to make life convenient for a new mother, wanting everything to be perfect.

Louisa was thrilled to be having another little Bailey to look after; however, she was very worried that Preston was unhappy about the pending arrival having overheard him talking with his friends who'd warned him that, when a new baby arrives, the other children in the family get forgotten. Louisa had tried to put Preston's mind at ease, explaining that that would never happen to him, and how wonderful it was to have a brother or sister. Unfortunately, he was taking some convincing. His parents had discussed, in depth, how they would handle Preston's insecurities, deciding they would involve him in everything they did with the new baby, so he'd feel included and have no reason to be jealous.

"Only another month now" Emily said, rubbing her large tummy and looking lovingly at Jonathan.

"I'll be glad when baby Bailey arrives; if you get any bigger you'll be pushing me out of bed!" Jonathan joked. They both laughed, and Emily slapped her husband on the chest and said "stop teasing me; I'm actually not that big, nothing like as big as I was with Preston anyway."

Emily got tired very quickly these days, with the extra weight she was carrying, and said to Jonathan "I just have to go to bed now darling, otherwise I won't be very bright tomorrow when we take Preston to the Zoo."

"OK Em" he said, "I'll walk you up stairs and tuck you in." Just as they'd got to the top of the stairs Emily suddenly felt very uncomfortable and a sharp pain shot through her abdomen causing her to double over in pain. "Are you OK Em!?" Jonathan asked, with concern in his voice.

"Oh my goodness Jon, I think the baby wants to be born!" she said with a shocked expression on her face and holding on to her tummy.

"Don't panic Em, I'll get your bag." Luckily Emily had already packed a bag for when the baby was due, or in case of an emergency like this. "We'll be at the hospital before you know it" Jonathan said, "just breathe like they taught you at those classes we attended." He was trying to keep himself calm, but inside his stomach was in knots, and he hated seeing his beautiful wife in pain.

Of course, because Emily had had a baby before, she initially thought she had plenty of time and cleaned her teeth, brushed her hair and wrote some instructions for Louisa, the fact that she was a month early didn't appear to faze her at all, but inside she was terrified!

"Oh! Ouch! Oh my goodness Jon, that was a big one! I'm definitely having contractions! I guess we'd better get to the hospital as soon possible or I think baby number two will be born in the house!" she said. They rushed down the stairs, Jonathan carrying Emily's bag in one hand and holding his wife's arm with the other. Upon reaching the hallway he shouted for Nanny Wright, who was just giving Preston his supper before sending him off to bed. "Louisa! Louisa! Emily looks like she's gone into labour, can you hold the fort until I get back please!?"

Louisa rushed into the hall and saw them standing by the stairs with Jonathan looking quite shocked and Emily with a pained expression on her face, rubbing her tummy and moaning.

"Don't worry about a thing" Louisa said, hurrying them out of the door, "I can take care of Preston and the house; just telephone me when the little one arrives, I know you're early Mrs Bailey but I'm sure everything will be alright, try not to fret dear."

"I'll do my best Louisa, ooh!" Emily replied.

"Of course we'll ring you Louisa" Jonathan said, as they rushed out the front door and into the car.

They arrived at the hospital about ten minutes later, having had all the traffic lights against them, and rushed into St Thomas' Hospital. Emily was immediately taken to be examined by her obstetrician, Doctor Pine, whom they'd both known personally for several years. Doctor Pine came out to see Jonathan and said "You were right to bring her here now, she's definitely in labour, but don't worry, Emily and the baby are just fine, the baby's coming now whether we like it or not." The doctor looked at Jonathan's worried face and went on, "Jon, we have the most brilliant facilities here for tiny babies and we have highly trained staff, they couldn't be in better hands."

Jonathan felt relieved until suddenly he heard Emily shouting from inside the room where she'd been examined. "Please! I want my husband here with me now! Please get him, I need him, he should be here!"

A very young nurse rushed out into the hallway and asked Jonathan if he was Mr Bailey.

"I am" he said "can I go and see my wife now? I heard her shouting for me."

"Yes please go in, they're about to take her to the delivery room and you can go with her, I assume you'll want to be there at the birth?" the young nurse said.

