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The next ship in the line is ready, Admiral Hackett.

The SSV Middleton. But it isn't the ship itself that made the Normandy great, Councilor Anderson. If she's going to follow the Normandy's example, she'll need a captain that can follow Shepard's.

Possible just made it up for promotion to Captain, the youngest to reach the rank in Alliance history. I think she's earned her wings.

Hm, Possible, Kimberly A.? Earth-born, mother's a brain surgeon, father a rocket scientist… one who worked on the Normandy Project with the Turians. She joined the Alliance with her best friend, Stoppable, Ronald D, who has since joined a black ops team out of the SSV Yamanouchi. I'm vaguely concerned about her vigilante activities as a youth, though.

She helped people and is completely dedicated to her cause. Not all that different than Commander Shepard if you ask me.

I'll start the necessary paperwork, and get Possible her boat.

In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization.

In the decades that followed, those mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars.

The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time.

They called it the greatest discovery in human history.

The civilizations of the galaxy call it…

Mass Effect

The Kim Possible Chronicles

Chapter One: A Hero Falls

Border of Citadel space, 2183

It had been one month since the Battle of the Citadel. The reaper Sovereign was destroyed, and Saren was dead. Commander Shepard, the first human Council SPECTRE and commander of the SSV Normandy SR1, was assigned to seek out the remains of Saren's Geth army in the outermost reaches of Citadel space.

"This is a waste of time," XO Pressley, second in command of the Normandy, complained as he pressed a few holographic buttons on his display. "Not a single Geth reading anywhere."

"Three Alliance ships disappeared in the last month," Jeff "Joker" Moreau, pilot of the Normandy, shrugged. "Something's getting 'em."

"My money is on slavers," Pressley snorted, "The Terminus Systems are crawling with them…" He stopped and looked at his watch. "And where the hell is Chief Williams? She was supposed to relieve me thirty minutes ago."

Joker rotated his chair and gave him a look. "Oh. Right. Silly me." Pressley rolled his eyes. "Wish I was sleeping with a Commander."

"Oh, do you?" Joker smiled wickedly.

"A FEMALE Commander, Moreau," Pressley snorted and turned away. "Maybe the XO of the Kilimanjaro; she's cute for her age."

Meanwhile, below deck in the Commander's quarters, a mid-twenties brunette rolled to her side and propped her head up with her hand. "You're distracted," Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams stated matter-of-factly, gazing down at the man beside her.

"You're imagining things, Ash," Commander Shepard responded, staring at the ceiling.

"I outlasted you. That's never happened before, so talk," the Gunnery Chief ordered, poking him in the side.

"Just got a bad feeling about this…" Shepard replied, glancing away.

Ashley frowned at that. "I gave you every chance and excuse to back out before Ilos."

"Not about that," He said as he took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You should know better… it's just… those three ships…"

"Ships disappear all the time, slavers, Geth, doesn't mean it's… them." Ashley said, squeezing his hand.

"Maybe, maybe not," Shepard sighed, "I do hope for the latter, though." He then glanced to the clock on his desk. "Huh. When are you to report for duty, Chief?"

"Oh Eight Hundred, why do you…" She asked as she glanced to the time too, and the room was suddenly filled with explicit language.

Shepard smiled as Ashley scrambled for her uniform. "I'll have your tardy write up later, Chief," he called after her as she went for the door and laughed when she flipped him off.

Back on the bridge, Joker laughed as he ended the com, "That was the Commander. The Chief overslept and 'told him' she was going to be late." Joker snorted.

"Sir, I'm picking up a ship," the radar operator spoke up as she operated her holographic console. "It's changing to an intercept course."

"That's impossible," Pressley shook his head as he worked his console. "Our stealth systems are online. The Geth don't have that kind of technology…"

"It's not Geth…" Joker said gravely. "Hang on!"


