Forever & Always

A 26 year old Edward Mason was standing frozen in his front yard. You could see the remains of a phone on the sidewalk around him. He wore no expression. Felt nothing. Noticed nothing. But, his thoughts were running a mile a minute.

~Flashback from two minutes ago~

A beaming Edward was slipping out of his car, coming home early. He wanted to make dinner for his wife, Bella, before she got home. As he was walking towards his front door, he got a call. He stopped and answered his phone.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Son." Edward heard the broken sound of his father's voice.

"Dad? What's the matter?!?" He panicked.

"Bella." Was all he said. Edward's world starting breaking apart at the seams.

"What happened? Is she okay? Where is she? When? How? Carlisle! I need answers!" Edward yelled, frantic.

"Edward, son, she was in a car crash. They brought her to the hospital… but it was too late." Carlisle explained in a whisper.

Edward wasn't sure if he said anything else or was going to, but he stopped listening. His life. His Meaning. His Bella. Was gone. Edward dropped the phone out of pain. But he didn't care; he didn't even give his phone a second thought.

~End flashback~

He could hear his heart breaking. He could see the sane thoughts leaving his mind. He could then feel the crippling numbness consume him. But, he welcomed it. He didn't want this pain. He didn't want a world without her. He couldn't imagine a world without her. But somehow, that was reality. He couldn't quite wrap that thought around his mind though. It seemed so unreal.

He didn't see how he could live without Bella. But, then he decided that he wouldn't. How would he get to his Bella? A gun seemed too dramatic. Definitely not a knife. It was too gory, and he wasn't looking for a horror filled death. Possibly jumping from a cliff? It was a pretty symbolic way to go. Heck, he could even go classic and throw down a shot of vile.

But then he thought of what Bella would think. She would be disappointed. She never would want Edward to kill himself. But how would she expect him to go on without her? He wouldn't even be half of the man he used to be. But Bella would probably mention his patients. He was a doctor. Just like his father. Could Edward let those people die? He obviously understood the pain of losing someone. He would never wish this upon anyone. Never. So… maybe he could try. Try to live… never be the man he once was… but try to. Try for Bella.

With a new sense of determination he walked back to his car and drove to his sister, Alice's, house and asked her to help him with the funeral arrangements. He knew then that he could do it. He would have a tough time, but he knew he could live on. Never forgetting Bella though, never.

~ Three years later ~

"Thank you Dr. Mason!" Five year old Mandy Collins said, licking a lollipop.

"You're very welcome." Edward chuckled, closing the door to his office. Mandy Collins was his last patient of the day. She had leukemia and was dying. He felt so bad, but Mandy didn't let that deteriorate her happiness.

Edward smiled sadly and sat down at his desk. He wondered how Bella would have handled it if she knew she was going to die. He thought about it and decided that Bella would have been too stubborn to even accept the idea of death. He smiled sadly once again.

He still thought of Bella every day. It didn't bring the pain or numbness as it had at first. He was coping. He knew he wasn't the same as he had been three years ago, but he was content. He didn't remarry, or even date. His heart belonged to Bella. Then and now. Forever & Always. Not even her death could change that. So Edward continued on, waiting for the day he could be reunited with Bella.

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