"I most certainly do!" he said, feeling rather nervous about it but looking forward to seeing his new son or daughter. He ran towards the examination room and saw Emily was already being pushed on her bed into the corridor. As they came out he rushed to Emily's side, caught hold of her hand and held it very tightly. He tried to sooth her, which was quite difficult, as the bed was being pushed so fast he had great difficulty keeping up. Emily looked so scared and vulnerable and Jonathan, who was now quite puffed out, said "you're doing fine darling, don't worry Em, I'll stay with you, breathe sweetie! breathe!"

They'd only been in the delivery room for about ten minutes when Doctor Pine said "push Emily, push, the baby's almost here." Fifteen minutes later the tiny baby was born. "You have a beautiful little boy Emily" he said.

"Do you want to cut the cord Jon?" he asked, offering a pair of scissors to the new father.

"No thank you! I might do something wrong! You do it, please!" Jonathan said, with a look of horror on his face.

"No problem Jon." The doctor said, cutting the umbilical cord. "There you go; all done."

One of the nurses quickly picked up the baby and took him over to the other side of the room where she checked he was breathing properly, had all his fingers and toes and was generally in good health. Smiling as he cried for the first time she put him on the scales and weighed him. "Five pounds three ounces, that's not bad at all Mrs Bailey" she said, as she held the baby who looked absolutely adorable and had lots of dark hair. She cleaned him up while Doctor Pine explained to the new parents that, because their son was early, he would have to stay in the incubator a little longer than a baby who'd been born full term, explaining it was standard procedure and nothing to worry about.

He let them kiss and cuddle their tiny boy for a few minutes and then put him in the incubator, where he'd be kept warm and his breathing could be monitored and controlled. The nurse carefully pushed the glass sided incubator to the side of Emily's bed, where both the new parents shed tears of joy on seeing their special little boy looking so cute.

A few minutes later the baby was taken to the nursery where all premature babies had to go to be cared for. On seeing the look of concern on Emily and Jonathan's faces the doctor explained that theirs was far from the smallest baby he'd delivered and lots of babies smaller than him survived with no problem at all. He was very reassuring and told Emily that as soon as the nurse had cleaned her up, and done the other necessary things following the birth, she must get some rest.

About forty minutes after the baby was born Emily was lying in bed with Jonathan by her side. She was unable to sleep, not because she was worried about the baby's health anymore; it was more to do with what to call him! They'd not previously gotten around to discussing names and after about twenty minutes they'd thought of several; unfortunately, none they both liked. Emily was deep in thought, running name after name through her head, when suddenly Jonathan said "what about Stephen!?"

"Oh no, please!" Emily said "that reminds me of that horrible man who used to work at your office, what about Nigel, after your cousin who died last year?" she suggested.

"Wow Em, what a brilliant idea!" Jonathan said, jumping up off the chair and kissing his wife on the lips "Cousin Nigel would have been thrilled to bits if he knew we were naming our son after him. I do miss him Em and I think Nigel's the perfect name to choose. I've just thought of something too, it's 10th May today so it would have been his birthday in two days time, seems even more appropriate!"

"Yes that's right it would be, oh I'm so glad we both agree on that name" she said with a really big smile on her face, looking lovingly into Jonathan's eyes. She'd always loved the name Nigel and she knew Jonathan had loved his cousin, like a brother; she was just rather surprised that she hadn't thought of the name earlier!

"Yes, Nigel it is! Now Em please try and get some sleep" he scolded, "I'll go and call Louisa and Preston to let them know that all's well, but I think I'll find out where they've put Nigel first before I ring them."

He found the nursery very easily, as you only had to listen and you'd hear the cries of the babies! Nigel's got a good pair of lungs on him, he thought, for someone so tiny! His thoughts then came back to the reason why he'd left Emily and went over to the phone booth which was situated just outside the nursery, and called Louisa.

"Louisa, we have a tiny baby boy, we're calling him Nigel, he has to stay in an incubator for about a week but he's just fine" Jonathan babbled on excitedly.

"Oh that's just wonderful news Mr Bailey, I love that name too! What did he weigh and does he look like either of you?" she asked, secretly hoping he looked like Emily!