Pinnacle Station

The airlock hatch hissed as a young, redheaded woman in a Systems Alliance Captain's uniform walked through into the training facility. "Welcome to Pinnacle Station, Ma'am," the receptionist stood and saluted as the captain came to a stop. "How can we help you?" She asked as the captain returned the salute.

"Captain Kimberly Possible, looking for the crew of the SSV Yamanouchi," She replied, "One in particular: Commander Ronald Stoppable."

"They are currently at Simulator 2271," The receptionist replied with directions in hand.

Kim thanked her and made her way down the hall. Despite her calm, cool appearance, her heart was racing. It had been almost six years since she'd been able to see her best friend face to face, and she was just a few steps away from finally seeing his big ears and dopy grin again. It took every bit of her willpower not to break into a run right then and there. But she was a captain now. She could save the tearful glomp for behind closed doors.

Kim came up to the monitoring station and saw a group of Marines and Asari Commandos watching the simulation intently.

"Kim Possible," a voice spoke up, and she turned to see an asari in white-and-pink Phoenix armor with a matching pink headband over her head tendrils. "It is an honor to meet you."

"Have we met?" Kim asked the blue-skinned alien.

"No, we have not," The asari smiled, "I am Yori, Commander Stoppable's second-in-command and leader of the Yamanouchi Commando Unit. The Commander speaks very highly and very often of you and keeps a picture of you in his quarters."

A wave of irritation ran through her before she forced it back down. "Where is the Commander?"

"He's in the Eden Prime Simulation," Yori nodded, and Kim turned to see the simulated landscape with Geth and human Husks roaming.

"Where is he?" Kim asked, looking over the battlefield. Yori simply smirked.

Kim studied the landscape and still only saw signs of Geth and the Husks patrolling. A moment later, a geth began buzzing and wheezing as it was lifted into the air, impaled back to front on a slim sword.

The Geth fell sparking and twitching as a tall male figure in light armor seemed to appear out of thin air. "Optical camouflage?" Kim asked in surprise.

"Prototype system the Alliance has cooked up," Yori replied, "That's part of what we do: test out the new toys in the field."

"Ah… excuse me for a sec," Kim said as she walked away from the simulator just as the soldier rolled for cover, pulled a pistol, and began firing on the surprised Geth and a group of nearby Husks, the latter exploding violently as they blindly made their way forward.

The next wave of approaching Geth looked to each other and made several clicks and buzzing sounds and nodded to one another. They then quickly spread for cover as the soldier opened fired on them again.

The cybernetics were about to make another rush when the rear most Geth glanced up just in time for the heel of an armored boot to come down and shatter its single optic. "That's one down!" Kim growled, drawing her assault rifle from the back of her standard-issue, medium-sized, jet-black N7 Onyx armor with the trademark red-and-white-trimmed stripe running down her right arm and the N7 logo printed in block letters across the left breastplate. She jumped across the cover the Geth had been using and rolled along the ground before dashing toward the camouflage-colored soldier. She jumped and rolled across the large rock he was using for cover and landed beside him. "Mind if I join you?" she asked with a smile.

While she couldn't see his face, she could tell he was smiling as he nodded to her. She took a deep breath as the adrenaline began to sing in her ears before the two rolled out from cover and began firing on the simulated synthetics. She quickly replaced her rifle and drew a shotgun from the small of her back for close-range combat as she pressed her back to her companion's. "Switch to Disruptor Rounds. Geth hate those," the muffled voice of her friend instructed and Kim did as told.

It took but a few moments of gunfire for the two soldiers to be the only ones left standing. A moment later, the holographic landscape faded away. Kim replaced her shotgun and blushed when she saw the audience outside the simulator's transparent walls cheering and whooping. "K…KP?" Kim turned to the armored soldier and smiled slightly.

"Hey, Ron," She said softly as he removed the helmet and held it at his side.

