This is only my second story; still don't have the complete hang of it so please be totally honest. This is set after Caleb's ascend and Kate isn't in it. Enjoy

Of all the places to get sent to, I just had to get sent to a boarding school, in Ipswich. In the middle of nowhere, start of freshman year and I could swear that everyone was already looking down their noses at me. I was just some girl from London, whose mum had just been transferred here, as a result getting a huge house with plenty of room but just no time for her daughter, too busy being a lawyer for some woman wanting to get everything from their ex-husband. We had butlers (one of which was called Alfred, no joke) and everything but still I had to come here. If I wasn't so shy it wouldn't bother me but as I was quiet and rather shy, I had a feeling it was going to be hard.

I lifted the bag that Alfred (I'll never get use to that) had left in the bag and followed him to my room. The inside of what would become my second home and school, was just as grand as the outside of the building. From the first impression it seemed very historic building but in all seriousness, I couldn't care less.

Once in my room, Alfred settled all my bags on the floor. "As far as I am aware Miss Dessen, you are to be sharing your room with a girl named Sarah Wenham. She is in the year above you but in all most of your classes, it is the only room available at such short notice. As you know, the school year has already started here Miss Dessen."

"Yes I know, thanks for reminding me.......Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous. Emmm, I can unpack myself, I don't need any help. Thanks Alfred."

"Of course Miss Dessen, but before I go, your mother asked me to give you this letter." Alfred handed me a white envelope, on the front was my name written in my mother's handwriting. I took the letter and before I could say anything, Alfred turned and left, closing the door behind him.

I didn't bother opening the letter; I already knew what it would say. Probably some excuse from my mother saying that she was sorry she couldn't see me off this morning, and that she would see me soon. Instead I lay down on the bare bed and closed my eyes.

I never released how tired I was until I was woken by the sound of giggling. I sat up just in time to see a blonde girl being carried in by some really tall and we built brunette. As soon as the guy noticed me he quickly but gentle set the girl down on her feet and fixed himself. The girl followed suit as soon as she saw me. "Oh.....erm.....I....." I wasn't quite sure what to say. Instead I looked at the floor and could feel myself blush.

Then I heard the boy and girl laughing. With this I looked up to see them both looking at me, with big grins on their faces. "I am so sorry," said the girl "I am Sarah and this is Caleb, you must be Cassie, my new roommate." Caleb walked over and held out his hand. I stood up and shook it.

"I am sorry too, I am so embarrassed." With this I could feel I went a deeper shade of red.

" God, I was told you were here but I kinda forgot. Anyway, I know this isn't the ideal first impression but I am not always like this. We were just kind of celebrating the new semester." She then turned to Caleb. "I think you bested go, I'm going to help Cassie get settled and I'll see you tomorrow."

While all these introductions and excuses were shared, I hadn't said a word, just nodding my head when appropriate. Once Caleb left, I relaxed a little, the colour in my face calming ever so slightly. "So, you obviously figure which bed was yours, everything on your side is yours to do as you please, but I do hope you are tidy."

Suddenly, I felt like I back to normal and could finally talk. "Yeh, I am, with a mother like mine who is a tidy freak, I have no choice but to be tidy." With this Sarah smiled and helped me unpack.

It hadn't taken us long to unpack all my stuff and put everything in its place. Sarah was nice and it didn't take long for me to feel comfortable around her, which was a plus. She noticed how shy I was and told me that she uses to be the same. Sarah was in most of my classes, given that I was fast tracked, so she showed me around and introduced me to everyone and this helped me to relax a little. Everyone was not as bad as the seemed at first. I also spoke to Caleb, which was an awkward situation but we were soon having a laugh.

The only class that Sarah was not in was my English class. This made me a little unsettled. I entered the class room, looking around to see if I recognised anyone. I caught Caleb, who was signalling for me to go sit with him and the guy I think was called Pogu . As I took my seat, the teacher walked in. "Welcome class, now I want to start the class with some good news."

"English is cancelled!!" Shouted a guy from the back of the class which caused some giggles from a few girls.

"No not quite Mister Garwin," replied the teacher "but I have a homework task for you." This cause a lot of chatter through the class. "Hush everyone; this is a task you are to do in pairs. But before you all get excited, I will assign you to you partners." This was not taken well with the class. "What I want you to do is study one of these three plays with your partners and write a five thousand word paper on the said play. The plays are 'Street Car Named Desire' by William Tennessee, 'The Maid's Tragedy' by Francis Beaumont and Williams Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Now as for pairs," with this the teacher started to read out names and assign people partners and plays. "Oh, Cassie Dessen, where are you." I raised my hand and it felt like the whole class had turned to look at me, causing me to blush. "Welcome to the class, I think you can study Romeo and Juliet and your partner can be......Reid Garwin."

I know this is a slow chapter but I didn't know how else to start it, but I hope it is okay.