Tom was on a scanquest in the Forest of Life looking for something good to scan, sadly he hadn't found anything good yet.

"Man I wish that I could fi..."

His sentence was interupted as began to hear some footsteps comming his way. Fearing whatever it was may attack him, Tom jumped into some bushes.

Just then Tom saw the creautre, it was Lomma (Lomma is a female overworlder who looks like an antelope). Tom couldn't see the front of her but he knew by her long silver hair and green clothes that it was her.

"Lomma," Tom said "Yes, finally a creture to scan,"

And with that Tom scanned away at the Overworlder

A short while later Tom was back in Chaotic and in the middle of a match with Kaz

"Lomma attacks Chaor!" Tom announced as code soon began to rise above him, trasforming him and Kaz into the creatures

"Okay Tom lets get...Whoa..." Kaz said with a very suprised look on his face

"What is i..? What the heck!?" Tom said as he looked down as his gut, his pregnant gut

"You scanned a pregnant creture?" the codemaster said

"I'm thinking we should just stop the match," Kaz said

"Ya your ri...AH!" Tom screamed in pain as he began to give birth

Meanwhile in the giant foodcort spot of Chaotic where all those TV screens are, a wholr lot of players got to witness the miracle of life.

Many threw up, others just fainted, Klay did both (it's fun to mess with Klay is it not)

Back at the drome Tom was now holding a baby antelope creature in his arms

"Mama," it said

"AH!" Tom screamed as he awoke in his bed

"Oh my gosh what a crazy dream," he said

"You said it," the baby Lomma said lying right next to him in the bed

Tom scrreamed again

"AH!" Lomma scremed in her bed

"Man what a crazy dream, that's it no more before bed snacks for me,"

Lomma went back to bed

The End