"KP… is that really you?" He asked, and Kim smiled at his deepened voice. He was taller now than when the Systems Alliance Marine Corps split them up, but she couldn't tell by the armor if his shoulders and build were stronger or if it was just the heavy battle gear. His face, on the other hand, the cock-eyed smile, the eighteen freckles that crossed his cheeks and bridge of his nose, and those big goofy ears under a mess of unruly blond hair were all exactly as she remembered.

Kim answered by closing the distance, circling his waist with her arms, and resting her head on his chest. Regs be damned, she was hugging her best friend. "I missed you," She whispered as he wrapped his arms around her and lowered his face into her hair.

She had fooled herself for the last six years in thinking the live video coms and emails were good enough. Nothing beat being in her best friend's arms. They weren't sure how long they remained in their embrace before Kim pulled back. "Let's go for a walk."

The two walked out of the simulator, and Ron gave Yori instructions on what to do with the Unit. She nodded and trotted back to the group of Marines and Asari.

Ron yelped suddenly when Kim punched him in the shoulder. "Ouch, what was that for?"

"You told me you were the ship cook," She said with a frown.

"I am the Yamanouchi's cook, KP," Ron replied, rubbing his arm. "I just couldn't tell you what my other responsibilities were… It's a big hush-hush project Admiral Carlton cooked up with the Asari leadership. How did you find out anyway? It was supposed to be need-to-know info."

"When a girl gets promoted to Captain, and thereby gets assigned a ship and starts digging through dossiers of potential crewmembers, she gets to dig in all the details. Speaking of which… when they told me to pick out my XO, I could only think of one person I'd trust to have my back on a ship… who could keep me from having the whole Captain-thing go straight to my head… so…" She said glancing down to her feet. "What do you say, Commander? Wanna be my XO?"

"Have you talked to my Captain?" Ron said after a moment of thought.

"Yup," Kim nodded, "He said you were one of the finest leaders he's had the privilege to work alongside. He said it would be your call and if you wanted, he'd sign off on it."

"Well, then…" Ron turned his back on her. "I don't know. KP… I'm really at home on the Yamanouchi…"

Kim frowned but her eyes widened when Ron turned back to her with a serious expression then snapped to attention with a salute. "Commander Ronald D. Stoppable, reporting for duty as Executive Officer of the… uh…" His pose faulted when he looked curious. "What's the name of your boat, Cap P?"

Kim smiled brightly then walked backwards a few steps from Ron before turning to the window overlooking the ship dock. Ron walked up beside her, and she pointed to a Normandy-class frigate. It looked almost exactly like the SSV Normandy, the stealth scout ship made famous by the legendary Commander John Shepard, the human Spectre who saved the Citadel from the rogue Spectre Saren and an army of Geth only a month earlier.

"Her name's the SSV Middleton SR1A." Kim said as Ron looked over the small, smoothly rounded, white and black ship with four heat-sink thrusters, two per rear wing, with the name Middleton printed across the side of the ship, and SR1A on the wings.

"The Middleton?" Ron asked as the two smiled at each other. "Who says you can't go home again."

"So, how have you done on assigning the crew?" Ron asked, looking over the ship.

"You were really the first that I definitely wanted on board," Kim replied, her own eyes following the contours of the frigate. "I was surprised to find out Felix Renton had become an accomplished Alliance pilot; he accepted the pilot spot before I could even explain what I wanted him to do. The rest… we have the basic service team but lead spots are still open. I need a Security Chief, Weapons Specialist, Lead Science Officer, and a Chief Physician."

"Can I make a suggestion for Security Chief?" Ron asked after a moment.

"Please and thank you," Kim chuckled.

"How about Yori N'Paja?" Ron asked, "She's great with detail, and I've worked with her for the last couple years, that is, if you don't mind aliens on your crew…"

"Admiral Hackett and Councilor Anderson actually encouraged me to accept non-Alliance members should I deem them trustworthy. I think they want to try duplicating the success Commander Shepard had with the Normandy. So, is she trustworthy enough, Ron?"

