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By: Tech-Man


"And we're clear," Freddie announced motioning towards the two girls before him. For a moment he was struck with just how much they had changed over the course of iCarly. The gang was now in their senior year of high school preparing for graduation in less than a month. All three were going off and attending the same college. They just thought it would be entirely too weird if they separated after so long together.

Freddie continued to put up the equipment as Carly and Sam began discussing the plans for the weekend. A freak accident at the school had closed it for the remainder of the week. Freddie was fairly sure that it was no freak accident and the real reasoning behind the accidental spill was currently standing across the studio eating a piece of ham. Idly, Freddie wondered where she had pulled that piece of meat from, and knowing Sam the possibilities were endless.

The relative quite of the studio was what brought Freddie out of his own thoughts. Looking up from the cart he could see Sam and Carly standing in the farthest possible corner whispering. While it would not have bothered him if it was only Carly whispering; it was the mad hand gestures that Sam was making that caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. Then, almost as if on cue both girls stopped their conversation turning there heads and looked straight at him

Carly looked from Freddie to Sam then back at Freddie a small smile gracing her features. "Freddie," Carly called grabbing the attention of the self proclaimed tech-geek. "Would you be a friend and go grab Sam and I smoothie's from the Groovy Smoothie," Carly asked as sweetly as she could.

While he really didn't mind going to the Groovy Smoothie he really didn't feel like going alone. It would be nice if at least one of the went with him. Unconsciously, his eyes drifted over to the blonde headed demon that was looking at Carly like she had lost her mind. "Why don't we all go down there. I am almost done putting putting the equipment up," Freddie responded.

Lightly, Carly elbowed Sam in the ribs earning herself a glare from the blonde. "Fine," she whispered to Carly before locking eyes with Freddie. "Come on Fredifer, go get mama a smoothie," Sam asked adding, "for me," almost as an after thought.

Freddie sighed heavily before turning and walking out of the studio door. Letting the door shut behind him he stopped just before walking down the stairs. While it was true that most of the time the two girls ordered the same thing it was always a safe bet to check with Sam first. Nothing like walking all the way to the Groovy Smoothie and back only to be told he bought the wrong smoothies.

Turning from the stairwell, Freddie prepared to open the studio door when her heard Carly and Sam talking. Their voices drifted through the wooden door were harsher than he could remember ever hearing from Carly and Sam; at least while they were talking to each other. Well, I guess there would be the one exception of when they were fighting over the window cleaner lift. Curiosity getting the better of him Freddie crouched down next to the door. The voices were coming through surprisingly clear. He would have to remember than if he ever thought about holding a private conversation in the studio. Pressing his ear tighter against the door he nearly choked on what he was hearing.

"...ever. You are on some serious chiz Carly if you think the Queen of dorks and nubs has a crush on me. I know mama is a hottie, but come on this is Freddork we're talking about. He is in love with you not me," Sam said her voice trailing off into a whisper at the very end.

Freddie felt a momentary pang of hurt at the blonde's words. If the truth were know he had started to develop feelings for his constant tormentor. After they had shared that kiss all of those months ago he had started looking at her differently. Then after the incident with the taco truck and Carly, the feelings were solidified. He had really hoped that his feelings for Carly would return in full force after she had agreed to start dating him, but Sam had been right. Carly was in love with the act and not with him. That blow would have been detrimental to his psyche had he not realized that he was in fact falling in love with the demon.

His interpersonal inspection was interrupted by the continuation of the conversation on the other side of the door. "Look Sam," Carly pleaded, "I know how Freddie looks at you when he thinks you aren't looking and I know how you look at him. You two just need to realize that the other is looking in the same way," Carly continued

Freddie could just see the dumbfounded look that he knew Sam was giving Carly. "Listen Shay, I think that you are delusional. I may think that the nub looks a little, and I mean a little, better than he has in the past, but that doesn't mean that Mama has any feelings for him," Sam argued.

Freddie hung his head. Well, that at least confirmed what he already believed. That Sam really did hate him and that his feelings were once again wasted on someone that would never return them. He silently cursed himself for always falling for the wrong girls. It never failed, as soon as he started thinking that maybe she would be the one it inevitability went down hill from there. Thinking about just standing up and heading towards the Groovy Smoothie, he was interrupted when Carly's voice started up again.

"I thought we weren't going to keep secrets from each other," Carly asked a hurt tone to her voice. Sam sighed before her shoes could be heard stomping on the floor. "Please Sam, I thought we were best friends and best friends tell each other everything," Carly pleaded. Freddie could see that lost puppy dog look on her face. Se was entirely too talented at using that look.

"Fine," Sam spoke barely above a whisper. Freddie had to really press his ear against the door in order to be able to hear what she was saying. "I may or may not like the tech-geek more than normal," Sam said.

"I KNEW IT," Carly screamed scarring Freddie bad enough that he fell backwards. Luckily, Carly was making enough noise that neither heard him fall. "You have to tell him," Carly screamed jumping up and down in joy.

"Absolutely not; and you sure as hell better not say anything Shay if you know what is good for you," Sam threatened.

"Fine," Carly agreed, "but I want to make a bet with you."

Freddie laughed quietly at that. Carly always told Sam and Freddie that their little bets were wrong. It would never fail that if they bet the usual, she would try and get them to get them to drop it. He could only imagine what a bet made by Carly would be like. Freddie's laughter was cut short when Carly finished her thought.

"I'll bet that if you purposely flirt with Freddie over this next week that before it is over he will ask you out. If I win, and he does ask you out you have to accept the date," Carly said the pride evident in her voice.

"And if he doesn't," Sam asked. Freddie could imagine her crossing her arms across her chest and cocking her hip to the side.

"If Freddie doesn't ask you out then I will never mention that you like him again," Carly simply answered.

"Deal," Sam announced. "Mama doesn't want to hear anything more about the dork. Besides he will NEVER ask me out," Sam finished.

"Remember Sam, you have to actively flirt with him," Carly reminded the blonde.

"Yeah, yeah," Sam mumbled. "Where is that dork with our smoothie's," Sam announced her shoes echoing as she walked towards the door.

Freddie bolted upright and ran as fast as he could towards the door of the Shay's apartment. This was going to prove to be an interesting week...

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