Jonathan told her the baby's weight and said "you'll be able to tell who he looks like tomorrow when you come to see him, can you come about 10 o'clock?" he asked.

"Yes, I can have Preston ready by then ... Oh, do you want me to wake him now so you can tell him the news?" she asked.

"No I think it'll be best just to let him sleep if he's already gone to bed" he said, thoughtfully.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow" Louisa said, putting the telephone down and thinking; I bet Preston won't be in the least bit interested that the baby's been born!

Jonathan stayed all night with Emily, sleeping on and off in the chair by her bed. The following morning, although he was very tired, he was looking forward to seeing Preston and showing him his new baby brother.

Nigel was brought in to see his mother at about 7 a.m. She was so happy to see him and thought he was the most beautiful baby in the world, bar none! It occurred to her, of course, that all mothers think that about their babies, but several nurses commented on how adorable he was. She cuddled her little boy and stoked his head; the joy on her face was a picture. Having had problems breast feeding Preston, who wasn't getting enough milk, she decided she would use a bottle for Nigel. Following his feed he was taken back to the nursery, although Emily wished he could stay longer and looked forward to going home to be with all of her "boys."

Nanny Wright and Preston arrived at the hospital at just after ten, having been met at the entrance by Jonathan. They were taken up to Emily's room where Preston immediately ran over to his mother's bed and said rather loudly "hello mummy, are we going to the Zoo in a minute?"

"No sweetheart" she replied "we can't go now; your new baby brother has arrived and we have to stay here and look after him, he's so tiny and precious darling, you're going to love him."

"Not if it means I can't go to the Zoo I won't!" Preston said, looking very annoyed.

"I'm sorry darling; we'll have to take you another day, you're a big boy now so you should understand that Nigel, that's his name sweetheart, needs mummy and daddy to stay here and take care of him, now come over here and give me a big kiss" she said, holding out her arms to her young son.

"I don't want to give you a kiss! I don't want the baby! I want to go to the Zoo!!" Preston shouted and stamped his feet, beginning to have a tantrum.

"Preston, behave yourself" Emily said, "You know I won't tolerate rudeness! If you continue to behave like that you'll get a smacked backside." He sat on the chair and sulked but he knew better than to protest any further having gotten a threat like that from his mother.

Louisa sat beside Emily watching how Preston was behaving, not feeling one bit surprised as she'd been expecting him to act up. However, wanting to put Emily at ease she said "Preston will get over it; he's just disappointed about the Zoo, I'd take him myself but the decorator's coming back this afternoon to put the finishing touches to the nursery. He's bringing that mobile you ordered, the pictures and the new curtains, which is lucky really as you're going to need the room finished earlier than you thought!"

Just then Jonathan came in and said to Preston "come on old man, come and see your new baby brother, you'll be amazed how tiny he is!"

"I told mummy I don't want to see him daddy" Preston said very sheepishly.

"Why ever not Preston!?" his father asked.

"He's already stopped me going to the Zoo, daddy, and my friends are right, you won't even notice me when you bring him home" he said, with a very sad look on his face.

"That's silly Preston" Jonathan said "you know we'd never forget about you, we love you very much and we're extremely proud of you. Now your new brother's waiting so let's go and see him." He held out his hand to his son, who took hold of it, and they began to leave the room.

"Are you coming Louisa?" Jonathan asked, leaning back into the room.

"I'll be along in a minute, show Preston the baby first" Louisa said thoughtfully.

He gave Louisa a nod, and left with Preston, who was holding his hand but dragging behind.

"That's him" Jonathan said, pointing at the sweetest little thing imaginable, near the window. "Isn't he tiny? You were much bigger than that when you were born; mummy thought she'd had an elephant when you arrived!" He was desperately trying to cheer up his eldest son.

Preston smiled at his father's little joke, and said, with a thoughtful look on his young face "yes I suppose he is tiny, but I still think he'll be nothing but trouble!" He looked up at his father and continued "I will try to be a good boy though and help you and mummy with him when you bring him home. Do you think they'll come home today?"

"Well son" Jonathan said in a gentle voice "I don't think they'll come home just yet, but I'm so pleased to hear that you'll help us when they do. I'm sure you'll grow to love Nigel very soon and he'll love you too, after all, you're his big brother! I'll come home with you and nanny later on and you can come back and see them again tomorrow, how about that?"