"I trust her with my back as much as I trust you, Cap P." Ron nodded.

"Alright, I'll get with Captain Sensei, and see if he'd be willing to part with another member of his crew…" Kim said and then blushed slightly, "Let's try to leave the rest of his crew alone, I doubt he'd want me to clean out his ship."


"Captain Possible is aboard," the Middleton's VI spoke as Kim walked back onboard her ship with Ron and Yori behind her. "Helmsman Renton stands relieved."

"Oh, yeah!" Ron breathed out after he took a deep breath. "That's the good stuff!"

"What are you talking about?" Kim asked as she glanced to Ron's Asari companion, who only shrugged.

"The Ron-man loves the new ship smell!" Ron gushed, and Kim and Yori rolled their eyes.

"Oh, come on," Kim couldn't help but smile as they walked into the bridge. "You can stow your gear in the barracks on the next level. Take either door toward the rear of the CIC and follow the stairs down one level. I wish we could give everyone more privacy, but as you can see this isn't exactly the Destiny Ascension."

"It will be fine," Yori smiled and saluted her new commander. "I look forward to serving with you, Captain," Yori said, saluting the redhead. Kim returned the salute, and Yori went on toward the barracks.

"Ron-man!" A voice called from the front of the ship, and Ron turned to see a man waving from a wheelchair locked into the main control station of the ship.

"Felix!" Ron exclaimed before going to into the small bridge area. "How ya been?"

"All good, all good," Felix nodded, "Together again, huh?"

"Wouldn't have missed it," Ron nodded, "Think you can handle this thing?"

"She's one of the best ships in the fleet, Brother," Felix nodded, "there isn't a ship out there that's any better… except maybe the Normandy itself."

"I'll leave you boys to catch up," Kim said with a smile. "I'll be in my cabin, taking a nice, hot shower. Take us out and set a course for the Fifth Fleet's current location. We need to finish filling this crew out."

"Aye, Captain," Felix said as he began powering up the Middleton's engines.

The locks on the wings of the Middleton unsnapped as the docking bridge retracted and slid away. SSV Middleton to Pinnacle Station Control, we are leaving orbit. Felix said through a communication.

Roger that, Middleton. Have a safe flight. Pinnacle out. Replied the control tower as the Middleton's FTL Drive came online and rocketed the ship away.


Kim sighed as she leaned against the small shower stall. Normally, she would use the communal shower in the crew quarters area, but she needed some private time since her reunion with Ron. To be honest, she really didn't care for the design of the bathroom area of her cabin. It was little more than a closet, and after being trapped in a sinking crate during her and Ron's more adventurous teenaged days fighting criminals on Earth, she had some slight issues with small spaces.

But some very hot water cascading over her helped to ease her claustrophobia and her mind also aided by focusing on other things like her new role as Captain, Ron, finding more candidates for her crew, Ron, contacting her parents and brothers and telling them that she was a Captain of her own ship now and working with Ron again, and just Ron in general.

She sighed before reaching down and turning off the water. She didn't want to use up the whole water supply on one trip. Unlikely, but she didn't want to risk it. She stepped out and dried off before wrapping the towel around her body. She jumped slightly when she stepped out of the bathroom and found Ron stretched out on her bed.

"Ron!" She gasped, "What are you doing in here?"

"Listening to your radio, and I thought I'd catch up with my best friend," Ron smiled at her.

"I locked the door," Kim frowned deepened.

"Please, KP, do you honestly believe I couldn't pick out every single password you could ever think of?" Ron quirked an eyebrow.

Kim planted her hands on her hips. "So, it was you who broke into my diary?"

"Nope, no need to read how you think. Knew pretty much what it was going to say, so there wasn't much need," Ron smiled warmly, "That was Jim and Tim."

"Hmm," Kim grunted.

