Chapter VII: Courage and the KND on the Big Stinkin' City – Part IV – The Final Confrontation.

Back at the theatre, Muriel was still rehearsing, being blissfully watched by Numbuhs 4 and 89, while Numbuh 1 was still doing his paperwork and Numbuh 2 and Lizzie were goofing off. Eustace and Buschwick were now disputing who had the longest hair on the legs.

"When you say you're right, you're right, yours are longer", said Buschwick, apparently acknowledging that Eustace leg hair were longer than his.

"Told ya so!", replied Eustace. Numbuh 1 sighed: "What a waste of time!", he sneered. Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard, and a voice from someone outside was heard, saying: "Five minutes for showtime!"

"Your son better be here quick with my coffee!", said Buschwick, lighting sparks of suspicion in both Numbuhs 4 and 89.

"C'mon, that stupid dog is probably goofing off! Must be being scared by even a simple mouse he ever finds on the way!", said Numbuh 1.

"Listen, Nigel Uno, you better watch your vocabulary or We're reporting you to Numbuh 362!", Replied an angry Numbuh 4, indignant of his fellow teammate's behavior.

"Yeah, and we mean it!", added Numbuh 89, sharing her friend's indignation.

Suddenly the place started to shake, and the train Numbuhs 3 and 5, plus Courage, were riding, apperared out from underground, going like crazy by all the floors above.

"You always can count on my Courage and his friends to get the job done!, said Muriel, proudly.

The train continued to going up the floors of the building, with a terrifying rumble, until it finally stopped.

"New York City Radio Music Hall, Last Stop!", The squeaky mechanical voice of the train said.

"What's going on here? Did Numbuhs 3, 5 and stupid Numbuh 302 just destroyed that place with a metropolitan subway train!" Exclaimed a startled Numbuh 1.

"KUKI – CHAN!", Exclaimed Numbuhs 4 and 89, fearing for their friend, and ran to the last vagon which was stretched out on the room. Suddenly the door was forced out and fell, revealing the three friends, dazzled and still a bit scared.

"Courage, girls, you all arrive just in time to see my performance!", said Muriel kindly.

"ALL RIGHT YOU TWO! WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS! HAVE YOU TWO TURNED INTO JUVENILE DELINQUENTS NOW!", Numbuh 1, screamed, apparently wasting no time in scolding his teammates for something he believed they did.

"You bettuh watch out your words, buddy, or Numbuh 5 here will make you balder than you already are!", Replied an angry Numbuh 5.

"Yeah, we already endured such scary things today because of that damn package and when we arrive, you come here to fatigue our nerves with your stupid nonsense! C'mon, Numbuh 1, give us a break, OK! We had enough trouble for today!", added an even angry Numbuh 3

"Easy, Sweetheart!", exclaimed an anguished Numbuh 4, rushing to embrace his beloved girl. "What happened, Onee – Chan! Are you guys OK!", followed Numbuh 89, also hugging her sister plus Numbuh 5 and Courage.

While the girls were telling what happened to their fellow teammates, Buschwick grabbed the package and when he opened it, he took out a squathing rod from inside and tried to sweep the window with it, but it was damaged, much to his anger.

"You ruined my squathing rod! It's the end for the sitar lady! Nobody double crosses schwick!" He squatted, while he was opening the mouse door on the wall, much to Courage's horror.

"We better save our friend from that creature! C'mon, guys, let's go!", said Numbuh 5, grabbing Numbuh 360, along with Courage and Numbuh 3, and went into the train.

"Right! After you!", Exclaimed Numbuhs 2, 4 and 89, and the three of them followed suit after their fellow teammates went into the train.

"Can someone tell me what's going on in here!", Exclaimed a confused Numbuh 1, apparently not understanding a thing of what was happening.

The others, persecuted by Buschwick, were running as fast as they could by the length of the train, until they reached the end of the train, which led then to the stage where Muriel was supposed to perform. A spotlight was lit above them, and stimulated by this, Muriel started to perform, to her teammates' delight.

But the fun was interrupted soon when Buschwick showed up. Courage hid on Muriel's back, but when the giant cockroach was about to catch them, a curtain opens behind them, with a formation of actresses dancing, and along them, the cop who followed Courage and Numbuhs 3 and 5 all the time, much to Buschwick's panic!

"I said, NO COPS!", he exclaimed, but he was kicked away into a tuba by the cop, which said:

"Hmm, seems like we finally got ya, Buschwick!"

"Schwick, just Schwick!", exclaimed the arrested cockroach.

Meanwhile. Muriel was making a successful performance, which was reflected by the unanimous ovation of the crowd, which was loudly applauding her, and Numbuhs 2 through 5, plus Numbuh 89, were dancing happily.

In the rehearsal room, Numbuh 1 and Eustace were watching the performance, but soon switched the channels. Then Eustace said:

"Two thousand channels and still nothing to watch! Damn it!"

"I agree! Coming down here was a pure waste of time!", added Numbuh 1.

We then see that the creature had attacked both of them, leaving only their skeletons, literally, while Lizzie was leaning against the wall, terrified, looking at the two.

"Oh , God! What happened to my poor Nigie! Nigie!", she exclaimed, terrified, while the mouse door closed noisily.


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