"Alright daddy that'll be nice" Preston said, thinking that there was no way he was ever going to love Nigel, even if he was so small.

Jonathan arranged a welcome home party for Emily and Nigel when they came out of hospital and Preston helped with the balloons and streamers. At the party Louisa commented that Nigel looked just like Emily, pointing out also that Preston resembled his father. Preston had been dreading his brother coming home but once he was taken up to the nursery, Preston hardly knew he was there at all. He went upstairs to see him, out of curiosity, a few times on his first day at home, and several more times over the next few days, and began to think it wasn't so bad, after all, having a little brother.

When Nigel was just over a month old Emily got around to taking Preston to the Zoo. As a special treat, because Preston had been so well behaved and had become such a good brother to Nigel, she allowed him to have a ride on an elephant, which he thoroughly enjoyed. At the Zoo Preston bought a fluffy little polar bear for his brother and ran up to the nursery, as soon as they got home, to give him his gift. Nigel immediately cuddled up to the bear and went to sleep and from that moment on Nigel and the bear were inseparable.

The following months were very busy for Emily and Louisa; the time simply flying by with all the feeding, changing, bathing and visits from the nurse to weigh Nigel and check his general health. They included Preston in everything they did with him and he seemed to be very happy having Nigel as a brother.

Emily always tried to take Nigel to the doctors for his inoculations, leaving Preston with Louisa, feeling it was important to give her baby son her full attention after he'd had an injection, as he'd usually cry. However, on one particular occasion, when Nigel's inoculation was due, she had to take Preston with her, as Louisa had a dental appointment and needed some time off.

She carried Nigel into the office to see Doctor Price, taking Preston in with them. Nigel immediately cried upon seeing the doctor, as he had done ever since his first inoculation. Doctor Price asked Emily to hold Nigel very still while he gave him his injection, saying "he certainly doesn't like me does he?!" Nigel screamed very loudly when the needle penetrated his tiny arm and Preston, who'd been watching his baby brother get more and more distressed, shouted at the doctor "you leave my baby brother alone! He's only little why did you hurt him?!!"

"Preston! Preston!" his mother said, trying not to be angry with him "the doctor is only making sure that Nigel doesn't get sick, he has to have the injection sweetheart, you had it when you were little too! Now say sorry to the doctor for being so rude please!"

"I'm sorry Sir I thought you hurt him on purpose" Preston said, still not totally convinced that he didn't!

Nigel stopped crying after about a minute of getting a nice cuddle from his mummy, who said to him, "there's a good boy, it's all over now sweetie" and kissed him on the top of his head. Doctor Price then came over to tickle Nigel's tummy, but as soon as he saw the doctor was about to touch him, he started crying again. "I'm so sorry doctor" Emily said "the boys aren't being very well behaved today I'm afraid."

"Don't worry; it happens all the time, I'm actually very pleased to see that Preston's showing concern for his baby brother. I remember how worried you all were that he'd hate having a new baby around, so it looks like you were all wrong! As for Nigel, well, an injection's not a nice thing, so it's quite understandable that he'd cry and dislike the person administering it. I hope he'll get over his dislike of me when he's a big boy, like Preston though!" the doctor said, looking at the young family in his office, whom he liked so much.

Five Months

Preston had always been allowed to go into his parent's bedroom, first thing in the morning; for a cuddle and to play with them. When Nigel was five months old they decided to let him join in the fun. Following this decision, Louisa would go into the nursery at about 6 a.m. change Nigel's nappy, give him his bottle, and then put him back in his cot. At about 7.00 a.m. Preston would come in, pull down the side of the cot, pick up Nigel's polar bear and lift his baby brother out. Nanny Wright was always there to supervise, in case Preston found this difficult. Nigel began to love this time of day, knowing that his big brother was going to take him in to see his mummy and daddy and would squeal, and kick his legs in the air with delight, as Preston pretended to make the fluffy polar bear "speak." Emily loved to tickle her baby, who'd giggle so cutely, making everyone laugh. This family time would last for about half an hour and then they'd all go down for breakfast which their cook/housekeeper would have ready for them.