"So, are you still seeing that Erik guy?" Ron asked almost sounding like he didn't care.

"Nope. Long distance and finding him in bed with another girl tends to bring things to a halt," Kim smiled tightly.

"Ouch," Ron grimaced. "Anyone we know?"

"You could say that…" Kim bit her lip. "Joss…"

"Joss Possible? Sweet little Joss?" Ron blinked in surprise. "No way…"

"Yes way, apparently she wanted to be EXACTLY like me… including sleeping with my boyfriend!" Kim shook her head, "But that's water under the bridge. I'm setting my sights on other things."

"Like what?" Ron asked curiously as she approached his side of the bed.

"Other things…" She whispered as she leaned toward him.

Ron's eyes widened as he gulped. "K-K-KP… you know… we're close… but… there ARE Regs against things like this…"

"Since when have we ever followed the rules?" Kim smiled before moving her face closer to his.

Just as her lips were about to capture his, Felix's voice filled the room. "Bridge to Captain Possible."

Kim stood up and exhaled roughly. "This is Possible. What's the sitch, Felix?"

"We just picked up an Alliance distress beacon," Felix informed, "Captain… it's the Normandy."

Kim and Ron looked at each other as shock registered on both of their faces. "Get us there now, Felix. We're on our way to the CIC."

"We?" Felix asked after a moment.

"Possible out," Kim cut the com.


"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!" Joker cried out on every com frequency as the devastated Normandy limped through space in an attempt to escape her attacker. Large chunks of its hull had been blown off along with its farthest port thruster. And the rest of the thrusters were too heavily damaged to do more than crawl as dark smoke lined its path through space from the burning gashes along her hull. "This is SSV Normandy! We are under attack, critical damage, and we need assistance. Mayday!"

The crew quarters screams and explosions filled the air as Chief Ashley Williams struggled to finish putting on her battle armor. She glanced at a loud explosion and scream and watched a young woman fly through the air in flames before crashing through the metallic dining table. She gulped before she pulled on her breather helmet and sealing her suit. "Commander!" She called out when she saw the familiar N7 Onyx-armored figure standing at the front control panel among the cryo pods.

"I just launched the SOS beacon," Commander Shepard stated without looking back at the Marine.

"Will the Alliance get here in time?" Ashley asked, unable to disguise the fear in her voice.

"The Alliance won't abandon us," Shepard said as he tossed her a fire extinguisher before using one himself to put out some of the many flames.

"Joker's won't abandon ship," Ashley said as she dodged a falling strand of cables. "I'm not going anywhere either."

"I'll get Joker," Shepard said, turning and walking toward her. "I need you to get everyone off this ship."

"I'm not leaving you," Ashley shook her head defiantly.

"Ashley, go. Now." Shepard said as he touched her arm. "I'll be right behind you with Joker."

She hesitated a moment before nodding slowly. "Aye, Skipper… be careful…" She said as she turned and ran toward the escape shuttles, "And hurry!"

Shepard took a deep breath through his breather before making his way through the burning ship. He started to go up the stairwell to the CIC when the ship shook violently again and the ceiling collapsed, blocking that path. He turned quickly and ran up the other side's stairs and stopped at the hatch. He pressed the open button and his eyes widened when the air was sucked from the compartment.

"Shit…" Shepard breathed when he looked up at the massive hole where the ceiling of the CIC once was and could see the approaching icy planet.

He carefully made his way through the destroyed, sparking command center with his magnetized boots, pushing floating chairs out of the way as he went. Relief washed over him when he saw Joker had activated the bridge's air shields.

"Mayday, Mayday!" He heard Joker calling as he walked up behind the crippled pilot.

"Joker, we have to go, now." Shepard ordered the helmsman.

"No! I won't abandon the Normandy!" Joker protested, "I can still save her!"

"The Normandy's lost; there's no point in going down with the ship," Shepard replied.

