Chapter 2 - Territory

"I cannot believe that you're working for Michael freakin' Jackson!" Roxy rolled her eyes as she settled down on the hard, uncomfortable single bed, her cell phone in one hand and a year old issue of Cosmopolitan in the other. She stared around her poor excuse for an apartment and sighed. Just a few weeks ago she was living in a six bedroom mansion, looking after two kids who barely spoke, earning over two thousand dollars a month. Really, she should have saved up her money seeing as her employers never let her spend money on clothes, food or drink; they bought it all for her. But, when she left that job, she found that she had only three hundred dollars to her name. She almost regretted buying all of those designer handbags.

"Once again Jo, I'm not working for Michael yet. I've just been called back for a second interview, that's all."

"Girl, that's just a formality! Trust me, this time next week, you'll be the nanny to Prince Michael I, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael II!"

"You know, it really freaks me out when you call them by their whole name." Roxy laughed while Joanna scoffed on the other end of the line.

"Come on, it's cute, don't you think?"

"Sure, and seeing as you think their names are so cute, how about I call you Joanna Ann Louise then?" Roxy smirked; she knew that Joanna was wincing on the end of the line.

"Ok, ok. Prince, Paris and Blanket it is. Look, I'm meeting Ricky later and I've got to go get ready." Joanna's voice turned sweet when she mentioned Ricky's name while Roxy scowled through the phone.

"I wish I had someone like your Ricky. I never have the chance to go and meet guys." It was true; either she was too busy working, or she found herself with no money to actually go out.

"Well, I'll tell you what: when I get bored of Ricky, you can have him." They both laughed.

"Girl, you got yourself a deal."


"Let me show you the living quarters," Michael pushed open the door to the nanny's bedroom. Roxy smoothed down her pinstriped jacket and tightened her ponytail, hoping that her black roots weren't shining through her electric blue hair. Michael grinned and Roxy smiled back, smiling more at his black and silver wolf t-shirt. Her eyes widened when she saw the beautiful bedroom that was on offer to her. A stunning king sized four poster bed adorned the middle of the room, but apart from that, the bedroom was pretty much bare but it did have a built in wardrobe at the back. Unlike the rest of the house, this bedroom was very minimalist with a simple beige paint on the walls and black wooden floor. Even the bed was simple ebony wood and white sheets.

"I know it looks basic, but that is so the one who I decide to give the job to could design it themselves, make it feel like it's really theirs." Roxy nodded, not really listening as she made her way across the room to the large French windows. She drew back the curtains and grinned happily when she found that her room overlooked the Olympic sized swimming pool with grand statues and gardens surrounding it.

"So, do you like it?" Michael asked, and Roxy nodded happily.

"Are you kidding? It's gorgeous, but didn't you say that there would be a bathroom and kitchen as well?" Roxy bit her lip, hoping that she wasn't being impolite, but Michael kept his smile.

"Yes, but those rooms are still being furnished. I wouldn't want you to see them until they're ready."

"I can't believe that you're offering all this to your children's nanny, it's too much!" Roxy sat down gingerly on the edge of the bed and Michael sat beside her.

"Well, it would be a bit selfish of me to have this massive house and only offer you one room, wouldn't it?" Michael mumbled, hoping she had gotten the hint.

"Well, I guess so but- hang on, 'offer you one room'?" Roxy raised an eyebrow as Michael grinned, she had gotten the hint.

"So? Do you accept the offer of the job?" Michael poked out his tongue and Roxy's jaw dropped and she blinked, not quite believing what he was saying.

"You're offering me the job?" Roxy squealed and Michael nodded, a smile creeping across his face, "But what about the other candidates you called back? Don't you want to at least think about them?" Roxy enquired, confused that he had just offered her the job on the spot.

"I didn't call anyone else back. You were the only one properly qualified for the job. You were the only one who had great experience and you were the only one who could bring themselves to speak normally around me."

"I can't believe you're actually offering me the job! Aren't there anymore questions that you want to ask me?"

"Yes there is one."

"Which is?"

"When can you move in?" As Michael and Roxy talked inside the guest bedroom, Prince and Paris had their ears pressed up against the doors and with each second that went by, Prince was feeling more and more irritated.

"Dad's hired her? How could he?" As Prince ranted, Paris rolled her eyes, annoyed at her brother's moaning.

"Prince, you don't know her! You might end up liking her just as much as you liked Nancy!" Prince scowled at Paris and went back to listening at the door.

"Forget it, Paris, no one is going to replace Nancy, never!"

"What is it with you? You only don't want Roxy here because you want Nancy back! Are you in love or something?" Paris laughed as Prince simply scowled and walked angrily down the corridor, leaving Paris to run after him. "Hey!" She caught up with him and grabbed his arm. "Prince, I was only kidding."

"Well it's not funny!" Prince snatched his arm away.

"Prince, I-" Paris could feel tears stinging the back of her eyes as Prince stormed off again.

"Just leave me alone!" Prince yelled as he reached the staircase and ran down it. The moment that Prince began stamping down the stairs, the guest room door opened and Michael and Roxy came out.

"Paris, what's happened?" Seeing his daughter's eyes glaze over with tears, Michael went to hug her, but Paris quickly pushed him away and glared at Roxy.

"This is all your fault! You haven't even started working here yet, and you're already tearing us apart! Just go away!"