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By: Tech-Man


"Mom, this isn't fair! We weren't doing anything," Freddie pleaded with his mother who was currently blocking the doorway of his room. He currently stood face-to-face with his mother trying to use his height to his advantage. After the complete fiasco from the previous night, his mother had grounded him and if he did not stay away from Sam she would be sending him to SOAP (Son's of aggressive Parents) for the duration of his senior year.

However , if he didn't leave for school right now he was going to risk being late. "Please mom, I need to get to school before I'm late."

"You and that heathen were most definitively doing 'something', and I will not have my precious little boy used by that demon child. Now, you hurry up and get to school, but I expect that you will return from school directly after. You are still grounded young man," she waved her finger in his general direction, but thankfully, as far as Freddie was concerned, she moved out of the way allowing him to head toward Ridgeway.

Freddie scrambled out of the apartment and down the stairs. If Carly and Sam left according to their normal schedule he would have to rush if he planned on catching up with them before they made it to Ridgeway. As his sneakers beat out a monotonous tone he wondered if Sam had bothered to tell Carly about the bet being over.

It wasn't long before the bobbing heads of his two best friends came into view. He slowed his pace so as not to startle them when he finally caught up. Just as Freddie was preparing to announce his presence, their conversation drifted back to him.

"So, Mrs. B caught you and Freddie making out on the couch," Carly teased lightly elbowing Sam in the ribs. The smile on her face briefly reminded Freddie why he had chosen to fall for Carly first, but Sam's rare smile would always be the highlight of his year.

"No, she interrupted us before we could get started," Sam corrected giving her friend the dirtiest look she could manage. "That damn woman has the worst timing of any human-being I have ever had the bad luck to meet."

"At least you know that he cares for you," Carly said picking up the lull in the conversation. "So, he admitted that he loves you on more than one occasion according to you. Are you going to admit to loving him back?" Carly's bright face turned to Sam, expectantly awaiting an answer.

They were almost within reach, but Freddie just couldn't bring himself to announce his presence; not just yet. Sam seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. "Yeah right Carly, me love the nub. You have got to be kidding me," Sam laughed her voice echoing around them.

The words felt like blows to his body. That look in her face right before they had both noticed his mother had seemed so real. He had been so sure of what it meant. Freddie stopped in his tracks, watching as his two friends walked further and further away, before he turned around and headed back toward Bushwell Plaza.

Opening the door to his apartment he was met with the sound of his mother's voice. "Fredward Benson, what are you doing back here? You are going to be late for school young-man," she stated setting down the bottle of Lysol and rubber gloves.

"I think that you may be right mom. Maybe I should finish high school at that all boys academy you were talking about," Freddie answered walking past his mother and into his room shutting the door quickly behind him.

Later That Afternoon

"Dammit Carly, what do you think is wrong with that boy," Sam yelled dropping onto the couch with as much force as she could manage. Grabbing a plate of chicken from the coffee table she began eating almost immediately. "What in the name of all holy chiz is taking him so long; even grounded he has never missed iCarly," Sam continued mouth stuffed with fried chicken.

"I dunno," Carly answered from the kitchen. "Why don't you text him?" She asked heading into the living room and joining Sam on the couch. The TV played quietly in the background, accompanied by various noises from Spencer's room as he worked on his latest sculpture.

"Don't ya think I've already tried that," Sam responded sarcastically.

Carly turned on the couch to glare at Sam. "Well, why don't you go over there and see where he is. I mean come on Sam, why are you so worried in the first place?" Carly asked joining her friend on the couch.

"I'm going to go find that nub," Sam declared launching herself up from the couch.

Carly watched and listened in relative awe as Sam's petite figure slammed through the door. The sounds of her fists could be heard pounding on the Benson's door.

"NUB! Open this door this second and get your scrawny butt over to Carly's. iCarly starts in TEN minutes," Sam's scream could be heard easily through the walls of the apartment complex.

Sam smirked to herself at the sound of the deadbolt disengaging; proud in the knowledge that she had managed to motivate Freddie to get a move on.

The door swung open revealing not Freddie, but Mrs. Benson. Sam's smirk wilted under the glare of Mrs. Benson, before quickly being replaced by a glare of her own. "Crazy, where's the nub?" Sam asked stepping closer to Mrs. Benson.

"You are never going to see my little boy ever again!" Mrs. Benson screamed in Sam's face. Taking a step back she slammed the door in the young girl's face.

Not one to be shut down, Sam raised her fists before starting a ruthless pounding on the door demanding in not so polite tongue that Crazy let Fred-nerd talk for himself. Her minor tantrum earned her a response, and soon the door was replaced by Freddie's body. Sam allowed her fists to land a few more blows on his chest, although admittedly not nearly as hard as she was pounding on the door. She just couldn't let him get away without some form of physical abuse.

"Alright Dork, where have you been? It's time for iCarly," Sam stated plainly folding her arms across her chest.

Freddie seemed to stare off into the distance before leveling his brown eyes with Sam's ice-blue ones. Sam felt her breath hitch in her throat at the look in Freddie's eyes. She remembered the look that had been in his eyes only a day before, and the look she was now staring at was the exact opposite of that one. Where that one had been tender, and dare she say, loving, this one was cold and distant.

"Look Sam, I don't think that I will be doing iCarly any more. I'm sure that you can find some other nub who can operate the camera for you," Freddie's voice held all the emotion of a monotone lecture as he took a step back and prepared to close the door for a second time in Sam's face that afternoon.

The door was almost closed when Sam shot her foot out just catching the door before it clicked shut. "What the HELL do you mean you aren't going to do iCarly any more," she demanded pushing the door back open with all her strength, causing Freddie to stumble backward into his apartment. "What happened? Did your mommy finally get to you or something," Sam asked stepping into the doorway and once again folding her hands across her chest and cocking her head to the side slightly.

Freddie sighed before standing up and making a show of dusting himself off. "Look Sam, my mother didn't get to me. I heard you and Carly talking this morning. I really thought that you cared. I was sure that you really did like me back, and here this was just another way of getting my hopes up so you could once again label me as the most gullible person alive. Thanks, but no thanks. Now please leave Sam, I don't want to be reminded of the idea that you may actually like me back," Freddie continued walking toward Sam as she involuntarily stepped backward into the hallway. It wasn't until the door to the Benson apartment actually closed that Sam awoke from her daze.

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