Nigel was a very happy little baby during these early months and Preston continually showed how much he loved him, realising he was getting just as much attention as he got before his brother was born. Nigel loved to be kissed and cuddled by everyone in the family, especially Preston who liked to tickle him as well. As Nigel got bigger, Preston couldn't lift him out of his cot anymore, so Louisa took over, realising what an important part of the day this was for them all.

Emily and Jonathan both worked, Jonathan was a Professor of Economics and Emily was a Lawyer. Emily had taken time off work during her later pregnancy, and during Nigel's first few months of life, however, as soon as her little son was six months old, knowing he would be fine with his nanny until she got home, she went back to work.

Ten/Eleven months

At about ten months old Nigel began to speak a little, his first word being book! His next were mama, nana, dada and peton, as he couldn't quite manage Preston. He seemed to understand everything that was said to him, although his parents wondered if they were making him out to be special just because he was their baby. They weren't, in fact, doing that, as he really was pretty amazing and was super intelligent!

He started walking at eleven months old, having barely crawled at all, forcing his nanny to constantly watch him, as he was into everything! One day Preston forgot to close the back door, when he'd gone out to play, allowing Nigel to wander into the garden where he found some pebbles by the flowerpots and picked them up. Suddenly a large beetle crawled onto his hand, causing him to scream really loudly, as he'd never seen one before, and didn't like! Louisa, on hearing his cry, ran outside where she saw him shaking his little hand and toddling towards the garden gate, which was wide open! She caught hold of him, before he got out, and immediately spoke to their maintenance man who fitted a bolt on the gate

One Year Old

When Nigel was a year old the family realised just how bright and intelligent he was. He constantly amazed them by the things he did like changing the channels on the television so he could find his favourite programmes. He didn't watch baby shows at all, preferring documentaries on animals, dolphins and whales. He loved listening to music too, usually classical, and always found the correct channel. The amazing thing was he seemed to know when his preferred shows were on; he couldn't possibly tell the time they thought - no, he couldn't, but he did know that when the clock looked a certain way, a particular programme or show he liked, would be on!

Nigel's most favourite thing to do was look at books, he'd sit for hours flipping through the pages which had lots of pictures in, as well as writing. His mother would watch him sometimes, finding it quite fascinating the way her little boy would study the individual pages. This, at least, gave Emily and Louisa a rest, as they didn't have to continually run after him, as he'd be quite happy just sitting on either of their laps "reading". He would also sometimes do jigsaw puzzles, which were made for six year olds, piecing them together very quickly. Unfortunately, however, Preston began to notice that Nigel was being paid a lot more attention now that he was walking and talking and taking an interest in many things, and this made his jealousy surface again.

Emily and Jonathan, although being pleased that their little son was exceptionally bright, wanted to ensure that Nigel had a normal childhood. They didn't, at this stage, want psychologists and the like poking Nigel about to see how well he would do with this or that test. They knew that if they made too much fuss about his abilities; that could happen, so they kept it in the family for as long as possible. They knew they could afford to pay for a very good education for him, and Preston, so at least they had no worries on that score.

Nanny Wright thought Nigel was just amazing too and having looked after many babies before she looked after Jonathan's younger sister, she knew what she was talking about! She'd simply never come across a more brilliant baby than Nigel, who brought so much joy into her life. She loved Preston dearly but Nigel needed her so much more and she became absolutely devoted to him.

Eighteen months old

At the weekend Emily, and sometimes Louisa, would take Preston to the playground, situated on one side of the park. They took Nigel too, so that he'd get some fresh air, but he'd always stay in his pushchair and look at a book. At eighteen months old though, Nigel was getting slightly chubby, probably because he preferred books to running. Neither Emily, nor Louisa wanted him to get too overweight and felt it would be a good idea for him to get some exercise. Thinking he might enjoy the playground rides they pushed him around on the roundabout which, unfortunately, made him sick! The same thing happened on the swings, but he loved the slide, and he liked the sandbox, until he saw a spider crawling in it and screamed to get out!