"I …but… Ok… help me up…" Joker breathed dejectedly. "Oh, shit, they're coming around for another attack!"

Shepard turned and saw the massive alien ship's cannon charging before slamming into the Normandy again. He didn't hesitate a moment more. Joker cried out when Shepard grabbed him by the arm before the Commander heaved him out of the chair. "GO! GO! GO!" He called as he heaved Joker into the escape pod's seat. He was just about to climb in himself when the Normandy jerked violently with the explosion.

"Commander!" Joker called out as Shepard flew back against the far wall as the air shields failed and began sucking him toward the hole in the ceiling. Shepard locked eyes with Joker for a moment before he reached up and pressed the launch shuttle button on the wall. "COMMANDER!" Joker screamed as the hatch sealed and the shuttle launched just as the Normandy was blown in half.

Shepard shook off his daze and was shocked to find himself floating in space. He glanced around and saw pieces of the Normandy falling toward the planet below. "Shepard… to… Anybody…" Shepard wheezed and was startled to notice that air was getting thinner and he could hear a faint hissing. He was leaking air, and he it was going fast.

"I'm sorry, Ash…" He breathed softly before the last of his air leaked out into space.


The Middleton came to a stop a short distance from where the SOS was sent. "FTL drives offline, heat sinks activated, we are silent," Felix said as Kim stood toward the back of the CIC with Ron and Yori.

"Any sign of the Normandy?" Kim asked as she leaned against the railing of the command podium.

"Negative, and negative on hails," Felix replied, "We are picking up high heat fields, something got really hot around here… wait, picking up several escape shuttles."

"Begin rescue operations," Kim ordered, "Stay on your toes, whatever hit the Normandy might still be around…"

"How's our medical staff, KP?" Ron asked with concern.

"Bare boned…" Kim frowned, "I hope we find the Normandy's med crew in well enough state to help us…"

"Captain… this can't be right…" Felix said with concern in his voice.

"What is it?" Kim asked with narrowed eyes.

"I'm picking up a large ship," Felix stated, "And it's on intercept… but how can they pick us up? Our Stealth Systems are online."

Yori turned her head quickly to Ron and nodded to him firmly. Ron looked unsure but nodded before backing toward the rear wall of the CIC. He placed one hand against the cold metal wall and clinched the other in a fist. "You can do this…" Ron whispered to himself as his body gave off a light blue glow.

"Wait, something's happening, they're turning about… I think they lost us!" Felix exclaimed, "They just went FTL. Unknown ship is gone."

Kim let out a sigh of relief and turned to see Ron leaning against the wall with his face covered in sweat. "Ron? You ok?"

"Yeah, just nerves…" Ron gave a goofy smile. "Let's get those survivors picked up. Maybe Commander Shepard can tell us who the heck that was."

The Middleton flew toward shuttle after shuttle, docking with them all, helping the survivors onto the ship, and asking for identification from each. "That… was fun." A large, scar-faced krogan stomped onto the ship followed by a turian.

"That was not fun, Wrex," The turian complained, holding his stomach. "Those things have NO stabilizers… Garrus Vakarian and Urdnot Wrex." He introduced himself and thumbed to the krogan. "We're with Shepard… and I wanna knock his block off for that damned ride."

Yori nodded and told them they haven't picked up the Commander yet, and another crewmember pointed where they could rest and get some water.

The next pod opened, and Yori's eyes widened. "Liara? Liara T'soni?" Yori smiled as another asari climbed from the escape pod.

"Yori? Is that you?" Liara smiled and pulled the pink-clad Asari into a hug. "What's it been? Fifty? Sixty years?"

"My mother moved us closer to eighty years ago, Liara," Yori smiled, "Time flies… I'm sorry to hear about your mother…"

"What was done had to be done…" Liara then turned to the group in the shuttle. "This is Dr. Chakwas, our ship's physician, and her staff."

"Thank the goddess," Yori smiled at Dr. Chakwas. "Is your staff up for helping?"