The playground in the park was set out in two sections; one for the under threes and one for the older children. There was a red fence around the perimeter, with a blue fence dividing the two areas, with a yellow gate in the middle. Preston loved all of the rides and never suffered with motion sickness.

One Saturday Emily and Louisa took the boys to the playground where Emily asked Preston to play with Nigel while she discussed some domestic matters with Louisa. While they were deep in discussion Preston, who'd taken to calling his chubby baby brother Podge, took him over to the area set aside for the older children and forcibly lifted him onto the big roundabout. Nigel shouted with alarm "no! no! I get a bad tummy Peton, no! no!" Preston didn't take any notice of his little brother's cries to let him down; he just pushed the roundabout faster and faster and laughed. Preston clung onto the back of Nigel's trousers, keeping him from falling off, as they went round and round, Nigel feeling woozier by the minute. He cried out as loudly as possible to his big brother "Peton I sick, stop! stop!" Emily and Louisa, on hearing what they thought was Nigel shouting, looked over to check on the boys, but noticed they weren't where they were supposed to be! Following their initial shock, they looked to the other side of the fence, saw what was happening and ran over to the roundabout. Emily stopped it and Louisa picked up Nigel, pushed the hair out of his tearful eyes and noticed he was practically green! Preston thought it was very funny but he soon changed his tune when Nigel turned away from Louisa and threw up all over his shirt!

"You idiot Podge, look what you did!" Preston shouted at his little brother. Nigel just clung on to Louisa tightly, as he hated being shouted at.

Emily and Louisa were both really upset with Preston and his mother said in a very annoyed tone of voice "what on earth do you think you're playing at Preston; you know Nigel can't take roundabouts!!"

"Mummy I'm sorry, I was just having a bit of fun; I thought Podge would enjoy the roundabout if he got over that silly sicky thing" he said, trying to look innocent.

"Well he didn't enjoy it did he young man!?" she said, thinking I just don't believe this!

"No mummy he's such a cry-baby, but just look what he did to my shirt, dirty little boy!" he said trying to make his baby brother look in the wrong.

"You've only got yourself to blame Preston, now you will have no television for a week!" she said, as she handed Louisa a handkerchief.

"That's not fair mummy" he shouted and stamped his foot.

"Would you prefer a smacked backside young man?" she said very sternly.

"No" Preston said very sheepishly, looking down at the ground.

Louisa wiped Nigel's face with the handkerchief and Nigel took it off her and tried to help by wiping his own face and mouth. Louisa put him down on the floor and he went over to his big brother and said "I sorry I sick on you Peton" and he tried to clean off Preston's shirt with the handkerchief.

Preston moved back out of the way of his mother and Louisa and said to Nigel, in a whispered but angry tone, "leave me alone Podge, I won't be able to watch television this week because of you!"

"No, you a naughty boy Peton, you not play nice, why you do it?" little Nigel asked, completely confused by his brother's behaviour.

"Just because, now leave me alone!" Preston said. Nigel walked over to Emily and put his arms up to her so that she would pick him up.

They took the boys home and Emily immediately took Nigel up to bathroom where the last traces of vomit were washed off. When he was nice and clean she carried him to the nursery for an afternoon nap. Pulling the side of the cot down and kissing his forehead, she playfully tickled his tummy and noted, with surprise, that he didn't giggle. He just looked up at his mummy and said, as if he'd been mulling it over "mummy Peton not love me."

"Oh sweetheart, of course he loves you darling, he's just naughty sometimes, now go to sleep and I'll come and get you in an hour or so, you can play with Preston then, alright?" He smiled at her and said "yes mummy." They blew each other a kiss and he curled up with his little polar bear, and went to sleep.

Emily went back down to the drawing room where Preston was wishing he'd not put his little brother on the roundabout, as he was missing his favourite television programme at that moment in time.

"Preston darling, Nigel thinks that you don't love him, that's not true is it?" his mother asked.

"No mummy, I do love him, it's just he's so difficult sometimes, I think he just does things for attention. Why can't he play on the rides like all the other children? He makes such a fuss!?" Preston said, looking quite miserable.

"Preston, Nigel is just one of those babies' who suffers from motion sickness, he can't help it; he certainly doesn't do it deliberately, it's just something he was born with but with any luck he'll grow out of it.