"We'll do what we can… point us to the med bay." Dr. Chakwas replied.

"I'll lead the way," Yori nodded, and Ron and Kim stepped in to take over the rescue operation.

The next pod docked, second to last, and Ron helped out a human woman out wearing a similar but heavier hard suit to Yori's. "Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams," Ashley replied, stepping on board and saluting Kim and Ron. "Have… have you picked up Commander Shepard yet?"

"Captain Kimberly Possible, this is my XO, Commander Ronald Stoppable. Only one shuttle left, so I'm sure he's in that one," Kim smiled.

Ashley watched the rest of the survivors from her pod go with a crewmember before turning to Kim. "Permission to wait here for the Commander?" Ashley requested. "We're… friends, and I want to make sure he hasn't got himself hurt." Kim nodded, and Ashley smiled.

Garrus, Wrex, Liara, and a young Quarian called Tali'Zorah approached the pod. "Commander Shepard hasn't checked in yet…" Liara said worriedly.

"He'll be fine," Ashley replied to her teammates, "You know the Commander; he always HAS to make an entrance."

The last shuttle locked into the dock, and the hatch slowly hissed open. A pin drop could have been heard among Kim, Ron, and Commander Shepard's squad when they saw who was and wasn't inside.

"John…" Ashley breathed, her eyes dilating slightly as her cheeks lost all their color. "Joker, where's John… where is he?"

Joker looked up at the group, tears in his eyes. "He… he got sucked back in during the last hit… he… he hit the launch button just before he… he was still on the Normandy when it … when it…I'm so sorry, Chief… I'm sorry…"

Ashley stared with a blank face at the helmsman before her lips began to move almost on automatic. At first, she only mouthed a single word before repeating it louder and louder till she was screaming and rushing toward the still restrained pilot. "MURDERER!!"

"Williams!" Wrex grunted, grabbing the woman before she could attack the frail human.

"YOU KILLED HIM! HE'S DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU KILLED HIM!! YOU KILLED HIM!!!" She screamed as she struggled against the krogan's strong grip.

"Chief Williams, Chief Williams… Ashley," Liara said, moving in front of the crying, disgruntled Marine. "Ashley, look into my eyes… you must calm down… you must rest… you must sleep…" she said in an even, soothing tone before closing her eyes for a moment only to have them shoot open a second later, completely blackened. "Embrace Eternity…"

Ashley seemed to relax before slumping into Wrex's arms. Liara took the sleeping woman into her own arms and frowned sadly when she saw that the tears hadn't stopped flowing from her eyes. She couldn't blame the Chief, honestly. It was all the asari could do not to let the grief overtake her as well. "I didn't know you could do that…" Garrus commented softly.

"We try not to," Liara responded before glancing around at her friends. Garrus and Wrex wouldn't show sadness, but she could sense it in their stance that they were as shocked and hurt as she felt. Tali, on the other hand, had slid down the far wall and had her masked face in her hand. Liara was sure that the Quarian had kept her feelings for their commander a secret from Shepard himself, but Liara knew that she and Chief Williams were not the only females on the crew to have fallen for the dashing hero.

"F-Felix," Kim spoke up, glancing to the pilot. "Set a course for the Citadel… and… and send a report to Alliance Command and the Citadel Council… they'll … they'll need to know we've lost the Normandy and… and Commander Shepard."

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter: Heroes Rise

I know I promised no new fics till I get some of my older stuff caught up. But after playing Mass Effect 2, this idea just wouldn't go away, and after discussing this plot with Captainkodak1, who has made an awesome cover art pic (check out his dev art page for details) and helped me bounce around some of the ideas for it, I just had to go ahead with it. Mass Effect is one of the greatest games made, and hands down the best storytelling I've ever seen in a professional setting. This fic goes out to the Captain, thanks a ton for the support and art work! Hope you guys enjoy it!